Where to find Handmade Deckle Edge Paper

If I had to pick just one standout wedding invitation trend from 2017, it would easily be the return of beautiful and unique handmade paper with deckle edges. Handmade paper is all over my Instagram feed, and with good reason! Handmade deckle edge papers bring incredible depth to a wedding invitation suite, with gorgeous texture and those beautiful, soft feathery edges – and, since the paper is often custom made by hand, it can be made in all sorts of amazing custom colors. Handmade deckle edge paper is also gorgeous in day-of wedding stationery, like menus and seating cards. Today I thought I’d share a few resources for where to find handmade deckle edge paper for those of you who might be on the hunt!

Where to Find Handmade Deckle Edge Paper

Photo by Little North Company via Instagram



For those of you who aren’t familiar with deckle edge paper, we’re talking about the thin, imperfect edges that result from traditional paper making techniques. During the paper making process, a deckle – or wood fence – is placed in the mould to keep the paper slurry within bounds and control the final size of the resulting paper sheet. During the paper making process, some of the paper slurry passes under the deckle and forms an irregular, thin feathered edge. You can also achieve a deckle edge look by hand tearing machine-made paper using a ruler (this invitation suite is a great example of hand-torn paper), and some handmade paper may also be hand-torn to achieve a specific paper size without a deckle. But for today’s purposes we’re focusing on handmade paper with a feathered edge resulting from a wood deckle.

Menus on Handmade Paper by Jenny Sanders of Graceline

Photo Credit: Jenny Sanders of Graceline

Romantic shipwreck-inspired wedding invitations by Poste & Co. / Handmade paper by Share Studios / Photo Credit: Kelli Durham Photography

Large Paper Orders

If you’re a stationer or calligrapher looking to carry deckle edge paper as one of your house paper stocks, I’m really only aware of two options for large quantity paper orders: the deckle edge paper stocks from Legion Paper (Arturo, Mediovalis, and Rives BFK among others) and Arpa from OrangeArt. I’ve seen the Arturo and Arpa papers in person and you really can’t go wrong with either option – I’m particularly smitten with the lavender and pale pink papers from each line. If you know of other wholesale deckle edge paper options, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

Ethereal Vellum Wedding Invitations by KidGolightly Calligraphy with Handmade Paper by Fabulous Fancy Pants

Ethereal vellum wedding invitations by KidGolightly Calligraphy / Handmade paper by Fabulous Fancy Pants / Photo Credit: My Sun & Stars Co.

Wedding Invitation on Handmade Paper by Jenny Sanders of Graceline

Photo Credit: Jenny Sanders of Graceline

Custom Handmade Papers

Oooh, this is where things get fun! There are tons of independent handmade paper making studios across the country, all making unbelievably beautiful handmade paper. Since these are small studios (often just one person), they produce extremely limited quantities and may require longer lead times to produce enough paper and/or envelopes for a full wedding invitation suite. But the results are SO worth it! Here are a few of the folks on my radar (in alphabetical order):

Fabulous Fancy Pants

Fabulous Fancy Pants Handmade Paper / Barbara Gregory Calligraphy

Photo Credit: Barbara Gregory Design

Fabulous Fancy Pants Handmade Cotton Paper

Fabulous Fancy Pants

Idyll Paper

Idyll Paper Wedding Invitation

Photo Credit: Erich McVey

Idyll Handmade Paper

Idyll Paper

Saint Signora

Saint Signora Handmade Paper Wedding Invitation

Calligraphy and Photo Credit: Katie Decker Hyatt of Signora e Mare

Saint Signora Handmade Paper and Envelopes

Saint Signora

Share Studios

Share Studios Handmade Kozo Paper

Photo Credit: Styletter

Share Studios Handmade Kozo Paper

Share Studios

Silk & Willow

Silk and Willow Handmade Paper / Calligraphy by Seniman Calligraphy

Calligraphy by Seniman Calligraphy

Silk and Willow Handmade Cotton Paper

Silk & Willow

Spurlé Gul

Spurlé Gul Studio Handmade Paper

Photo Credit: Jenny Soi

Spurlé Gul Studio Handmade Black Cotton Paper

Spurlé Gul


You can also find some pretty incredible handmade paper shops from around the world on Etsy – from traditional white and ecru paper to some very non-traditional color and material options. If you’re willing to spend a bit of time searching around, I recommend searching for “handmade paper” and “deckle edge paper” to get the best results. Here are a few of the more interesting shops that I found:

Fox Hill Llamas

Humble and Stone

Kelsey Pike

La Pomme et La Pipe

Paper Books


Shop Witty Co.

Torn Edge Paper

Saint Signora Handmade Paper and Envelopes

Signora e Mare

A couple quick tips for using handmade deckle edge paper in your wedding stationery:

Handmade papers vary widely in the materials used, texture, and color of each paper. If it’s your first time using a handmade paper or working with a particular paper maker, it’s probably a good idea to order some samples before placing a larger order.

