Handwritten Holiday Traditions with Shutterfly

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Share and celebrate your family update. Shop Shutterfly for personalized holiday cards that are unique, meaningful and that are just the way you want.

The holidays are all about tradition. Both the old traditions we grew up with and the new traditions we establish as we marry and grow our own families, like sending beautiful holiday cards with a thoughtful handwritten note to family and friends! Laura is a recent newlywed, longtime OSBP reader, and a stationery enthusiast. Laura and her husband Jeremy eloped earlier this summer, but celebrated their marriage a few weeks ago with a big, epic, DIY wedding for all of their family and friends. This will be Laura and Jeremy’s first time sending holiday photo cards as a married couple and we were super excited to work with Shutterfly to start this new tradition!

Handwritten Holiday Traditions with Shutterfly Holiday Photo Cards with Gold Foil / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Laura and Jeremy's DIY Backyard Wedding with Flower Crowns / Photo by Emily Wren / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Laura and Jeremy did everything for their wedding by hand – enlisting the help of their very talented friends to hand dye lanterns, wrap favors, create flower crowns and bouquets, and so much more. The gorgeous wedding photos by Emily Wren were just begging to make an appearance on her holiday cards! Shutterfly’s beautiful foil-stamped holiday photo cards were the perfect way to share a favorite wedding photo with friends and family. Laura was immediately drawn to Shutterfly’s Susurration of Snow design with rounded edges and a simple holiday message in gold foil, which paired beautifully with a photo from Laura and Jeremy’s first dance.

Handwritten Holiday Traditions with Shutterfly Holiday Photo Cards with Gold Foil / Oh So Beautiful Paper

From Laura: This is our first time sending holiday photo cards! I love all things paper, so I was really excited to start the tradition of sending holiday cards as a married couple. I’m the kind of person that likes to do things myself and our wedding was an epic DIY affair, so it was important to me that our holiday cards included calligraphy elements and had a space for a handwritten message.

Handwritten Holiday Traditions with Shutterfly Holiday Photo Cards with Gold Foil / Oh So Beautiful Paper

I fell for the Susurration of Snow design because it reminded me of all the things I love about the holidays. I was really attracted to the gold foil and the handwritten calligraphy elements, which made the card feel extra special. When we paired our first dance photo with that particular design I felt like the snow flakes really warmed up the photo visually – like a cozy hug. I also loved how the snowflakes and snow dust blended seamlessly with the sparklers in the background. The cheerful envelope liners were also a big bonus! The liners make the holiday cards feel extra special for everyone receiving them and bring a sense of importance to our holiday cards. The overall design feels very warm and inviting – and will remind our families of what a happy year 2015 has been for us.

Handwritten Holiday Traditions with Shutterfly Holiday Photo Cards with Gold Foil / Oh So Beautiful Paper

The gold foil with a black and white wedding photo? So gorgeous. When it comes to holiday photo cards, I prefer a matte photo printed directly onto the paper. It just feels so much more luxe and special. Also, I’m completely obsessed with Laura’s flower crown, and the fact that Laura and Jeremy are positively glowing made it the perfect choice for her holiday photo cards.

Handwritten Holiday Traditions with Shutterfly Holiday Photo Cards with Gold Foil / Oh So Beautiful Paper

We left the back of the card blank to allow for a handwritten message to friends and family and picked out an adorable envelope liner to complement the design. White envelopes addressed in shimmery gold ink by Meant To Be Calligraphy and paired with songbird postage stamps were the perfect finishing details!

Handwritten Holiday Traditions with Shutterfly Holiday Photo Cards with Gold Foil / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Handwritten Holiday Traditions with Shutterfly Holiday Photo Cards with Gold Foil / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Laura and I are both thrilled with how her holiday photo cards turned out, and I know her friends and family will love receiving a card that represents such a joyful moment in their life together!

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Share and celebrate your family update. Shop Shutterfly for personalized holiday cards that are unique, meaningful and that are just the way you want.

Photo Credits: Laura’s wedding photos by Emily Wren, all other photos by Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Seasonal Stationery: Holiday Photo Cards

If you’re planning to send out custom holiday cards or holiday photo cards this year, it’s time to get started! There are so many amazing options out there these days, including beautiful gold foil and letterpress holiday cards. I love that holiday photo cards have come so far over the past few years – you can send a card with a beautiful family photo to send to your friends and family without sacrificing on the design! So for those of you looking for a bit of holiday card inspiration, I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorites today!

