Stationery A-Z: Good Luck Cards

Good luck cards can be a sweet way to send a friend or family member an uplifting message of encouragement before a big event. Whether it’s a second interview for a new job, a meeting for a potential new home, a big date with someone exciting or an impending presentation they’ve been gearing up for months, a reminder that you are rooting for them is always appreciated. With so many fun choices out there, go forth and share that note of hopefulness!

Stationery A-Z: Good Luck Cards

From top left:

1. Send this Idlewild design to your fashionable friend who is en route to being the next Anna Wintour.

2. Really wishing this bandana design from Antiquaria was an actual textile that could be worn on days when a little extra luck is needed.

3. Live vicariously through your friend taking a year off to travel with this message-focused greeting from Ladyfingers Letterpress.

4. Lucky you who gets this ombré papercut design from Yellow Owl Workshop.

5. Big money, no whammies! Just blow on those Rifle Paper Co. dice and head straight for the craps table.

6. A horseshoe card from Zeebendry features a minimalist design and simple messaging.

7. This hand lettered design from Annie Dornan Smith is gesso printed and uses real confetti to add to its textural quality.

8. No surprise that one of our perpetual favorites, Hammerpress, created a beautifully patterned good luck greeting with a fresh color combination and geometric design.

9. Shiny and smiley! Rabbit feet, four leaf clovers, elephants, and wishbones have definitely got all elements of making someone’s lucky day. From Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.

10. One Canoe Two wishes you the best of luck with a field full of clovers that feels likes its straight out of their Missouri farm.

11. Loving the traditional and occult symbols of luck, not to mention the silver foil, in this Banquet Workshop design.

12. A four leaf clover and hand lettered message make for a sweet sentiment from The Paper Cub.

13. Really want to hit one out of the park? Try one of these hand painted wall charms from The Great Lakes.

Stationery A-Z: Copper Foil

We’ve often waxed poetic about our love of gold, holographic, and rose gold foil on wedding invitations and greeting cards, but today we thought we’d sing the praises of copper foil! Copper has a striking beauty all its own (case in point: this stunning skirt from Proenza Schouler or this sleek light fixture from Anthropologie), and is quickly making a home for itself in the stationery world. I’m especially loving the use of copper on dark backgrounds (so modern!). Here is a collection of some recent favorites:

Trendspotting: Copper Foil

From top left:

1. A copper foil cocktail on gorgeous blush pink paper from Fox & Fallow

2. Fun striped copper foil party plates from Bash Party Goods!

3. The combination of hand lettering and copper foil in this birthday card from Hello!Lucky is the perfect balance of elegance and fun

4. If you’re behind on your Valentine’s day greetings (or missed all three of our earlier posts), might you consider this simple, yet direct, message from The Social Type.

5. The copper is the whiskey…get it? This clever usage comes courtesy of Idlewild Co.

6. Stunning metallic cotton ribbon from Angela Liguori

7. Toss some of this copper confetti from Knot & Bow into a greeting card for a fun surprise – or sprinkle it on a table at your next party!

8. I’ve been a fan of printmaker Katharine Watson’s work for awhile now and I love that she moved in the foil space.

9. Meg from Moglea always comes up with the most amazing color stories and combinations, so it’s not surprising that she was an early adopter of this metallic trend.

10. Now, this is what I’m talking about: copper foil on gray paper is so fresh. Add some illustrated flowers and you’ve got yourself a winner. By Kelsey Garrity Riley for Red Cap Cards.

What’s your favorite metallic foil these days? Classic silver or modern gold? Are you loving copper foil, or feeling all things holographic? Let us know in the comments below!


Cards of Love and Solidarity

Did you march on Saturday? Either here in Washington, DC or in one of the sister marches across the country or around the world? I marched here in DC, with my husband, some close friends, and all of our children. It was a beautiful thing to see so many people (probably more people than I’ve ever seen in one place) marching together for tolerance, respect, inclusion, equal rights for all, and so much more. Making their voices heard in a peaceful way. Everywhere I looked, all I could see was PEOPLE. It gave me so much hope. So many of the signs that I saw involved messages of love and kindness, so I thought I’d start the week with a quick round up of cards to help keep that message going. Cards with simple but powerful messages of love, solidarity, encouragement, and support – all things that I know I’ll be holding dear for the next four years.