Tell your stationer, printer, and/or calligrapher as soon as possible if you plan to incorporate handmade paper into your wedding stationery. You’ll want to be sure ahead of time that your favorite paper is compatible with your chosen printing method and invitation design. Writing on handmade paper can be very different from writing on machine-made paper, so your calligrapher will need to know well in advance so he or she can make any necessary adjustments in terms of equipment, paper quantities, or even just the amount of time needed to complete your stationery.

Those are my tips! Are any of you planning to use handmade paper in your wedding invitations?

Behind the Stationery: Appointed

Our next installment of Behind the Stationery features DC designer, Suann Song! As a veteran designer in the DC space, Suann (commonly known for her work under simplesong design) launched an all-American made stationery brand called Appointed a few years ago. Taking us through her product development process, team setup, and upgrading offices, here’s Suann! –Megan Soh

Behind the Stationery: Appointed Co.

From Suann: I started simplesong design almost 10 years ago.  It started as an invitation and paper design studio, and then evolved to a branding studio. Over the years the design studio grew and I’ve been really fortunate to work with some amazing companies and brands. I still work with a few long-time clients, but most of my time is dedicated to Appointed.

Behind the Stationery: Appointed Co.

As a graphic designer at heart, much of my work begins and ends on paper and I was always on the search for simple, well-made and functional paper and office supplies. After seeing a need in the market for American-made products, I decided to make my own and that’s how Appointed came about! I took about a year to design the brand, prototype products, research manufacturing partners and develop the business plan. My years of marketing (prior to starting simplesong), designing for others, and working with paper all contributed to the development of Appointed.

Behind the Stationery: Appointed Co.

For a year we subleased a tiny 100 sq ft space from one of our printers. We eventually outgrew that and moved into our dream 3,000 sq ft office in Ivy City in the District of Columbia. It was a big but necessary jump for our growing company and we’re already getting close to outgrowing the current space which serves as a product showroom, work space for our design and operations team, and fulfillment center.  We love being located in the District and it’s a huge part of our identity. The DC community has been so supportive of us and is a big part of our growth.

Behind the Stationery: Appointed Co.

We’ve gradually grown to five full-time staff, seasonal part-time help and occasional contractors. We’re a small but mighty team that manages over 400 wholesale accounts, an e-commerce store, custom product development in addition to product design and brand development.  I’m really fortunate to have a team that loves this company and its products as much as I do and I attribute our growth to our amazing team.

Behind the Stationery: Appointed Co.

Behind the Stationery: Appointed Co.

Each of our team members have very distinct roles so their days vary depending on their role. But we also very much work as a team and when we have a large project or deliverable, we always have an all hands-on-deck mentality. It makes for a great team environment.

Behind the Stationery: Appointed Co.

My days definitely vary but I try every day to dedicate time to certain necessary functions, generally in the following buckets: general operations, managing our team, designing and and product development and marketing. How I spend my time has definitely changed since we first launched 2+ years ago. A lot of my time is now spent on strategy and business operations like managing cash flow, personnel management, and our larger brand and marketing strategy.

Behind the Stationery: Appointed Co.

My goal for this company from the very beginning was to be a national brand and a leader in our space but we have a long way to go. I’m always thinking and working towards that long-term goal. But at the same time, I love product development and designing so I try to carve out as much time as possible for that function.

Behind the Stationery: Appointed Co.

Even though our products vary (from leather accessories to paper goods) our design process is usually the same across product categories. The product development process is fun but definitely takes time. We’re constantly fine-tuning each of our products to see how we can make better or more efficiently.

Behind the Stationery: Appointed Co.

Behind the Stationery: Appointed Co. We brainstorm as a team new product ideas and once we narrow down the general concept of a product, each product follows:

  1. Product research
  2. If we don’t have an existing manufacturing partner we research and vet potential partners. Sometimes this is the most time-consuming part as it can be challenging to find a US-based company willing to work partner with us to make what we’re dreaming up at the price point and quality we need.
  3. Product design — we usually design many, many versions until we come up with the perfect design. 
  4. Prototype and test the product — we prototype every single one of our products and we’ll test it with our customers and among our staff.  We want to make sure what we’re creating is functional and durable.
  5. Once we finalize a design we move to packaging development.
  6. And finally, we have a marketing plan for each product, which includes product photography, how we’re rolling out the product and sharing among our customers and retailers.

Behind the Stationery: Appointed Co.

All photos courtesy of Appointed.

Want to be featured? Reach out to Megan at megan[at]ohsobeautifulpaper.com for details.

