Friday Faves

What a week! My kids had three days of school this week (one of which was a field trip!), so I basically got nothing done this week. But that’s okay! We all have those weeks, and it’s been nice to have some extra time with my girls. Plus we’re getting all decorated for Halloween – so soon!

Forage Paper Co.

Card by Forage Paper Co.

Earlier this week, President Trump declared himself a Nationalist. Nationalism is not patriotism. You know who else were Nationalists? Nazis. It’s an ideology that believes that people can be categorized into “good” and “bad” based on the color of their skin, their religion, their sexual identity – and it’s an absolutely terrifying statement.

Similarly, the Trump regime is floating the idea of closing the U.S. southern border to all asylum applications. Asylum is legal immigration, and does not require applying for a visa or green card through a U.S. consulate. Refusing to allow asylum applications is a violation of international law. This thread has a great summary, and this thread discusses the political motivation behind this policy.

Loving the newest Oh Joy for Erin Condren collection!

Utterly obsessed with this dreamy pink lamp

I splurged on a new pair of jeans this week, and YOU GUYS. These are the comfiest, most flattering jeans I’ve ever worn. And they won’t stretch out, so definitely worth the investment.

How cute is this dress for fall?? And this one looks super cozy!

So many cute baskets and tote bags in this Etsy shop!