Best of 2010 Wedding Invitations: Calligraphy + Blind Impression Maps

There’s nothing like a beautiful letterpress blind impression to make me go a bit weak in the knees, but combine that technique with map design details and modern calligraphy, and I’m officially swooning.

New Orleans Map Modern Calligraphy Letterpress Wedding Invitations


Both invitations are the result of collaborations between Kathryn from Blackbird Letterpress and calligrapher Betsy Dunlap.  Printed on super thick paper with Betsy’s calligraphy letterpress printed in a soft gray, both invitations are truly frame-worthy works of art.  Check out Riley and Robert’s New Orleans wedding invitation suite here and Phyllis and Armstead’s topographic map wedding invitation suite here!

{image credits: Blackbird Letterpress}

  1. When I fall in love with invitations hard, Betsy Dunlap or Anna Bond are usually behind it. I adore her dreamy calligraphy. Simply stunning.

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