Best of 2018: DIY

I don’t consider myself a natural DIYer – if I DIY, it’s usually because I have a VERY specific idea about something, or I’m inspired by a particular issue or subject to create something new. So this year’s range of DIY projects included some rainbow-inspired place cards, rainbow watercolor party decorations, and DIY terrazzo-inspired pumpkins for Halloween mixed with a bit of political activism. Sounds about right for this DC-based former Federal government employee!

DIY Rainbow Watercolor Paper Backdrop

DIY Rainbow Watercolor Crepe Paper Backdrop

DIY Rainbow Watercolor Place Cards

DIY Rainbow Watercolor Place Cards on Handmade Paper

DIY No Carve Terrazzo Pumpkins

DIY No Carve Terrazzo Pumpkins

DIY Midterm Election Night Bingo

Printable Midterm Election Night Bingo

Boss Dotty / Believe Women

Printable I Believe Women Posters and Postcards

BTW – you guys seem to appreciate the political activism posts, so I’m planning to keep those coming in 2019! 

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