Blue Birth Announcements for Baby Bruce!

Akiyo from My Dear Darling recently welcomed her first little one – a baby boy named Bruce!  When it came time to send out the birth announcements, Akiyo and her husband Brandon wanted a design that was simple and playful yet special enough for their firstborn.  I love all the different envelope liner patterns, and what could be cuter than a baby footprint?





Thanks Akiyo – and congratulations!

{image credits: My Dear Darling}

  1. Ohh cute, I have to do my birth announcements to send out to everyone 🙂
    But first I need a picture of my little bitty!

  2. What is the best glue/tape/adhesive to use for envelope liners in an envelope? My glue sticks aren’t cutting it. Thanks for your help!

  3. The announcement is so simple but beautiful. I Really love the pop the envelope liner gives to the entire set.

  4. Thank you for sharing! 😀

    Emily – I think the best way to avoid clumps and warping is by using spray adhesive. Otherwise, I use the pasty (non-liquid) glue sticks. 😉 Hope that helps!

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