Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! I have a question for all of you. We’ve fallen into a bit of a recipe rut with our weeknight dinner recipes. So I’m on the hunt for new quick and relatively easy dinner recipes. What are your favorites?? I’m all ears! I’d love it if you could share your favorite recipes in the comments. But in the meantime…

Oh So Beautiful Paper Pencils

…a few links for your weekend!

Loving these hologram leather flats with a cute pointed toe

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These DIY confetti eggs are so fun!

My favorite indoor-outdoor rug in a new shade of coral pink!

This floral mat is so pretty

The not-so-glamorous side of buying and renovating an older home

This rattan side table is just SO GOOD

MAKE: Savory herb French Toast (yum!) â€“ and I’m also thinking about making this Cocoa Pecan Torte for our Passover dinner


This week on Oh So Beautiful Paper:

DIY hologram galaxy Easter eggs

One of my favorite trends for 2017: Vellum!

Rustic succulent-inspired wedding invitations

Some seriously cute Easter cards

So many cute designs in the Cherry Berry Paper for Target collection!


  1. I just started menu planning two weeks ago (something I’d never done before) to help us get out of a similar rut. I sort of pin recipes on pinterest and then loosely follow them – been happy with the results!

    This week we had:
    French lentils and mushrooms with kale (earthy and good)
    Paella mixta (comes together pretty fast actually, lots of leftovers)
    Mahi burrito bowls with coconut rice & strawberry/mango salsa
    Korean Brisket tacos with asian slaw
    Chicken Saag (2 lbs of spinach!)

    The only one that took a while was the brisket tacos. I boiled the beef korean style the night before when we were having leftovers, and then threw the tacos together the next night.

    Previous week:
    Chicken Tagine with preserved lemons
    Thai coconut Boullabaise
    Shrimp tacos with roasted radishes and Chipotle aoli
    Foil baked salmon with mushroom quinoa
    Corned Beef and roasted cabbage on St Pattys

    Good luck and happy cooking!

  2. I love making buddha bowls!! I was seeing them beautifully displayed on pinterest, and thought I would start trying to make them. It’s basically like: ELEVATED SALAD. I’m obsessed. Here’s my personal favorite variation: in a larger salad bowl, arrange cooked quinoa, toasted chickpeas (or any kind of bean you love), massaged kale, microgreens or any other kind of salad greens you love, 1 cup of any kind of variation of raw veggies, raw pumpkin seeds, candied pecans (the ones from Trader Joes are mind blowing), and then whatever salad dressing floats your boat. I love doing a combination of Trader Joe’s champagne vinaigrette along with a homemade cashew cream (soaked raw cashews blended with almond milk, squeeze of lemon, maple syrup, and salt.) ENJOY!! I always love seeing your beautiful posts. xo from Olympia, Washington.

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