Pretty Paper in the Office: Staplers

As paperless as the world has become, I always have stacks of papers to sort through.  And you’ll always find a means of keeping them tidy on my desk. Folders, paper clips, and the all mighty stapler.  (Which is also great for a little stress relief, might I add.)  I know I’m not the only one who still has a trusty stapler by their side, so I’ve put together a round up of all shapes and sizes for keeping it together!  – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office stapler round up

No. 1 ANYTHING stapler from See Jane Work; No. 2 Ace Pilot stapler from Schoolhouse Electric; No. 3 Made By Humans staple-free stapler from Amazon; No. 4 Swingline limited edition stapler from Amazon; No. 5 Beech wood stapler from Present&Correct; No. 6 Dog stapler from The Container Store


And for those of you who attended the National Stationery Show, or who follow Nole’s Instagram, this gorgeous acrylic and gold Russell + Hazel stapler will be available on their website July 15th!

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National Stationery Show 2012, Part 11

I’ve already featured more than 70 booths from the 2012 National Stationery Show, but today our coverage starts to wind down with a few final booths from this year’s show.  I look forward to the show all year long, so it’s hard to believe that the show has already been over for a week!  First up today, the fabulous screen printed cards from Gold Teeth Brooklyn.  I love all the rich color and subtle texture from screen printing, particularly when mixed with such playful designs!


Gold Teeth Brooklyn

I was so happy to stumble upon Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress at last year’s show – they have the sweetest collection of hand lettered note cards in collaboration with lettering artist Karolin Schnoor.  This year I loved the letterpress recipe cards and gold foil printed notebooks and card designs.



Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress

I’m a huge fan of Katharine Watson‘s Indian-inspired block printed designs.  This year, Katharine’s booth was packed full of gorgeous paper and textiles, from tea towels to greeting cards to coasters.





Katharine Watson

I love the illustrated folk art stationery from the gentlemen of Urubbu.  This year’s collection included some fun farm animal designs (I particularly enjoyed the chickens!) and some moody ravens.  They also added a bunch of wonderful wood sculptures sourced from artisans in Brazil!





We saw a sneak peek of the new notebooks from Kate & Birdie before the show, but I couldn’t wait to see the rest of the collection.  They definitely didn’t disappoint, with a booth full of fun greeting cards and lovely gift wrap!




Kate & Birdie

I have a special place in my heart for anything travel-inspired, including the airmail-inspired letterpress stationery from Double Bravo.  I particularly love the milestone collection – such a beautiful way to record sweet memories!


Double Bravo

Katie from Kelp Designs is one of the nicest people I know, and her bright and colorful offset printed collection is a true reflection of her sweet personality!

Katie is the founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp – a program to help prepare stationery exhibitors for big trade shows like the Stationery Show and Gift Fair!



Kelp Designs

I’ll have one final post from the National Stationery Show tomorrow!

Photo Credits: Stephen Michael Garey and Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

National Stationery Show 2012, Part 10

As promised, I’ve got a bit more from the National Stationery Show to share with you today!  Some of my favorite booths are those with a sense of humor, from the sweetly funny to the totally snarky.  So today I thought I’d focus in on a few of my favorite booths that combine fun and humor with gorgeous stationery design.  First up, Maginating with some of the most adorable designs you could possibly imagine and several of my all-time favorite cards!


Love the iridescent foil – one of FOUR foil passes on this specific card!


Nicole from The Nic Studio has a beautiful collection of illustrated cards that always seems to combine whimsy with a sense of fun and humor.  This year, I was completely blown away by Nicole’s amazing new series of large full-color art prints called “Animals Everywhere” – inspired by her 3-year old daughter’s imagination.  Gorgeous!



The Nic Studio

Amber from Flywheel Press always has something up her sleeve for the Stationery Show – from fun scavenger hunts to awesome letterpress greeting cards and wedding invitations.  This year I was particularly smitten with Amber’s new collection of cards inspired by classic movie moments (so fantastic!) and gorgeous split fountain designs.


Beautiful split fountain cards!


Flywheel Press

Lisa from Sapling Press has the most amazing sense of humor – her “dear blank” and “we go together like” card collections keep me laughing for hours.  This year I can’t get enough of her new card series of made up facts.  Genius!


Sapling Press

Lauren and Joel of Old Tom Foolery usually go for a minimalist black and white booth design, but this year they went all out with an INCREDIBLE wood booth designed by an architecture student friend.  So amazing – as are their hilarious cards!



Old Tom Foolery

I love the McBitterson’s tagline of “Cute, Sometimes Cranky Letterpress Cards” – so perfect!  The cards might get a little cranky, but they always make me smile.




