DIY Iridescent Paper Prize Ribbons

My oldest daughter, Sophie, graduates from preschool next week! Cue all the tears! I seriously cannot believe that I’ll have a kindergardener on my hands in September. I wanted to do something special for Sophie and the other kids in her class, so I made some fun DIY iridescent paper prize ribbons using opalescent tissue paper and pastel card stock. They turned out super cute, so I thought I’d share the how-to with all of you! These prize ribbons are a really cute way of congratulating someone on a recent achievement – like graduation, landing a new job, buying a home – celebrating an engagement, or even offering a quick note of encouragement!

DIY Iridescent Paper Prize Ribbons

The prize ribbons that I made for Sophie’s classmates all say “preschool graduate,” but I wanted to show them with more general congratulatory messages for those of you who don’t have kids. You can also write your own personalized message by hand on a blank circle! But if you’re worried about your hand lettering skills, you can totally download our free printable downloads through the links at the bottom of the post and use them as needed! There’s one version with school-specific messages and another with general messages that can work all year long! I love the idea of making a bunch of these to have ready throughout the year, or even making an end-of-the-school-year tradition by taking a photo with a new ribbon after finishing each grade! Ooooh, these would also be really fun for a birthday party! So many possibilities!

DIY Iridescent Paper Prize Ribbons

DIY Iridescent Paper Prize Ribbons

Aaaaah!! These paper prize ribbons are so colorful and full of iridescent shimmer! I used pastels with pops of navy and plum, but they’d be so good in any color combination. Let’s make some, yes??

DIY Iridescent Paper Prize Ribbons


DIY Iridescent Paper Prize Ribbons

DIY Iridescent Paper Prize Ribbons

To make the DIY iridescent paper prize ribbons:

Step 1. Without unfolding the iridescent tissue, cut the folded tissue into 7.5″ segments. My iridescent tissue contained three sheets per package, so after making all the cuts I had twelve 7.5″ x 18″ sheets of iridescent tissue. Fold each sheet in half lengthwise to create a 3.25″ x 18″ sheet. Accordion fold the iridescent tissue, then staple in the middle and trim the ends as needed. You can leave the ends straight – or make them curved or angled! Gently unfold and use a very small amount of hot glue to glue the edges together and form a complete circle.

Step 2. Punch several 2″ circles out of your card stock. You’ll need twice as many 2″ circles as the final number of ribbons – one for the front and one for attaching the ribbon tail on the back.

DIY Iridescent Paper Prize Ribbons

Step 3. Download our printable template with congratulatory messages and print them onto colorful card stock. Use the 1.5″ circle punch to punch out each message – or you can punch a bunch of 1.5″ circles and hand write your own personalized message! Use craft glue or a glue stick to glue the smaller circle to the center of a larger circle – this is the center of your prize ribbon! Hot glue the center circle to the center of the folded iridescent tissue.

Step 4. To make the ribbon tails, use your paper trimmer to cut a piece of card stock in half lengthwise, then into 1″ segments (giving you 1″ x 4.25″ pieces). Staple two pieces to a 2″ circle, then trim the edges – just like you would do with a real ribbon! Hot glue the 2″ circle with the tails to the back of the prize ribbon.

DIY Iridescent Paper Prize Ribbons

Step 5. To make the ribbons wearable, hot glue a bar pin to the back of the prize ribbon. These prize ribbons also make fantastic gift toppers, or you can hot glue a loop of string to hang them on the wall! 

DIY Iridescent Paper Prize Ribbons

DIY Iridescent Paper Prize Ribbons

DIY Iridescent Paper Prize Ribbons

Download the printable templates right here:




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Photos by Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

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Stationery A-Z: Wedding Congratulations Cards

Remember waaaay back in the winter when all your friends were suddenly engaged? Well, wedding season has finally arrived! Which means it’s time for a round up of our favorite wedding congratulations cards! Break out the heels, get your summer suit cleaned up and start writing the world’s least boring, most endearing, tear-inducing wedding speech. And while you are at it, don’t forget to include a meaningful congratulations card that two people you deeply care about have decided to profess their love for each other in front of friends and family. And while you are at it, be sure to say thanks for the open bar. Shauna

Stationery A-Z: Wedding Congratulations Cards

From top left:

1. Love this naive floral illustration (in a bright spring palate) from our friends over at Egg Press.

2. Will you take this peony and wild rose bouquet from Banquet Workshop and Atelier to have and to hold from this day forth?

3. Personally, my favorite part of my wedding was the honeymoon. Celebrate an adventurous couple with a travel-themed design from Idlewild Co.

4. Not a fan of the institution of marriage? Call it like you see it with this foil and letterpress greeting card from Ashkahn.

5. Weddings aren’t just for brides and grooms. Celebrate ladies who love (and commit) with this fashion forward illustration from Ferme A Papierby Cat Seto.

6. Their big day deserves a callout – especially one that is hand lettered with silver foil (from Lionheart Prints).

7. Two misters? Two times the party! Get the celebration started with extra shiny holographic foil from The Social Type.

8. Sometimes life can be a fairytale….give this Antiquaria foiled design to the most romantic couple you know.

9. Marriage requires work and if you’ve made it through the wedding planning process, you’re well on your way to a successful lifetime partnership. From Paperboy London.

10. Did you know that swans mate for life? Anne and Kate do.

p.s. A few more favorite wedding congratulations cards from a couple years ago!