Cards of Love and Solidarity

1. laLa Grace for Love is Mightier

2. Send a message of support with this card from Heartell Press

3. E. Frances Paper

4. Love and solidarity in one card from And Here We Are

5. Love is love (is love is love is love) from Heart Swell Co.

6. Love in the prettiest indigo brush letters from Sycamore Street Press

7. + 8. Sweet and simple gold hearts from Sugar Paper and Parrott Design Studio

9. Gorgeous gold foil calligraphy and indigo marbling from Antiquaria

10. Wild Ink Press

11. L-O-V-E from Idlewild Co.

12. One of my favorite cards from Our Heiday

p.s. Stationers – I think I’ll make this a regular feature throughout the year, or as long as needed. If you have cards that represent the values of love, kindness, inclusiveness, and solidarity, please feel free to send them our way! You can email them to submissions(at), and don’t forget to review our submission guidelines here for appropriate image sizes, etc.

Stationery A-Z: Engagement Congratulations

Wild guess, but do you know someone who just got engaged? I’ll bet you do, as we’re currently in the midst of engagement season (no, really – 40% of all couples get engaged between the months of November and February). Before all the bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and actual real life weddings start consuming the majority of your free time, why not sit back, pick up your trusty pen, and send that dear, newly engaged friend a heartfelt letter of congratulations? Today we’re sharing a quick engagement congratulations card round up with a few of our favorite picks to help celebrate this momentous occasion:

Engagement Congratulations Card Round Up

From top left:

1. Celebrate your bestie’s engagement with illustrated confetti and general exuberance with this design from Smudge Ink.

2. Spending two months salary on one item is no joke, so why not honor the generosity of that purchase with this bling-ed out foil stamped design from Wrap Magazine?

3. Love this sweet watercolor illustration from Golden Fox Goods. No sentiment needed.

4. Don’t forget to accessorize with a fun illustration and a punny messaging from Hello!Lucky.

5. I wouldn’t think twice about saying yes to gold hologram foil. From The Social Type (if you are in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check out their new brick and mortar location!).

6. One Canoe Two has got your reaction down pat. Plus diamonds.

7. This card from Our Heiday honors engagement with a soft abstract painterly design, a touch of gold foil, and a celebration of the impending marriage.

8. Let’s call a spade a spade: some occasions just require a giant sparkling ring (a classic from Snow & Graham).

9. This Ferme à Papier design is great for its gender neutral palate and casual sentiment. I also really like that it addresses both members of the couple – after all, they’re both getting married!

10. Finally, what better occasion for some IRL confetti? Those party experts at Knot & Bow have got you covered. Literally.

Next week: the Valentines extravaganza begins!

Stationery A-Z: Holiday Thank You Cards

Happy New Year! You’ve opened your presents, drank all the eggnog, and celebrated to the fullest. Now it’s time to show your gratitude… start the new year (along with those pesky resolutions) off right by writing some good old fashioned thank you notes. Besides the obvious (mom for that cozy sweater, grandma for the new socks), be sure to also include those who hosted you at their annual Christmas Eve cookie bake-off, cooked all day to bring you Latkepalooza, and threw the downright classist New Years Eve celebration. While the thank you cards below aren’t all overtly holiday themed, they all convey the appropriate sentiment in their own way. See below for our selections/gentle reminders. Shauna

Holiday Thank You Cards / Oh So Beautiful Paper

From top left:

1. This blank note from Hart Paper Co. feels both celebratory and seasonally appropriate. What better card to use when thanking Uncle Tim for those new kitchen utensils?

2. While this Rifle Paper Co. design may not have been intended as a holiday thank you, the metallic hue and floral berries definitely feel appropriate for expressing post-holiday gratitude.

3. A cheerful color palette and a sweet but simple message of thanks from Sugar Paper – perfect for sending thanks to co-workers and employers.

4. We love this elegant floral thank you card from Ink Meets Paper, especially for sending holiday thanks to neighbors or elderly relatives.

5. Loving this super cute and colorful thank you card by Moglea. The colorful dots and gold foil feel festive without being overly holiday.

6. These berry-like flowers from Worthwhile Paper give a subtle nod to the season while sharing a particularly kind message – a great card for that extra special person who got you that extra special gift.

7. This whimsical card from Near Modern Disaster is the perfect way to send thanks for any occasion!

8. Did someone go above and beyond this holiday season? Maybe they watched your kids so you could shop for presents, helped with holiday party prep, or just really knocked it out of the park with a personal and meaningful holiday gift. Send them this gold foil thank you card from One Canoe Two!

9. These “recipe” cards from Belle & Union are so sweet, and a really fun way to send a thank you note to a dear friend or loved one.

10. These double-sided postcards from Mr. Boddington’s Studio are both super adorable and so fun! They are intended for children, but would be just as much fun for adults. Definitely one of our faves.

Up next week: Engagement Congratulations!