2018 Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Kids

If you’re on the hunt for creative gift ideas for kids, this guide is for you! We try to focus on having a smaller number of toys that the kids truly love and play with all the time, instead of a tons of toys that the kids ignore or only play with for a few minutes before moving on. Today I’m excited to share a few of our tried-and-true favorites in a range of prices! Since I have two girls, this guide is a bit more geared towards girls – although boys also love building toys, play kitchens, and STEM activities, so there is plenty in here for all kids. I hope you find something helpful below!

2018 Gift Guide for Kids

1. Magnatiles will always have a spot on my gift guide for kids. It’s the only toy that my kids consistently play with for hours – and play with together! – and it’s fun to add to our collection each year.

2. These adorable t-shirts from Jean & June are more of a gift for the parents, but as a mom of daughters I just couldn’t resist! I picked up a set of matching shirts for me and my girls and love them so much!

3. These notebooks from Wee Gallery are absolutely GENIUS – and the perfect stocking stuffer for kids that love to draw!

4. As much as we love our Magnatiles, I’ve always wanted to invest in a beautiful set of classic wood blocks. This castle wood block set is surprisingly affordable, and my girls will love that it looks like a castle!

5. This photo printer would be a great gift for teens or tweens. Our 13 year-old niece has started doing little styled photo sessions with her friends and taking really artsy photos with her phone, and it would be fun for her to be able to print out her favorites!

6. For any STEM-inclined kids, this crystal growing kit looks very cool. And you can even use it as a night light once all the crystals are fully grown!

7. Gathre makes the most beautiful modern leather goods for kids, from changing pads to floor cushions. These modern playmats are perfect for smaller kids, and you can even take them out to the park or the beach!

8. Wood transformers! This toy folds into a variety of different configurations, from robot to vehicle. So cool!

9. Love these sun printing kits! So great for artistically-inclined kids.  

10. I’m not sure I was mentally prepared for Caboodles to come back, but here they are! Perfect for holding a variety of little treasures for girls of all ages.

11. You can’t go wrong with a cute purse! I love this glittery heart-shaped bag and this iridescent gold bucket bag

12. One of our local indoor play spaces has this amazing architecture play set and Sophie absolutely LOVES playing with it, so I’m thinking about getting one to have at home. Great for kids over 5!

13. Dolls are the perfect gift for babies and younger toddlers. These dolls from Cuddle & Kind are ridiculously adorable, and each doll provides 10 meals to children in North America and around the world.

14. The dreamiest play kitchen I’ve EVER SEEN – all completely non toxic and made from sustainable wood. It’s really quite the showstopper.