Seasonal Stationery: Custom Holiday Cards and Holiday Photo Cards / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Rifle Paper Co. custom illustrated portrait holiday cards

2. Artifact Uprising

3. Sugar Paper

4. Linda & Harriett for Paperless Post

5. Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post

6. Dixie Design Collective

7. Mink Cards

8. Minted letterpress holiday photo cards

9. Smock

10. Dahlia Press

11. Minted foil pressed holiday photo cards (love the rose gold foil on navy!)

Also, many stationers will create custom holiday cards – including photo cards – if you get in touch with them early enough! So if you have a favorite stationer, but don’t see photo cards listed on their website, I’d shoot them a quick email anyway just to ask!

Hello Brick & Mortar: Real Customers, Merry & Bright

Ed Note: I can’t imagine a better way to sign off for the holidays than with this beautiful post from Emily – with real cards carefully picked out by very real people. I’ll be back next week with my annual “best of” round up and a couple of New Year’s posts, and with brand new content on January 5! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! xoxo – Nole

It’s Christmas Eve! I love this day almost more than Christmas itself, all of the anticipation of tomorrow just bursts today. But I’ll be honest, this shop owner is also very, very ready to settle down for a long winter’s nap. I’ve had a wonderfully full and exciting year, due in large part to many of you who egg me on and share the best conversations and questions. This will my fifth holiday owning Clementine. I know that holiday magic waits behind so many tiny moments: sneaky emails, hiding presents, surreptitious returns to purchase that little gift a loved one adored.  I’m totally exhausted, but equally hooked on the bits of magic that flutter through this season, I hope wherever you are, a bit flutters to you. ~ Emily of Clementine.

OSBP-Hello-Brick-and-Mortar-Clementine-by-Emily-McDowell-IllustrationIllustration by Emily McDowell for Oh So Beautiful Paper

In the past, I have asked customers to hold their card up as they purchase it and tell me where the cards are headed. This year, we are all so rushed, I asked instead for a simple image of the card and story about it’s recipient.

From Nan: I used the box set of cards to send a little bit of Middlebury love to some of my best friends who go to other colleges who I haven’t seen in a while. It’s the perfect personalized note to let them know I’m thinking of them this Christmas season. 


{Merry Christmas With Love from Middlebury ~ Custom Designed cards by Parrot Design Studio}

From Susan: I’m sending this to my Manhattan friend. We have sort of a tongue in cheek “city mouse/country mouse” joke so I love sending her cards that remind me of her hustle and bustle neighborhood. She, in return, sends me cards of farm animals and generally bucolic images…


{Swiss Cottage Designs Christmas on Main Street}

From Chenoa: This card is going to one of our favorite people who cares for our daughter every day. We truly couldn’t live without her. 


{Rifle Paper Co. Snow Globe}

From John: I’m putting together a collection of cards from your store for my wife. She’ll love them all, these are especially beautiful. 


{Peace Wreath and Succulent Wreath by Hartland Brooklyn.}

From Sas: I sent this postcard to my dear friend in Brooklyn; she’s the only person I know who gets into the holidays the way I do! I love that the scene on the card feels like a snapshot of rural Vermont!


{Rifle Paper Co. Holiday Scene Post Card}

From Emily (that’s me!): I chose these diagramed snowmen for my son’s preschool teachers and friends because I love that they take the jolly holiday spirit of a snowman and break them down into their fun little bits. They remind me of all of the toddler activities his teachers so thoughtfully design – taking each craft piecemeal and creating something wonderful. OSBPEmilyGCT

{Girls Can Tell Snowman}

From Meg: My husband and I don’t give each other gifts for the holidays. Instead, on Christmas Day we leave notes for each other and treat ourselves to a delicious homemade chili.


{Pearl & Marmalade’s I want to hibernate with you!}

Sarah purchased a little stack of cards for her employees, a mix of holiday and thank you cards. Like many of you, Sarah is running a small business and knows that the greatest holiday sentiment at this exhausted holiday moment is thanks! From Sarah: This card, among the others, is for the amazing hard work my employees did this year. We would have never gotten here without every one of them. 