The team at Oddball Press always seems to find the perfect combination of sweetness and snark in their greeting cards – and I love the way they incorporate old timey illustrations into their designs.  So awesome!



Oddball Press

I’m always excited to see the ladies of 9SpotMonk at trade shows.  They have a fantastic collection of color-in cards for kids that you might remember from the January Gift Fair, not to mention the hilarious thank you cards and letterpress beer and wine bottle gift tags below.


Check back tomorrow for more from the 2012 National Stationery Show!

Photo Credits: Stephen Michael Garey and Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

National Stationery Show 2012, Part 9

I’m back with more from the 2012 National Stationery Show!  First up for today is Jodi from Paisley Tree Press, who had a seriously adorable booth full of her beautiful letterpress cards, coasters, and wedding invitations.



This adorable card series is inspired by Jodi’s own two pups – so sweet!


How funny are those mullet coasters?


Paisley Tree Press

Between the Stationery Show and the Gift Fair, I’m fortunate enough to see Rachael and Jake from Pistachio Press at least three times a year – and they always have something new in their booth!  I loved the new kraft paper calendar and some of the bright colors on their letterpress cards!



Pistachio Press

The May Day Studio booth was seriously gorgeous this year – and full of beautiful new paper goodies, from patterned gift wrap sheets to hand-bound guest books and photo albums!  So pretty!



May Day Studio

I loved all the soft nature-inspired designs from the Portland-based Studio Olivine.  As if the letterpress calendar and greeting cards weren’t enough, the hand lettered booth sign is completely amazing!


Studio Olivine

I’m a huge fan of the beautiful and modern designs from Anemone Letterpress, so I’m always excited to see what Carrie brings to the Stationery Show.  This year Carrie debuted a bunch of really cute cards, including some with fun pops of neon and overprinting elements!


Anemone Letterpress

My next stop was the shared booth of Kim from Paper Lovely and Eva from Fat Bunny Press.  So much pretty letterpress all in one booth!



Paper Lovely

Fat Bunny Press

I loved checking out the new paper goodies from the ladies of Paper Boat Studios.  The origami and spirograph-inspired greeting cards and calendar designs are so much fun!




Paper Boat Studios

The ladies of Sugarcube Press are as sweet as their namesake, and I always love their vintage-inspired designs.  This year’s booth was full of fun greeting cards, their popular letterpress coaster calendar, and new letterpress bunting for parties.


Sugarcube Press

Check back soon for more from the National Stationery Show!

Photo Credits: Stephen Michael Garey and Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

National Stationery Show 2012, Part 8

We’re moving right along with more awesome booths from the 2012 National Stationery Show!  After focusing on some of the newest exhibitors, let’s turn our attention to some of the veterans delivering awesome stationery year after year.  First up, Kathryn from Blackbird Letterpress and her growing menagerie of die cut animal cards.  Some of the animals even make an appearance on her new calendar designs!




Blackbird Letterpress

Fugu Fugu Press is another perennial Stationery Show favorite – I love their Scandinavian-meets-Japanese design style, and they always have the cutest letterpress greeting cards!


Fugu Fugu Press

It’s so fun to see designers doing something a bit different at the Stationery Show, and I can always count on Figs + Ginger to show up with something new and innovative.  I already love their collection of laser-engraved wood banners and cake toppers, and the new wood guest books are equally amazing!



Love these pocket-size brass calendar + note pad combination!


Figs + Ginger

Night Owl Paper Goods is another perennial favorite – I always love their cute and quirky letterpress and wood veneer stationery.  This year they introduced some fun new recipe card books and notebooks, along with tons of new greeting card designs.




Night Owl Paper Goods

The illustrated cards, prints, and calendars from Dear Hancock just make me happy.  My favorite was the new pop-up peony card – perfect for folks like me with cats that like to chew on the real thing!




Dear Hancock

There’s always so much to see in the One Canoe Two booth, and this year was no exception.  New calendars, notebooks, coasters, notepad lists – even new letterpress art prints and card designs!





one canoe two

The Albertine Press and Studio Carta booth is always one of my first destinations at the Stationery Show.  I love the travel-inspired notebooks and letterpress card sets from Albertine Press and all the fun new ribbon and twine colors from Studio Carta!

New boxed holiday card sets from Albertine Press


The leaf and straw collaboration between Studio Carta and Moontree Letterpress – love!


Albertine Press + Studio Carta

I love the way the ladies of Banquet Atelier + Workshop mix pattern and color throughout their collection, from art prints to greeting cards to gift wrap.  I was particularly smitten with the large-scale guest book and temporary tattoos.  So fun!



Banquet Atelier + Workshop

I’ll be back tomorrow with more from the show!

Photo Credits: Stephen Michael Garey and Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper