Best of 2010 Wedding Invitations: Calligraphy + Blind Impression Maps

There’s nothing like a beautiful letterpress blind impression to make me go a bit weak in the knees, but combine that technique with map design details and modern calligraphy, and I’m officially swooning.

New Orleans Map Modern Calligraphy Letterpress Wedding Invitations


Both invitations are the result of collaborations between Kathryn from Blackbird Letterpress and calligrapher Betsy Dunlap.  Printed on super thick paper with Betsy’s calligraphy letterpress printed in a soft gray, both invitations are truly frame-worthy works of art.  Check out Riley and Robert’s New Orleans wedding invitation suite here and Phyllis and Armstead’s topographic map wedding invitation suite here!

{image credits: Blackbird Letterpress}

Best of 2010 Wedding Invitations: Metallics + Foils

If this year was any indication, I’m expecting metallic inks and foil stamp elements to be a big trend in 2011 wedding invitations.  Kiera and JP’s gold and pink wedding invitations were one of my personal favorites from 2010, and Dan and Barbara’s modern black and white wedding invitations received one of the biggest reader responses of 2010!


Kiera and JP’s wedding invitations are both whimsical and elegant – and quite possibly one of the most sophisticated uses of pink that I’ve ever seen!  Check out the original post right here.


Dan and Barbara’s wedding invitations combined crisp and modern black and white design elements with romantic calligraphy from Mara at Neither Snow – so gorgeous.  Check out the original post right here!

Black-White-Modern-Foil-Stamp-Wedding-Invitation Black-White-Modern-Foil-Stamp-Wedding-Invitation


{image credits: kiera and jp; barbara mouradian}

Best of 2010 Wedding Invitations: Youngna + Jacob

I’m cheating just a teeny bit with this next favorite pick, since this is the first time I’m featuring Youngna and Jacob‘s wedding invitations.  I first found these invitations through Tina (aka Swissmiss) on twitter back in August, and I’m thrilled to finally have a chance to feature these lovely handkerchief wedding invitations.



From YoungnaJacob and I selected our designer (our friend Kelli Anderson) before our invitation idea.  I’d bookmarked a lot of concepts/typefaces and color schemes that spoke to me, but I also knew we weren’t going to have strict wedding colors.  I had liked a set of invitations I saw that were printed vintage handkerchiefs on a wedding blog, and also thought it’d be great to incorporate either fabric or some other non-paper materials.



We had driven up to the wedding location once and there was a notably windy path to get there that included passing this wild-looking former mental hospital, going under a covered bridge, and then passing many distinct-looking landmarks. Then, we sat down with Kelli and started expressing ideas.  We talked about using minimal text to reduce the number of different pieces that were part of the invitation – I’m always shocked by those invitations that have 4 or 5 or 6 inserts – it’s so much paper!  We were able to keep the text minimal by directing people to our website where they can find the bulk of wedding details and only putting the key info on the sleeve that wrapped around the hanky.


Based on our driving experience to the wedding location, winding through the woods and up the mountain, we also proposed that the invite incorporate a map which would serve as equal parts keepsake and functional item.  Kelli suggested the map handkerchiefs, which Jacob and I immediately loved.  I then gave Kelli written directions and pictures of some of the notable buildings and landmarks that I’d photographed along the way, which she plotted out against Google maps.




We went through a few rounds of tweaks since I really wanted the map to be accurate, and Kelli really made all the elements of the design so beautiful.  The typeface on both the handkerchief and elsewhere on the invite is inspired by old 1950s “Welcome to…” travel postcards.


We like the idea of people bringing these to the wedding (or hanging them in their apartments — something a few friends have written to us to let us know they have done), guys tucking them in their suit pockets, and them being used again and again for all different purposes.



Thank you so much Youngna and Jacob!  For more on the making of these beautiful map handkerchief wedding invitations, definitely check out Kelli’s blog!

For more wedding invitation inspiration, check out the wedding invitation gallery!

{image credits: Kelli Anderson}

Best of 2010 Wedding Invitations: The Indigo Bunting

Designer Erin Jang of The Indigo Bunting has an amazingly vibrant and modern design style that just makes me smile each time she posts a new wedding invitation design.  Erin created one of my favorite wedding invitation suites from this year (Emily and Dan’s modern houndstooth invitations), but she’s created so many other fantastic designs that it seemed unfair to pick just one!





For more of Erin’s beautiful wedding invitation designs, check out The Indigo Bunting!

{image credits: erin jang}

Best of 2010 Wedding Invitations: Vintage Love Letters

When I first started thinking about my favorite wedding invitations from 2010, two invitation suites immediately jumped into my head – Gabriella and Peter’s airmail-inspired letterpress wedding invitations, and Jessica and Michael’s red, black, and white love letter-inspired wedding invitations.


Gabriella and Peter’s wedding invitations from Lucky Luxe combined their shared love of travel (hence the blue and red striped airmail envelope) and the romance of handwritten letters with stunning results – check out the full post right here!

vintage-travel-airmail-wedding-invitation-text vintage-travel-airmail-wedding-invitation-reply-card

For Jessica and Michael, their wedding invitations from Ruby & Willow told the story of their around-the-world romance.  Jessica is from North America and Michael is from New Zealand, and the invitation design was inspired by old fashioned love letters, complete with a postcard rsvp and vintage stamps.  Check out the full post right here!

Love-Letter-Wedding-Invitations-Tag Love-Letter-Wedding-Invitations-RSVP

{image credits: lucky luxe and ruby & willow}

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