2011 Calendar Round-Up, Part 7

I know I said I was finished with the calendar round-ups, but it looks like those round-ups weren’t quite done with me.  I was expecting a handful of calendars before the end of the year, but there are enough to share that I’m going to do two extra round-ups!  Just as a reminder, you can find my previous round-ups right here… and now on to Part 7!


{Jack + Lulu}

paper-cup-chalkboard-calendar paper-cup-chalkboard-calendar paper-cup-chalkboard-calendar paper-cup-chalkboard-calendar

{an awesome chalkboard calendar from Paper + Cup}



{Studio on Fire 2011 calendar, with illustrations and type from Jessica Hische, Brian Gunderson, and others}

{Rob Ryan}


{astrology sign wall calendars from Prismatic}

Michelle-Armas-Fine-Art-Calendar Michelle-Armas-Fine-Art-Calendar

{Michelle Armas}


{Indigo Bunting – available only until Sunday, December 12!}

redblackbrown-2011-red-blue-calendar redblackbrown-2011-red-blue-calendar redblackbrown-2011-red-blue-calendar redblackbrown-2011-red-blue-calendar


{Bowerbox Press}

bookhou-tea-towel-calendar bookhou-tea-towel-calendar



{albertine press}

Check back soon for Part 8!

{all images via their respective sources}

  1. I am really enjoying the calendar roundup! I have been looking for printable calendars… maybe you could include a few in your next installment?

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