November Wallpapers

Welcome to November everyone! And this happens to be a particularly important November thanks to the midterm elections – which are TOMORROW! Have you voted already? Do you have a voting plan tomorrow? And don’t forget to play Midterm Election Night Bingo while watching the returns tomorrow night! Whether you’ll be voting Democrat or Republican, please please please vote. It’s unbelievably important in every election, but especially this one. So! In honor of the midterms, we’re offering a couple of election-themed wallpapers for your enjoyment this month, plus a bonus non-election themed wallpaper from Kim at Bright Room Studio! The wallpapers are available in three sizes – desktop, iPad, and iPhone – so pick your favorite, or pick two and use them for two different devices! Or use the iPhone wallpaper to encourage your friends to vote on Instagram stories! Multipurpose wallpapers are the best wallpapers. Which one will you choose?

Election-Themed Wallpaper / VOTE

Desktop | iPad | iPhone

Election-Themed Wallpaper / Robert F. Kennedy Quote

Desktop | iPad | iPhone

Gourds Watercolor Wallpaper by Bright Room Studio for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Desktop | iPad | iPhone

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p.s. Don’t forget to download and print your Midterm Election Night Bingo!

For personal use only. All illustrations by Oh So Beautiful Paper and Bright Room Studio.

If you’re a designer or illustrator interested in contributing your own designs to this column, please email your design to submissions(at) with the subject line “desktop downloads.” If it’s a good fit I’ll add it to the post for the following month!

Election Night Bingo: Midterms 2018

I’ve always been a political nerd. When I was little, my parents took me with them to vote and talked to me about the importance of voting in elections. I remember being in middle school and looking forward to turning eighteen so I could cast my own vote. I voted for the first time in the 2000 presidential election (in Florida no less!) and in every election since. Two years ago, I started a little tradition with Election Night Bingo 2016 – and now it’s time for Election Night Bingo: Midterms 2018 edition!

It has been a long couple of years and the world feels like a very scary place these days, but we can do something about it. We can choose leaders who share our values and will pursue the right policies. We’re lucky enough to live in a place where we get to choose our own leaders and help determine the kind of country we live in – and it’s never been more important to exercise our collective voice. If you voted early, good for you! Otherwise, let’s all go vote on Tuesday and play Election Night Bingo: Midterms 2018 edition together in the evening!

If you’ve already voted or know you’ll definitely vote on Tuesday, work on making sure your closest friends and family will vote! Create a voting squad. Start a group text with at least five people or DM at least five people on Facebook or Instagram – either local or across the country. Check in with each other on Tuesday. Does each friend know where their polling station is? What time is each friend planning to vote? Have they seen a sample ballot? Do they know about the candidates and issues on the ballot? Be sure to check in with each other after you vote so you can send virtual high-fives – whatever it takes to get out the vote!

I’ll be watching the election results closely on Tuesday night, hopefully with a cocktail in one hand and my bingo boards in the other to help with election night anxiety! You can grab the printable bingo boards right here, print them out on letter size cover weight or text weight paper, then trim down to size using scissors or a paper trimmer! There are four different game boards, so you can play with a small group if you’re hosting an election night party with friends â€“ or play twice with your significant other if it’s just the two of you!

While I’m hoping for as many Democratic victories as possible on Tuesday night, this midterm election night bingo is meant to be non-partisan so that anyone can play along. I tried to incorporate buzzwords that you might hear from the pundits on any network, including the names of states with key House or Senate races, election terms, and keywords from some current policy issues.

Voting is both a civic responsibility and an immense privilege, and I sincerely hope all of you will be voting on Tuesday (if you haven’t already). Our government is in need of some serious checks and balances, so if you’re not sure who to vote for, I encourage you to vote blue. If you’re normally Republican, instead of staying home, I encourage you to vote as an act of protest against Trump’s hateful rhetoric and bigotry. The New York Times has a couple of awesome maps of the most competitive House races and toss up Senate races. Here are a few of the Congressional races that I’ll be following most closely on election night (and the candidates I’m rooting for):

Andrew Janz, California 22nd (running against incumbent Devin Nunes, a Trump enabler)

Harley Rouda, California 48th (running against pro-Russia incumbent Dana Rorabacher)

Ammar Campa-Najjar, California 50th (running against incumbent Duncan Hunter – indicted for campaign finance violations, among other violations)

JD Scholten, Iowa 4th (running against incumbent Steve King, one of the most hateful and racist members of Congress)

Amy McGrath, Kentucky 6th

Andy Kim, New Jersey 3rd

Mikie Sherrill, New Jersey 11th

Anthony Brindisi, New York 22nd

Danny O’Connor, Ohio 12th

Joe Cunningham, South Carolina 1st

Lizzie Fletcher, Texas 7th

Gina Ortiz Jones, Texas 23rd

MJ Hegar, Texas 31st

Leslie Cockburn, Virginia 5th

Abigail Spanberger, Virginia 7th

Richard Ojeda, West Virginia 3rd


p.s. For any readers with eagle eyes, yes, I’m aware of the typo in one of the boards and fixed it already!

