Stationery A-Z: Cactus-Themed Paper Goods

Hey guys! Ashley from Fine Day Press here. Ever since relocating from Brooklyn to the warmer, dryer climate of Austin two years ago, I’ve been pretty much obsessed with all things cacti and succulent related! We’ve been slowly growing our collection of prickly potted friends around the house and in our backyard, and I’ve added a few to our stationery collection too. I’m not the only one – check out all these super cute cactus-themed paper goods:

Cactus-Themed Paper Goods Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Banquet Workshop greeting card
2. Revel & Co. wrapping paper
3. Little Low birthday card
4. Fine Day Press art print
5. Meri Meri puffy cactus stickers via LEIF
6. August & Oak note set
7. Hello!Lucky letterpress card
8. Idlewild Co. gift tags