Stationery A-Z: Thinking of You

It’s no secret that we love greeting cards here. No matter what the occasion, we’ve got the perfect birthday, congratulations, apologies or good luck card just waiting for you. Same goes for sanctioned holidays like Valentine’s Day, mothers day, Easter, etc. But what if there is no particular occasion or holiday? What if you simply want to reach out to a friend to say I miss you, you’re OK, or I’m here for you? Look no further! We’ve got those too, and they aren’t called Thinking of You cards for no reason. Friends need our thoughts and love just as much as spouses and parents, so make up your own occasion and send one of these beauties below. Shauna

Thinking of You CardsFrom top right:

1. A good friend deserves the limelight (just as much as they deserve a well-designed card from One Canoe Two).

2. I’d be smiling if I received this Sgt. Pepper inspired Lucky Horse Press design.

3. The best of ships ARE friendships! From Great Lakes Goods.

4. As if you need a reason to send an image of a fish riding a bicycle. Here’s one – it’s a FISH riding a BICYCLE. From Hello!Lucky.

5. Know someone going through a hard time? Show your support in a way that only granny panties can illuminate. From Lark + Raven.

6. Not sure what to say? Start with the basics with this wood type inspired design from My Darlin’.

7. Send this extra shiny Emily McDowell design to a pal who just, you know, gets it.

8. I’ve asked this question so many times. But seriously, how come all my best friends can’t just move in next door? We can share wi-fi. From Farewell Paperie.

9. I like veggies. You like veggies. Let’s be friends. From Clap Clap Design.

10. If they’ve been a good friend, why not let them know how much you truly appreciate it? From Hollow Brooklyn.

11. Best friends are magic – remind yours why they matter with this caffeinated pun from Amy Heitman.

12. Miss someone? Let them know! From Anemone Letterpress.

Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! This was our first full week of summer vacation, and my little family had a pretty good week! Sophie is attending a local summer camp where the campers go on a different outdoor adventure every single day, and she’s loving it so far! In the first week alone they went hiking around a local nature trail, splashed around in two different splash pads, and visited the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (where National Park Service Rangers gave them all “Junior Park Ranger” pins). Also, I had the chance to tag along with my husband to a preview of the new Game of Thrones pop-up bar run by the folks behind the Columbia Room, Eat the Rich, and Mockingbird Hill. If you’re in the DC area, the GOT-inspired décor and cocktails are both worth the wait! I highly recommend the Dothraquiri and Lady Mormont. You can catch a little sneak peek of the décor here! But in the meantime…

Hello Summer by Bright Room Studio

Illustration and photo by Bright Room Studio via #dailydoseofpaper

…a few links for your weekend:

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I want every single piece in this collection of rustic dinnerware and serving platters

This new venue in Upstate New York looks amazing

Fascinating: Dutch solutions to rising sea levels

Ten great ways to help the environment in your own backyard

I’ve been spending a lot of time out in my own garden lately, and I love these willow cloche structures as an alternative to the plant hoops that I have around my peonies and dahlias.

LOVE this real-life budget breakdown of what it costs to get the look for wedding reception tables

MAKE: Donut-glazed waffles!

Card of the week!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I’ll see you back here on Monday. xoxo

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

Let’s be honest. One of the best parts of a wedding reception is the photo booth. And the photo booth backdrop is an excellent opportunity to get creative with your wedding color palette and décor. From giant streamers to framed illustrations, there are tons of great ideas for all types of weddings. Here are some creative photo booth backdrop ideas that will transform your space. Say “cheese!” – Annie

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Photo Booth Backdrop / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Can you believe how intricate this paper cut backdrop is? Create a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony, then repurpose it as a photo booth backdrop for the reception! | Photography: Margaret Austin Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Photo Booth Backdrop / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Fringed crepe paper adds texture and comes in every color of the rainbow! Plus, these giant fringey streamers are the easiest DIY ever. | Photography: Taylor Lord Photography, Event Planner: Lavender Joy Weddings via Junebug Weddings

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Photo Booth Backdrop / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Love the simplicity of these hanging agate slices. You could also hang origami birds, flowers, seashells, or feathers… or even colorful plexiglass! | Photography: Cassie Loree Photography, Event Design: Blooming House Collective via Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Photo Booth Backdrop / Oh So Beautiful Paper

This beautiful ombré backdrop adds a punch of color! | Photography: Maple & Elm Photography via Brides

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Photo Booth Backdrops / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Layers of cascading ribbons or streamers can be personalized to your color scheme. | Photography:Ben Q Photography,  Backdrop: The Color Condition via Ruffled

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Photo Booth Backdrop / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Hang your favorite framed prints on a cute room divider to create a beautiful vignette. | Photography: Hazelwood Photo, Event Design & Planning: Something Borrowed via Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Photo Booth Backdrop / Oh So Beautiful Paper

How fun are these piñatas?! | Photography: Anahi Weddings, Rentals, Flowers, Coordinating: Sweet Sunday Events via Ruffled

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Photo Booth Backdrop / Oh So Beautiful Paper

This rope backdrop is perfect for an earthy or nautical theme. | Photography: Leslie Gilbert Photography, Event Planning: Weddings by JDK via The Knot

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Photo Booth Backdrop / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Roll out a whimsical wallpaper! | Photography: Johnny Miller via Martha Stewart Weddings

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Photo Booth Backdrop / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Hang a group of streamers, wrapping some around to form loops. | via Glamour and Grace