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For my first content post, I figured I’d start with the amazing invitations designed and printed for my own wedding by Cricket Press!  We worked with Brian and Sara Turner at Cricket Press to create an invitation suite featuring a letterpressed A7-size main invitation and a separate fold-out information package with itinerary, accommodation and attire information, directions, and perforated rsvp postcard, with a hand-drawn graphic serving as the “cover” for the fold-out package.  Cricket Press also does custom screenprinted posters as a wonderful alternative to a traditional wedding invitation.


One of the strengths of Cricket Press is their use of illustration in the design process, which gives their invitations a slightly quirky and whimsical feel – perfect for an informal wedding. Here are some of my favorite invitations from the Cricket Press custom portfolio:









Check out lots more right here!
{all images via the Cricket Press website}
  1. Hi Carol-Ann,

    I think the concept of what is “expensive” to one person is different from what might be expensive to another person. People have different wedding sizes, budgets, and priorities, so their perspective on cost may be different from mine or yours.

    I happen to love paper, so nice invitations were a priority for us, more than something else that perhaps another person might prioritize for their own wedding. We also had 50 guests at our wedding, not 300. I try not to judge an invitation by price, but rather by design and how well it matches the goals and personalities of the couple getting married.

    Please also remember that you send one invitation per couple, not per individual guest. So if you’re inviting families, husbands and wives, or friends with plus ones, you might only send out 150 invitations for 300 guests.

    I hope that helps,


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