{Seriously Thank You Times a Million from Emily McDowell}

I’ll take a tiny breather here to say that this final story is a bit more tender. In other words, it makes me cry every time I read it. But in a good way, and I hope it hits you in a good way too. Stephanie and I have followed each others lives, without ever meeting, after becoming far-away friends on instagram almost three years ago. I tucked a card in to her order last year with no idea how it would follow their life story. This year has been momentous for Stephanie, I am lucky to be the tiniest snowflake in her story and to get to watch this family grow. From Stephanie: Last year I admired the Dear Santa stationary from afar. My husband and I didn’t have children, and at the time, weren’t planning to, but the idea of it was so sweet. I made an order from Emily’s shop and she slipped the Dear Santa card into my order. I squealed when I opened it. It was precious.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 4.31.34 PM

{Dear Santa by Printerette photographed here with another favorite, Parrot Design’s From the Desk of Santa}

When we unexpectedly found out in January that I was pregnant I pulled the Dear Santa Letter out of the Christmas stuff. I wanted to have it for our baby girl’s first Christmas. We named her Wright. At 18 weeks she was diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality that was terminal. We spent the next 6 weeks waiting to go into labor though we knew she wouldn’t be born alive.  For many reasons I never got around to putting the Dear Santa letter away. In late summer we had another unexpected event; a distant family member called, asking us to adopt her 2 year old son. We said yes.

On September 14th, C landed at JFK to the waiting arms of my husband. As we began Advent, I found the Dear Santa letter among Wright’s things, and with profound awareness of how complex and fantastic the year had been my husband, C, and I sat down to write our first letter to Santa as a family. Far more tearfully and joyfully than I expected – we mailed it from Macy’s on 34th Street – with our deep grief in our hearts and our overwhelming miracle in our arms.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 5.36.17 PM

{Dear Santa, Printerette Press)

Wherever you are I hope your hearts are full and your holidays are bright. Even if you’re slogging through some of your days, I hope you catch a little bit of the magic too.  May you hug, laugh and create as much as possible. Merriest of holidays to you all and a Happy New Year! xoxo, Emily

Seasonal Stationery: 2014 Holiday Card Round Up Part 4

Today I’m wrapping up my 2014 holiday card round up with one mega post with more beautiful cards! In case you missed them – you can find the previous round up highlights right here and the full holiday card round up page right here!

2014 Holiday Card Round Up by Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Detroit Card Co.

2. Four Wet Feet

3. Ladyfingers Letterpress

4. E.Frances Paper

5. An Open Sketchbook

6. Little Arrow

2014 Holiday Card Round Up by Oh So Beautiful Paper

7. Steel Petal Press

8. Green Tie Studio

9. Grey Moggie

10. Happy Cactus

11. Hennel Paper Co

12. Paperfelt

13. Gingiber

2014 Holiday Card Round Up by Oh So Beautiful Paper

14. 417 Press

15. Farewell Paperie

16. Allison Cole

17. Snow & Ivy

18. Papillon Press

19. The Great Lakes Goods

Check out the full holiday card round up – with 400+ holiday cards – right here!

Our Minted Booklette Holiday Cards


This is our second year sending out personalized photo holiday cards, and since most of our family (and some of our friends) live far away, they haven’t seen Sophie for a while – or even met Alice! We have a lot to catch our family and friends up on, and it seemed like it might be too big of a challenge for our annual holiday cards. But when I heard that Minted released a brand new holiday card format called the Booklette, I was dying to give them a try. Today I’m excited to share the cards that we chose!


Minted currently offers 43 Booklette holiday card designs – ranging from clean and modern to playful hand lettering and everything in between. I’m a big fan of sending out New Year’s cards (gives us procrastinators a bit more time!), and I love that this particular card design uses one of my favorite calligraphy fonts – Asterism. With eight pages of photos and text, we were able to include a few sweet photos of the girls (taken by the fabulous Sweet Root Village) and an updated family photo, along with a brief text update about Sophie and Alice. It was the perfect fit for our growing family!




I also love love love that Minted introduced coordinating envelopes with recipient address printing! Not only are the new envelope designs totally cute, but they’re such a lifesaver for those of us who struggle to find the time to sit down and address dozens of cards all at the same time. It took me weeks to address our cards last year – when we only had one child – and they were ridiculously late as a result. I’m so grateful to be getting them out on time this year!


If you’re still in need of holiday cards – there’s still time to send them out! (Or just go with New Year’s cards like I do.) You can browse the Minted Booklette holiday card designs right here!

This post is sponsored by Minted. All content and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help make Oh So Beautiful Paper possible!

Photos by Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper