2017 Gift Guide for Kids!

If you’re on the hunt for creative gift ideas for kids, this guide is for you! I base these guides around things that I think my own kids – Sophie, age 5, and Alice, age 3 – would enjoy, so these picks are mostly geared towards that age range. If you’re looking for ideas for younger kids, check out the gift guides from 2016, 2015, and 2014, there are definitely a bunch of great ideas there! This year, Sophie is really into STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), so you’ll definitely see that woven throughout this year’s gift ideas. Even though my girls are still pretty young for a lot of things, this is really such a fun age to watch their interests and creativity develop!

Gift Ideas for Kids!

1. I bought a vintage U.S. map puzzle of where all the pieces are shaped like the actual states, and my girls play with it ALL the time (you can find something similar here!). My kindergartener has been really interested in world geography lately, so I’m thinking about adding this World Map Puzzle to our collection!

2. These portable playsets from Sago Mini are the perfect toys to bring along on family trips or when you need something to keep your kids quietly entertained!

3. + 4. Now that Sophie is learning how to read and white, all she wants to do is write and draw in notebooks. We go through about two notebooks a week, no joke. And she isn’t even an angsty teenager yet! She recently picked out a locked diary from her school’s book fair – I think she’d really like this Forest Friends Locked Diary when she runs out of space in the current one! These Stardust Gelly Roll Pens are metallic and sparkly and would make a lovely stocking stuffer!

5. This awesome gadget is called Code-a-pillar – kids can manipulate the pieces to make it go in different directions and reach a particular target. It’s both fun and educational! Win-win.

6. We don’t have a whole lot of room for toys, so I’m always a fan of subscription craft or STEM kits for kids. I just signed my girls up for a subscription from Kiwi Co., which delivers age-appropriate projects straight to your home every month. If subscriptions aren’t your thing, you can also find fun projects on sites like Seedling (this pirate activity looks fun!). And this website has a bunch of awesome-looking science kits for slightly older kids.

7. My girls love building toys: Magnatiles, blocks, Duplos, etc. If your kids also like to build, these Constructibles kits inspired by famous architects look like they’d be a lot of fun!

8. Sophie is really into rocks and crystals these days – this gemstone excavation kit from National Geographic is on our list!

9. My girls love the Hervé Tullet books, and this imaginative Za Za Zoom game based on the books looks like a lot of fun!

10. Magic Tracks!

11. If you’re already well stocked on art supplies, these Aquabeads are a fun creative activity (and don’t require ironing like traditional perler bead kits). 

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