Blog Anniversary Giveaway – Two Trick Pony!

Today's first giveaway is a big one, and it's from one of my favorite invitation design studios — Two Trick Pony!  In addition to screen printing, Two Trick Pony recently began offering digital printing to cover every budget and occasion. I profiled the Two Trick Pony invitation portfolio back in July, but here are a few of their invitations just in case:

I'm absolutely thrilled to say that the Ponies are giving away up to $750 toward a single invitation suite from the Two Trick Pony Shindigs collection!  That's enough for 100 screen printed, one-color invitations, including an RSVP postcard and printed envelopes!  This giveaway can be applied towards any digital or screen printed wedding or social invitations, including wedding showers, bar or bat mitzvahs, and anniversaries, or save the dates.


So here's how to enter:  Head on over to the Two Trick Pony Shindigs collection and pick your favorite invitation design.  Then come back here and leave a comment below with your choice of invitation design, a quick description of the event that the invitations would be used for, and three ways that you are making your shindig more eco-friendly.  You must leave a valid e-mail address for your entry to qualify.  You'll have until 11:59 p.m. EST tomorrow, September 9, to enter.  Bonne chance!

UPDATE: As if they weren't already awesome enough, Two Trick Pony chose two winners for this giveaway! Isn't that amazing?

Our first winner is Nicole, who is planning an eco-friendly wedding complete with local and organic foods and flowers, carbon offsets, and vintage games!  For the second winner, the Ponies also offered to donate a set of invitations to the second winner, Christina, who is planning a fundraiser for a Community Center in Boston (the Ponies' home town).  Congratulations Nicole and Christina!  I can't wait to see both Nicole's wedding invitations and Christina's fundraiser invitations a bit later on!

{image credits: Two Trick Pony}
  1. I love the Birds invite soo much!
    The event I would love to use these invites for would be my wedding next year…
    1)Our ceremony, reception and hotel for guests to stay are in the same building, so no need for cars!
    2)We are using local flowers
    3)I’m not too far into planning as of yet, but I hope this would count: the cake topper is being handmade

  2. I adore Two Trick Pony. 🙂
    I would absolutely choose the Carnival Invite.
    My fiance and I are now getting married on a Sunday because our original venue closed on us.
    Since our guests will be in town all weekend we are hosting a fun shindig on Saturday afternoon for all our guests.
    We’ve already sent out our invites and are well over budget, but we’d love to be able to send out invites for this event and these would be just perfect.
    Thanks for such a fun contest.

  3. I am very excited about this giveaway!!!
    I would absolutely love to win the Starfish invites for our seaside spring wedding! The colors in this design are the colors were using for our wedding and the starfish design is just adorable. We’ll be incorporating starfish throughout our wedding decor/details so these invites would be a great sneak peek of what’s in store at our wedding for our guests.
    Three ways were making our wedding more eco-friendly:
    1. Using local flowers for centerpieces/decor
    2. Using Aqua Mason Jars as part of our centerpieces/decor to not only cut cost but we will be able to re-use these glass jars over and over again.
    3. I am looking into DIY’ing Save the Date postcards and our Thank You’s to cut back on using so much paper.

  4. Vintage Carnival
    For-Our House Warming Party
    1. We’ll be using real plates, not paper
    2. We are getting a lot of hand-me-down furniture
    3. My dad and 2 brothers will probably run to the party because they are training for a marathon, plus my dad drives his 1985 volkswagon vanagon about once a week,

  5. Oh wow, beautiful designs! I am in love with the Dandelion card, but the others were also just amazing!
    I would use these for the joint birthday party for my boyfriend and myself happening in March.
    For the eco-friendliness factors, we are doing the 100-mile menu where everything has to be grown within a 100-mile radius, not hard with the farms and stuff around. We are using real plates, cups and cutlery to cut down on waste, and use eco-friendly cleaning products before and after! Oh, and we have everyone bring their food in tupperware, and then leftovers leave in the same tupperware, so no food goes to waste, and no disposable plastic is used!

