Our Moving Announcements

This definitely falls in the waaaay overdue category, but after spending all weekend painting my bedroom, I remembered that I never shared my own moving announcements with all of you!  I’m thrilled to finally correct this oversight, and I hope you all love them as much as I do!


My husband and I moved into a new apartment in January of 2010, and of course I wanted real moving announcements to send to our closest family and friends.  We worked with my friend Katie from Petal and Print, who gifted us with these amazing announcements as a housewarming present.  I wanted bright pops of color and my husband’s favorite color is blue, so we settled on a fun color palette of orange, red, and turquoise with a floral wreath illustration and soft gray accents.



I also really loved the idea of somehow incorporating fabric (something I’d originally wanted, but wasn’t able, to do with our wedding invitations), so Katie came up with the fabulous idea of enclosing each announcement in a simple linen pocket, which was then placed inside the mailing envelope.  Katie is seriously amazing – she made each individual linen pocket on her sewing machine and then attached a matching paper tag with our initials.



The complete announcement was enclosed in a pewter gray envelope with a wrap-around mailing label and vintage postage stamps.  I found these awesome state bird postage stamps and tried to match recipients with the appropriate state (or at least something close by, since I only had one sheet).


The announcements were everything that we wanted them to be – playful, quirky, joyful and incredibly beautiful!  Thanks again Katie!

Photo Credits: Petal and Print

  1. Those are totally amazing, and extremely lovely. The colors are fabulous. I wish the mister and I had done something like that when we moved into our house.

  2. Yay! So glad to see these on the blog. I seriously loved receiving mine in the mail, a fabulous collaboration between you and Katie.

  3. Oh my gosh…they’re beautiful! I love the touch of fabric. That’s one announcement that I would NEVER throw away. It would be stuck to my bulletin board for YEARS! Thanks for sharing!
    xo Deirdre

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