Stationery A-Z: Back to School Supplies!

Happy Monday everyone! DC public schools start back up this week, so I thought I’d start the week off with a round up of some of my favorite back to school supplies! We’re talking notepads, notebooks, pens and pencils, rulers – even an awesome pencil cup that I want on MY desk. My own daughter is starting her second year of preschool (DC starts at age 3), but sadly there aren’t a lot of fun school supplies involved at the preK stage. So this round up is geared more towards middle school through college and grad school – and plenty of it doubles as office stationery for those of you who are (thankfully) all done with school. I hope you find it useful!

Stationery A-Z: Back to School Supplies / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. There are so many great notepad options, it’s really impossible to go wrong! This one is from The Good Twin – I love the color palette!

2. Compliment pencils in all the best colors from

3. If you need to take notes (or sketch!) during class, you might as well do it in a pretty notebook! I like this pink, kraft, and gold notebook from Katie Leamon

4. These gold foil notebooks from Smitten on Paper are super cute, and small enough to carry around easily!

5. IRIDESCENT LEATHER PENCIL CASE. ‘Nuff said, right? By Tracey Tanner Studio!

6. Pens! I love the colors of these pens from and these tropical leaf pens from Idlewild Co.

7. Colorful highlighters (and markers!) from Poppin

8. Pep talk pencils from Richie Designs

9. Rulers! I love the colorful rulers from Poppin and these brass rulers

10. Sugar Paper has an amazing assortment of notebooks – I’m loving this chambray fabric cover notebook, and you can even add a gold foil monogram!

11. Use this gold foil pocket notebook from Antiquaria to keep track of goals and ideas for the school year

12. Endless notepad options from Rifle Paper Co.

13. So many beautiful hand painted spiral bound notebooks from Moglea – perfect for making lists and taking notes

14. Perhaps the cutest eraser ever, by Sugar Paper for Target!

15. These brass number clips work great as bookmarks for textbooks – or even for marking important pages in notebooks and folders

16. This cute zippered pouch from Maika is perfect for carrying pens, pencils, binder clips, and erasers!

17. Loving the mint interior of this hexagon pencil cup from CB2

18. Cute sticky note blocks from Idlewild Co. – Moglea also has some really pretty options

19. Copper binder clips for keeping important documents together! 

20. Gorgeous floral pencils from Rifle Paper Co.