  6. These invites are so beautiful 😀
    The one I like the most is the 1970’s FLOWER. . .
    I would use this invitations for my wedding next year. . .
    And although we are on the beginning of the planning process, we already decided to:
    1. No printed pictures, better keep the digital images.
    2. Use local vendors for our flowers.
    3. Have the ceremony and reception on the same place

  7. I Love the double dutch!! these match my china perfectly! i’d throw a just because party!
    1) we always use china dishes. never ever use party not even for kids parties!!!
    2) i car pool to work!!
    3) we have a old fashion push mower…. no gas in my yard!!

  8. I love “leaves” but my wedding is in May so my favorite for me is Deliphiniums.
    1. No save the dates (even though it hurts me because I love paper)
    2. corn-based disposables at the reception
    3. our reception has no a/c so we will accept the ambient temperature that day 🙂

  9. Going to go with “Herringbone” for its classic graphic qualities and subtlety. Event is a graphic designer’s (myself, wouldn’t you know it) going away party. As for how it’s being made eco friendly, we’re using locally sourced food and flowers from the incredible Soulard farmer’s market up the street. We’re providing car pooling for those driving from the university campus (fewer cars!), and we are repurposing a lot of furniture and decor from earlier parties the hosts have held at their home and garden, cutting out almost completely the need for anything new!

  10. First off, any company that can call a wedding a “Shindig” is definately super cool in my book!! And Wowsers! I am super excited about this, what a great opportunity! I have a hard core crush on the Vintage Carnival Suite!! My fiancé and I are looking to be married in Phoenix, January 2010 at a private residence.
    Fist off, I am just excited to see the word ‘Shindig’ in print!! This warms my heart and makes me smile.
    We will be having an ecologically-aware shindig as well!!
    1.) The wedding/reception will be held outdoors in the morning, so we will only be using energy/lighting etc that Mother Nature gifts us.
    2.) No Save-the-Dates either (which ALSO kills me 😉 !!)
    3.) I bought a sample gown that was 2+ years old for my wedding dress.
    Wowsers! I am super excited about this, what a great opportunity! I have a hard core crush on the Vintage Carnival Suite (digital print invites, 2-colors, + RSVPs) We will be married January 2010 at a historic home. This suite would be perfect for us!!
    I would definaty go for the 2-color digital print invitations with 2-color postcard RSVPs.

  11. Great eco ideas so far, folks…keep ’em coming! Handmade definitely scores eco points, and something old, something borrowed? Those are eco-friendly too!

  12. I love the Vintage Carnival invites. We’d use them for our wedding and they definitely convey the vibe we’re going for – fun and informal. We are in the early stages of planning, but have a serious committment to being green (my FI is an energy efficiency engineer for pete’s sake!). So far, we’ve booked a cabin in the mountains where we can have the ceremony and reception to cut down on driving, and it’s part of a cabin resort so our guests can rent a cabin, enjoy the fresh air and walk to our wedding! Other eco-friendly ideas we want to implement include using organicly-grown potted plants as centerpieces instead of cut flowers and buying used items as much as possible.

  13. VINTAGE CARNIVAL. One of our favorite events of the year is the Arkansas State Fair, so this design suits us perfectly! We’re still in need of save-the-dates for our September 4, 2010 wedding. Our ceremony and reception will take place in a beautifully scenic spot in the Arkansas Ozarks. We’re trying to keep all aspects of our wedding as eco-friendly as possible. Three ways we’re achieving this:
    1. Instead of floral arrangements, a coworker of mine is making terrariums as centerpieces. At the end of the night, I’ll give them away to our parents, grandparents and other family members as thank you gifts.
    2. I’m not buying anything new in terms of decor. We’re using all vintage or secondhand items.
    3. Our wedding/reception sites are within walking distance to each other. For guests staying in hotels across town, they can take the trolley. There’s no need to drive anywhere. Eureka Springs is quaint and convenient like that!
    Thanks for considering my entry!
    [email protected]

  14. Great giveaway! I love the Birds invitation, which I’d use for a big party I’m throwing for my mom’s 60th birthday party. They’d be perfect! As for being green, we’re using solar lights & candles instead of electricity, the food we’ll be eating will be from our own garden, and we’re using beautiful old china instead of throw-away dishes. Should be fun!