Quick Pick: And Here We Are

We’re about to jump head first into calendar and holiday card round ups, but first – some really cute greeting cards from And Here We Are! I love the way Meghan uses color in her greeting card designs – from ombré and letterpress overprinting to black and white illustrations with a pop of color – and the way she expresses emotion in her designs. I need like five each of the UGH and fingers crossed cards below to send for a whole range of situations, and the little baby hand is my go-to card for new mamas. Take a look!

Quick Pick: And Here We Are

Fingers Crossed

Literally the Best Feeling

Heart You

Woah Mama


Hearts and Hands

To Have and To Hold

You Are Magic

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


Lots more from And Here We Are right here! And if you’re looking for more card round ups, you can find all of our past card round ups here!

Illustrated Vineyard Wedding Invitations

Watercolor illustrations and dreamy vineyard scenery sounds like the perfect way to start the week. These illustrated vineyard wedding invitations come to us from Designer Rolodex member Wide Eyes Paper Co. I’m loving the fold-out invitation design that shares all the wedding details (and the couple’s love story!) on a single page – and Amanda always creates the most beautiful illustrated envelope liners!

Illustrated Vineyard Wedding Invitations by Wide Eyes Paper Co.

From Amanda: Nicole and David decided on a fully custom eight panel quad-fold invitation that captures every beautiful detail of their vineyard wedding. The opening page of the invitation shows the gleaming watercolor portraits of Nicole and David with hand painted greenery adorning the corners. Such a fun way to get everyone excited for this couple to walk the aisle!

Illustrated Vineyard Wedding Invitations by Wide Eyes Paper Co.

As the pages unfold you are whisked away to a hand painted watercolor scene of the Bluemont Vineyard, their lovely wedding location. I am tempted to hop in the car right now and head to Virginia! Our new favorite feature we have added to our invitations are the tiny custom icons that we curate for each couple.

Illustrated Vineyard Wedding Invitations by Wide Eyes Paper Co.

The back panels of these illustrated vineyard wedding invitations tell “The Story of Nicole and David” with every detail from inception to real time. We loved painting everything from the college where they met, to the tender steak on their first date, to their graduation caps and, of course pizza. Talk about a fun love story. For all of the special watercolor details this set is simple on the verbiage. Sometimes a picture says it all.

Illustrated Vineyard Wedding Invitations by Wide Eyes Paper Co.

The perforated RSVP is a good indicator that you should send your answer in the mail ASAP, because this wedding will be one for the record books. We love that the quad-fold invite allows the RSVP to be right on the bottom of the invitation for safe keeping and the fact that it is a postcard means it’s ready to be dropped right in the mail.

Illustrated Vineyard Wedding Invitations by Wide Eyes Paper Co.

Lastly, we incorporated the watercolor scenery of Bluemont Vineyard on the custom envelope liners for that special extra added touch. One of our favorite details of the entire suite!

Illustrated Vineyard Wedding Invitations by Wide Eyes Paper Co.

Thanks Amanda!

Design: Wide Eyes Paper Co.

Printing: Paper Jam Press

Wide Eyes Paper Co. is a member of the Designer Rolodex – you can see more of their beautiful work right here or visit the real invi­ta­tions gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Jordan Hughes

Friday Faves

What a week! My kids had three days of school this week (one of which was a field trip!), so I basically got nothing done this week. But that’s okay! We all have those weeks, and it’s been nice to have some extra time with my girls. Plus we’re getting all decorated for Halloween – so soon!

Forage Paper Co.

Card by Forage Paper Co.

Earlier this week, President Trump declared himself a Nationalist. Nationalism is not patriotism. You know who else were Nationalists? Nazis. It’s an ideology that believes that people can be categorized into “good” and “bad” based on the color of their skin, their religion, their sexual identity – and it’s an absolutely terrifying statement.

Similarly, the Trump regime is floating the idea of closing the U.S. southern border to all asylum applications. Asylum is legal immigration, and does not require applying for a visa or green card through a U.S. consulate. Refusing to allow asylum applications is a violation of international law. This thread has a great summary, and this thread discusses the political motivation behind this policy.

Loving the newest Oh Joy for Erin Condren collection!

Utterly obsessed with this dreamy pink lamp

I splurged on a new pair of jeans this week, and YOU GUYS. These are the comfiest, most flattering jeans I’ve ever worn. And they won’t stretch out, so definitely worth the investment.

How cute is this dress for fall?? And this one looks super cozy!

So many cute baskets and tote bags in this Etsy shop!