2015 Gift Guide: For Preschoolers

Every year I like to pull together a few gift guides, and this year I’m starting with one of my favorite subjects: preschoolers! Sophie turned 3 years old in September and started preschool at the end of August. And man, this stage is SO much fun! I mean, there are plenty of frustrations – we have tantrums and meltdowns and all kinds of defiance happening all over the place – but it’s also just a ton of fun. We’re still going strong with manipulative play (blocks, Magna Tiles, play-doh), getting into more physical activities, and starting to really get into pretend play. So for those of you looking for some ideas for 3 and 4 year old girls (or boys) – here are a few gift ideas for preschoolers!

Gift Ideas for Preschoolers / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Clockwise from the top left:

1. A tricycle! Sophie inherited a hand-me-down tricycle from her cousins a couple of months ago and LOVES it. She wants to ride it anywhere and everywhere, even in cold weather. Balance bikes are also great gift ideas for preschoolers.

2 + 3. PJs are always a fun holiday gift, and this nightgown and set of fuzzy slippers looks super cozy!

4 + 5. Sophie has always been interested in books, but now that she’s learning her letters she’s downright obsessed. These are a few of our current favorite books – and a cozy bean bag to practice reading:

Katy and the Big Snow

Such a Little Mouse

Little Blue Truck

6. + 7. Play kitchens and dollhouses are perfect for endless hours of pretend play. And little sisters can join in on the fun! Alice loves banging the pots and pans of Sophie’s play kitchen and even acts like she’s washing her hands in the sink!

8. We have a vintage map puzzle that Sophie loves to do over and over again (with some parental assistance). This version is similar to the one we have!

9. I’m a big fan of this art easel – and the priceless works of preschooler art that come out of it!

10. Play-Doh is so fun for toddlers! You can make your own if you’re so inclined, but I’m still a fan of the store-bought version. We also bought some cookie cutters and toy rollers so that Sophie can practice rolling the dough and cutting out her favorite shapes. We also continue to love our Magna Tiles for manipulative play – and the best part is that you can just keep adding to the collection each year!

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