  15. Flourish, I love the classic frame, and I’d have it in navy to match everything else we’re doing. I would use it for our rehearsal dinner. Three things we’re doing that are environmentally friendly:
    1)using potted plants for our centerpieces, then creating a garden out of it, that will forever be our “wedding garden”
    2)providing transportation for all guests to/from hotels so that there won’t be an added 100 cars on the road and polluting in our small beach town
    3)Using only local plants grown in our town- nothing will have to be shipped in/hyper refrigerated for long periods of time

  16. Daisies!!! First off I love the idea of a colored invitation such as the green used for Daisies. Having the writing in white is such a treat and in my opinion shows time, effort and money well spent.
    I’m doing a destination wedding in Mexico and we plan to use wild hand picked flowers, which would tie in with the Daisy theme. Not to mention be eco friendly. My Save The Dates were handmade on recycled paper and were postcards to cut back on envelope waste. I plan to have my RSVP’s also be postcards. Our ceremony will be outdoors to save on electricity and the reception will be at the same location to save on driving. And my wedding shower had a “No wrapping paper” rule! This giveaway is perfect timing for me since I am exactly at that stage now. I need to get these bad boys in the mail November 1st.
    Wooo Hooo! Pick me and I’ll be your best friend 🙂

  17. My fiance Daniel and I are planning a wedding for May 2010 at the Pickering Barn in Seattle. I love the Vintage Carnival invitations! I think it would suite our laid back, simple, homegrown wedding well. A few ideas for our wedding..
    1. My dear friend is painint our ketubbah (the jewish ritual document) from scratch-no need for shipping/handling/packaging waste
    2. Our caterer is a local, organic caterer. He grows his own vegetables
    3. Centerpieces of old mason jars with flowers my mom has in our backyard!

  18. Such beautiful invitations. It is hard to choose, but if I had to, I would pick “loop” for my upcoming winter wedding. It is whimsical and modern, just perfect. To conserve resources the glass apothecary jars that we are using as centerpieces are being reused. I already have one friend signed up to borrow them for her spring wedding. We are also filling the jars with ornaments that we are planning to incorporate into our own Christmas decorations for years to come. We have encouraged our family and friends via our wedding website to carpool to the ceremony and reception site. There are small parking lots at both venues so it will ease traffic and help the environment – win, win for all!

  19. This is amazing! I can’t believe how beautiful all of their suites are!
    I am absolutely, head over heals in love with the Dandelion design. It reminds me of my relationship with my sweetie, If that makes any sense. So soft and sweet, with a bit of a vintage touch. It’s so charming, I can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy when I see it.
    If I am chosen, the Invitations will be used for our wedding, which to be honest, would make me the happiest girl around because I thought we might not be able to afford the invitation suite of our dreams.
    We’re getting married next September, in a beautiful carriage house!
    We’re keeping our wedding eco-friendly in many ways. Our centerpieces are blue ball jars, the linens are being made from vintage handkerchiefs, and our personal touches (cake topper, salt and pepper shakers, etc) are all from my Grandmas house.
    It will truly be an unforgettable day.

  20. I can’t peel my eyes away from the 1970’s flower invites. So, it’s an obvious choice for me! Our wedding is scheduled for next fall and we would be super duper delighted to have these amazing invitations. The flower theme really ties into our lifestyle, and our desire to keep our day as green as possible. We’ve kept our guest list down, both wearing vintage, and are even looking renting bikes for our guests to use to get from the garden ceremony to our quirky cafe reception. Thanks for even giving any of us a shot, Nole. This is pretty great.