Elegant Copper Foil Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper

What better item to choose for your “something old and something new” than gorgeous invitations inspired by your own parents’ wedding invitations? These copper foil wedding invitations on handmade paper from Alex of Al Stampa are an homage to the bride’s mother’s invitation from the 1970s. With elegant copper foil text on handmade paper with delicate torn edges, not to mention STUNNING emerald green envelopes, these invitations are a fresh take on a vintage beauty!
Copper Foil Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Al Stampa

From Alex: Janice and Spencer have one of those love stories that you only see in the movies. In love in high school, separated for almost 10 years, only to then fall in love again years later when a friend organized them to be at the same New Years party.

Copper Foil Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Al Stampa

Their wedding was set in a lavender field in Wiscasset, Maine at the stunning Marianmade Farms. To say it was a beautiful wedding is an understatement. Janice put her vision into every aspect of the wedding, and they both created magical moments all throughout the evening. Some examples include handmade paper florals, a watercolor backdrop for a photo booth, all of which came back to the colors we used in the invitation; lavender, copper, and emerald.

Copper Foil Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Al Stampa

The most spectacular part of this suite was the inspiration. The bride wanted to emulate her parent’s invitation from 1973. The simplicity of this invitation, with the handmade paper, copper text, and hand torn edges, is something you don’t see too often nowadays and was an honor to use as part of this couple’s story.

Copper Foil Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Al StampaCopper Foil Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Al StampaI worked with Signora e Mare and ordered their ecru handmade paper, which had a subtle lavender color to it and was the perfect choice for this suite. Because the couple loves a certain modernity to their life and their special day, I opted for a modern font and added an illustration of the camper van that is situated on Marianmade Farm, in front of which they took their wedding portraits.

Copper Foil Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Al Stampa

I foil stamped the invitation in the copper color, which was a beautiful contrast to the lavender hued paper. The RSVP card was our all time favorite, a small, almost circular tearing of the paper, with a matching envelope.

Copper Foil Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Al Stampa

Copper Foil Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Al Stampa

For the envelope, I scoured the internet for the perfect emerald color that the bride had envisioned. I found the most beautiful soft-touch emerald envelopes called Plike, and foil printed their return address stamp on the back. The finishing touch? Sarah Vaughan Stamps to throw in another rich color to the mix, and to nod to the couple’s love of jazz music.

Copper Foil Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Al Stampa

Thanks Alex!

Design, printing, and styling: Al Stampa

Handmade paper: Signora e Mare

Envelopes: Plike Envelopes

Check out the Designer Rolodex for more tal­ented wed­ding invi­ta­tion design­ers and the real invi­ta­tions gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Roland Kielman and Alex Labriola

June Desktop Downloads!

Happy June everyone! Halfway through the year! Are we all ready for summer? I’m feeling super excited for lots of fresh summer produce (hello watermelon!) and lazy summer weekends at our neighborhood splash pad with my kids. As always, we’re kicking off the month with some fun illustrated June wallpapers for your desktops and phones from The Good Twin. It’s hard to resist that gorgeous summer fruit, but I’m also loving those bright and colorful geometric shapes!

June Illustrated Wallpaper by The Good Twin for Oh So Beautiful Paper

iPhone | Desktop

June Illustrated Wallpaper by The Good Twin for Oh So Beautiful Paper

iPhone | Desktop

Illustrations © The Good Twin. All artwork is made available for personal use only. By downloading the wallpapers you agree to the terms of use.

p.s. If you’re a designer or illustrator interested in contributing your own designs to this column, please email your design to hello(at) with the subject line “desktop downloads” and image files in both desktop and iPhone retina screen sizes. If it’s a good fit I’ll add it to the post for the following month!

Stationery A-Z: Father’s Day, Part 2

If you missed our initial round-up of father’s day greeting cards last week, not to worry! We’ve got a brand new selection to round out our top picks. From cheeky illustrations to new-fangled printing techniques, we’ve got a whole bunch of fun choices to ensure that your top pop (or stepdad or grandfather for that matter) knows he’s your number one. Peruse our curated Father’s Day card round up below and let us know how you’ll be celebrating your dad on June 18th! – ShaunaFather's Day Card Round Up!

From top right:

1. There was a number of really great outer space themed Father’s Day cards in the ether, but this Lucky Horse Press design included smiling popcorn as well as a talking UFO. Win!

2. For a variation on the aforementioned outer space theme, check out this star-filled take from Heartswell Co.

3. Last and final out of this world themed Fathers Day greeting card is this sweet message (with Andy Warhol lookalike dad) from Quill & Fox by Yas Imamura.

4. Up your dad joke game with this hand-lettered design from Hennel Paper Co. Extra points if you sent the same sentiment to your mom.

5. Reward your dad for his hard work raising you with this cringeworthy yet hilarious message from McBittersons.

6. I know I promised no beer-themed cards, but I really liked this retro-inspired design from Anemone Letterpress.

7. Fishing isn’t every dad’s pastime, but if yours happens to partake, please consider this technological impressive laser cut wood design from Cardtorial.

8. Literally, this was my most favorite card I saw at the National Stationery Show this year. Thank you, Gemma Correll (for Ohh Deer).

9. Don’t forget your step-dad! Thanks to Egg Press for their inclusive parental commemoration.

10. Last but certainly not least, send an extra special note of fatherly love to your grandfather (after all, that pipe isn’t going to smoke itself). By Fugu Fugu Press for Paperless Post.