2016 Gift Guide: For the Cocktail Enthusiast

Today’s gift guide is all about gift ideas for the cocktail enthusiast! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite bar tools, syrups, glassware, and cocktail books for your favorite imbiber – there are plenty of options to go around! We even included a couple of favorite spirits, including a limited edition spirit that I would love to find under my own tree this year. Here are a few ideas to help get you started!

2016 Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for the Cocktail Enthusiast

1. Dress up your bar cart with one of these gorgeous shakers – a gold French-style shaker or this blue enamel shaker and jigger set!

2. Don’t forget to make drinking water available during cocktail parties! I’m loving this gold banded carafe (and it’s currently on sale!)

3. Basically the most beautiful bottle opener I’ve ever seen, by Sarah Cecilia via LEIF.

4. + 5. When in doubt, give booze! This limited edition Lost Spirits Polynesian Rum is at the top of my wish list and this Roundstone Rye whiskey from Catoctin Creek is a local favorite.

6. Of course, vintage barware and glassware always makes a lovely gift.

7. This copper and brass pitcher and cocktail spoon set is so beautiful.

8. Three of our favorite syrups from BG Reynolds (especially for Tiki cocktails) – and available as a gift set here!

9. These swing bottles are our favorite way to store home made syrups – and the larger size is great for serving big batch cocktails at parties or infusing liquors at home. We also suggest a sturdy funnel set and a simple embossing label maker to help identify random bottles in the back of the fridge.

10. Three cocktail books currently at the top of our wish list: Amaro, Smuggler’s Cove, and Regarding Cocktails

11. Speaking of infusions, this iSi Gourmet Whip is great for making quick infusions at home – here’s the tutorial!

12. + 13. Loving the brass inlay pattern in these wood coasters and the modern design of these black and gold coasters

14. A Lewis ice bag and mallet is a MUST for any self-respecting cocktail enthusiast, especially when it comes to ice-filled summer drinks. These tools allow you to control the size and coarseness of your crushed ice, and the cotton bag soaks up extra moisture so the crushed ice doesn’t immediately stick together and form a single large block of ice.

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