  21. I LOVE Vintage Carnival. My baby girl’s first birthday is in January, so I would be ecstatic to have these designed for her party. For the party, we’ll be using bamboo plates and eating utensils. We’re about to buy some seeds to grow fall flowers to cut from our yard for the party. Also, we’ll be making paper owls for a little kiddo craft, and I’ll be cutting out the shapes from paper I’ve held onto for years and years – no need to buy up more paper! The scraps will certainly go into the recycle bin.

  22. I love 1970’s flower but my boyfriend/fiance chooses carnival, which is my 2nd choice so we’ll go with that!
    The wedding date is not set but we do plan to:
    1. take the subway to our venue
    2. buy a vintage, used wedding dress
    3. buy old sheets with cool pattens and cut them up to make tablecloths and napkins

  23. I like the dandelion suite, of course, should we win I’d have to pass it by my fiance! We’re planning a wedding for June 12, 2010. Three things that we’re doing to make our wedding “greener”:
    1. No paper save-the-dates. We’ll be sending out an e-mail with a link to our wedding website
    2.Limited amount of guests- we’ll probably ahve about 90. Less guests means less paper for invitations, less traveling and less food.
    3.I bought my dress used. It was a store sample, so new fabrics didn’t have to be used to make it. Not to mention it saved me more than half of retail price!

  24. Ah, this giveaway is so exciting. I love the Retro Flower invitation. I’m looking for a design that is colorful and bold and clean, and I think this is a perfect fit. Not to mention my fiance is a 60s/music/vinyl nut, and he gives the retro graphic a big thumbs up. Our party [wedding] is going to be held at a beachside park in Seattle, with gorgeous sunset views over the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains. The idea for the reception is to host a glorified picnic with amazing food and games (frisbee! bocce! … we’re scouring garage sales and thrift stores for these) on the beach, and bonfires once the sun has set. Incorporating sustainable, eco-friendly options into our wedding is something that is very important to us. There are so many ideas out there that are really exciting. We’re committed to serving organic, local, and sustainable food, printing invitations on recycled paper, and buying local flowers from the farmers market. In addition, I’m researching carbon offsets for our friends and family who will be traveling to the wedding (my fiance wants all our local guests to bike to the wedding … not sure how well that will work out 🙂 ), and I’m also looking into the possibility of using green fabrics for my dress. Thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway!

  25. these are AWESOME! i really like all of them, but my favorite is the 1970’s flower… especially the yellow version. they’re so fun, festive and beautiful.
    the event i would use them for is my wedding reception. it’s my highest priority that everyone at my reception has a great time, and these invites scream fun.
    3 eco-friendly ideas i’m incorporating into my wedding:
    1. i’m hiring a trolley to take my guests to and from the wedding ceremony from the hotel so they don’t have to drive.
    2. i’m using all local faire for dinner.
    3. my dress is used and any paper i’m using is 100% recycled… oh! and the photographer is also eco-friendly and only shoots in digital.

  26. oh it’s so hard to decide! But my gut is telling me the Dandelion design is perfect for my housewarming party when I move into my new apartment in San Francisco! To keep things eco-friendly, well I can inform my guests which public transit lines to take to get to my new diggs right on the invite, buy all the food stuff at the new farmer’s market in the Metreon (not to mention serving sustainably farmed organic wine from my favorite Sonoma vineyard– Porter Creek!) and clean up the next day with earth-friendly cleaning products (and recycle / compost all the mess!)
    Great giveaway, thanks!

  27. The double dutch invitation owns my heart. I love their designs and that they’re eco friendly to boot. My sister is getting married in October 2010 and this would be the perfect surprise for her. We’re keeping it eco friendly by using all local organic food and getting all floral arrangments from local farmers, and we are lovingly re-working our mothers wedding dress. These invites are SO cute they will tie the day together perfectly.

  28. “Wood You” is calling to me – a big fan of faux bois!
    In anticipation of an upcoming album release I’m looking into options that vary from the usual CD/jewel case offering. For those who must have a CD, the case could be recycled paper or include a paper insert that is both informational and a beautiful artifact.
    1. No jewel case
    2. Digital download encouraged
    3. Tangible card/poster/coaster that describes and delights.

