Blog Anniversary Giveaway – Moontree Letterpress!

Since the giveaway this morning is all about invitations, it seemed fitting that the giveaway this afternoon should be thank you cards — in this case featuring the lovely work of Moontree Letterpress.  Rebecca from Moontree Letterpress recently launched a line of thank you cards that correspond to her beautiful collection of wedding invitations, giving brides and grooms a more affordable option for non-custom thank you cards that match their wedding invitations:


Rebecca is offering variety packs featuring two thank you cards of each design to five lucky winners!  How amazing is that?!  Thanks Rebecca!
To enter, visit the Moontree Letterpress etsy store and browse through the collection of thank you cards.  Then come back here and let me know which one is your favorite design.  Easy peasy!  Five winners will receive a variety pack with two cards of each design.  You must leave a valid e-mail address for your entry to qualify.  You'll have until 11:59 p.m. EST tomorrow, September 9, to enter.  Bonne chance!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Lindsay, Abbie, Leslie, Robyn, and Linda – your cards will be on their way to you shortly!

{image credits: Moontree Letterpress}
  1. I absolutely love the grass thank you cards. Clean, modern, and understated. Just lovely.

  2. My Goodness! I love the leaf design oh so much.
    The soft shades really compliment the designs.

  3. I love Grass! Let me clarify, LOL…the Grass thank you card design is my favorite 🙂

  4. Those are all so beautiful! I am just loving the cards with the grass. Simple, clean & lovely!

  5. moontree has beautiful cards! thanks for the giveaway…I really like Thank You cards with the leaf design, so elegant!

  6. My favorite is Leaf! So organic and cleanly chic, right down to the teeny-tiny san-serif type — it’s the sort of design that just begs to be letterpressed. Love.

  7. I love the grass cards – we are planning on using just grass, in lieu of flowers, as our table centerpieces – so this design would perfectly complement our theme!

  8. My favorite is blossom- it reminds me of our cherry tree growing up and has an asian-inspired feel.

  9. All beautiful. My favourite has got to the the leaf design. So simple, yet so effective. Thanks for a generous giveaway Rebecca!

  10. Oh! The grass cards are just lovely. I can’t even pin down why I like them so much, but, they just make me happy.

  11. woah, so wonderful! the grass is AMAZING.. love the font, LOVE the image (i have a thing for grass..)

  12. they are all sweet & beautiful, but i’d have to say my favorite is the blossom. tough pick between that & the clover as they each initiate a little heart-tugging of sorts!

  13. Really love them all, but if I have to choose, I’d say the grass. It’s so simply beautiful.

  14. Wow. I absolutely love the cherry blossom cards for their fresh, chic and simplistic feel!

  15. It is soooo hard to pick a favourite they are all so beautiful but i think im leaning towards ‘Leaf’! 🙂
    fingers crossed i win, i really, really want these cards 🙂

  16. It is soooo hard to pick a favourite they are all so beautiful but i think im leaning towards ‘Leaf’! 🙂
    fingers crossed i win, i really, really want these cards 🙂

  17. Her work is beautiful! I’m especially smitten with the grass thank you cards, but I have to admit that the rooster recipe cards make me ridiculously happy too!
    jessicahamm [at] gmail [dot] com

  18. since i can’t enjoy grass in real life because of allergies, i love the grass card!! enjoying the beauty of it without the sneezing! 🙂

  19. Difficult choice for sure! For after the wedding, though, or possibly even after a bridal shower, I’d go with the Blossom. It has a feeling of romance to it.

  20. WOW! all of these are so elegant and beautiful, but I have to say that the clover is my favorite. my fiance is Irish and he and his family would absolutely love these! they are truly adorable and i love that shade of green. thanks!

  21. I definitely love “Grass”. It’s so simple it could be used for anyone, anytime, and is very classy with the letterpress!

  22. How gorgeous are these? I especially love the Grass ones. Makes me feel like lying on a fresh, cool front lawn on a warm summer’s day.

  23. The “Blossom” thank you cards are absolutely gorgeous. I love blossums and pink is my favorite color! They remind me sort of a Japanese cheery blossom tree. I would feel SO chic using/sending those thank you cards out. =)

  24. Wow these letterpress thank you card look so yummy. My favorite is the grass — it’s fresh yet whimsical. It’s a refreshing picture of life and joy. I hope to win!

  25. I love the blossom card. It jumped off the page at me. So delicate, so simple — but it evokes scents and blooms and lovely, lovely springtime!

  26. Another amazing giveaway! I love all the cards but I think my favourite ones are the *leaf thank you cards*. Thanks!!

  27. Another amazing giveaway! I love them all but I think my favourite are the *leaf thank you cards”. Thank you very much!

  28. Grass, Blossom, Grass, Blossom… can we really pick just one as a favorite? I would have to say… Blossom then, although they are ALL so lovely.

  29. The grass is so lovely. That one is definitely my favorite. Reminds me of summer.

  30. The Blossom cards are so pretty! These would be great for thank you cards for my bridal party!

  31. The leaf pattern is so perfect for my wedding theme. We’re running with the vine / fall / winery idea and these fit that vibe perfectly. I love the clean simplicity of them. Thank you for this opportunity.

  32. I love the grass thank you cards. I have a grass plant in my nyc apartment to remind me of home-Seattle-where’s it’s always a bit greener.

  33. blossom is my favorite, but I love the clover too. and what a neat idea the letterpressed moleskine is! great gifts!

  34. Beautiful designs from Moontree Letterpress. My favorite is the Grass Thank You cards.

  35. My reception will be at the local park, so the grass makes total sense. That and it’s lovely.

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