Lorie + David’s Gold Steampunk Letterpress Wedding Invitations

I love it when wedding invitation suites combine mixed materials!  Emily and Dianna from Fourth Year Studio created these invitations for a couple planning a wedding at an historic theatre followed by a coffee house reception.  The gold ink and subtle lace blind impression letterpress pattern are perfect for a vintage-inspired wedding, while the brown paper outer envelopes help the overall suite from being too formal.

Gold-Steam-Punk-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitations-4th-Year-Studio (4)

From Emily and Dianna: David and Lorie were married at the Bijou Theatre and held their wedding reception at a local coffee shop.  The rich colors and textures of the theater lead to a steampunk theme that carried its way through the wedding and reception.

Gold-Steam-Punk-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitations-4th-Year-Studio (2) Gold-Steam-Punk-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitations-4th-Year-Studio (1)

It was important that the invitations be rich and intriguing without being overly fussy.  A vellum inner envelope was sealed with red wax to introduce another layer of texture and depth.  A subtle lace pattern was pressed into the creamy cotton stock framing the gold letterpress printed text.

Gold-Steam-Punk-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitations-4th-Year-Studio (5)

Gold-Steam-Punk-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitations-4th-Year-Studio (6)

A brown paper bag served as the outer envelope and was sealed with gold striped washi tape.  Each address was typed using a vintage typewriter.

Gold-Steam-Punk-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitations-4th-Year-Studio (8)

Thanks Emily and Dianna!

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Photo Credits: 5 Rings Photography

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  2. Thanks for the kind words!

    Cathy Vee – The typewriter is a Smith Corona Electric. I am not positive the year but after comparing online, I think its somewhere around 1955. It needs a new ribbon but works wonderfully!

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