  29. My favorite design is 1970’s Flower… or maybe its Block Print. Its so hard to pick – they all are amazing!
    These invitations would be used for our wedding 🙂 Matt proposed on my 30th birthday in July.
    We are going to try and mind our wallets and the environment at our wedding.
    1. decorations are going to be minimal and most likely DIY adventures. (Repurposing and reusing is my favorite alternative to buying new)
    2. my mother grew flowers in her organic garden for my sister’s wedding and I’m hoping she will do the same for me 🙂
    3. our guest list will be small and ideally, no one will have to travel very far to come to our celebration.
    Thank you for this opportunity! Our finances are so tight, this would be marvelous!

  30. I love the Ascot invitation It is so classic.
    3 Ways We are Making Shin Dig more Eco Friendly
    1. We are doing many DYI decorations such as reusing wine corks and making them into name card holders.
    2. We are printing welcome notes, programs, name cards, etc on recycled paper.
    3. We made sure our wedding venue was willing to recycle all plastic, glass & paper
    4. We are going to use reusable grocery bags to put our wedding welcome package in.
    Thanks, Laura [email protected]

  31. The event is my wedding (7/10/10) and we also will be growing our own flowers. Thanks Laura

  32. “Vintage Carnival” is a perfect fit for a fundraising party for the new Lower Roxbury Community Center. I’m a volunteer for Architecture for Humanity Boston and we’re collaborating with the United Neighbors of Lower Roxbury and A Village at Work to renovate an existing dilapidated building in Boston’s Lower Roxbury neighborhood. Being able to send these beautiful invitations to community members and activists, to invite them together to raise a new center & build opportunities for the neighborhood, would make me so proud. Our community center design currently includes plans for passive solar heating, energy producing photovoltaic roof panels, and a learning kitchen with an attached community garden. Thanks for the consideration and best of luck to all!

  33. I LOVE the crooked ring cards!! They say Save The Date but I would use these for my rehearsal dinner invites!!
    1. Instead of including RSVP cards along with our invites, I purchased a rubber stamp which directed guests to go to our website to RSVP (stamped on the back of the envelope).
    2. Our ceremony and reception are outdoors (in FLORIDA! But luckily in February….) so no AC used!!
    3. In order to save money (and lose weight) for the wedding, I have recently cut out both soda and coffee from my daily intake. Every week that’s at least 5 paper cups not used, along with 2-4 cans. Using less means less shipping, and therefore less waste of resources!!

  34. My fiancee and I will be married in May 2010 at a non-profit outdoor botanical garden and art center. It would be so exciting to have the 1970s flowers or crooked rings to set the tone for the incredible wedding we have planned.
    Three ways we’re making our shindig more eco-friendly is:
    1) No RSVP cards, but rather guests will RSVP online or by phone.
    2) Using recycled jars as centerpiece vases. Recycled in the first place, reusable after the wedding.
    3) Lucky for us, we live in California, so we will only use seasonal flowers purchased from a flower mart, and we will only use caterers who use organic, sustainable, seasonal foods.
    Bonus) We’re making our own (consumable) candies as favors in compostable packaging 🙂

  35. I’m so happy to see an eco-friendly giveaway; my fiance and I strive to live a low-impact lifestyle, so we are always thrilled to be supported by great vendors like Two Trick Pony. I love the gorgeous *DELPHINIUMS* suite.
    Our wedding is scheduled for 4/17/2010. We are greening it in many ways. 1) VEGETARIAN MEAL…eliminating meat is the proven-best dietary modification for decreasing one’s carbon load. We are excited to introduce some of our meat-eating guests to the joy of vegetarian cooking. 2) WALKING. We live in downtown Durham, NC and walk everywhere…so it seems natural that we are having our guests walk from our ceremony to reception site. 3) NO FAVORS. Instead of handing out wedding favors that take energy to make and will inevitably end up gathering dust somewhere, we are donating in honor of our guests to our favorite charity (Greyhound Friends of NC).
    Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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