Blog Anniversary Giveaway – Night Owl Paper Goods!

Now that it's September, my favorite designers are all in the process of releasing their 2010 calendar designs — and I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to give away two 2010 calendars from Night Owl Paper Goods!  This year, they've created two designs, one featuring adorable critters and another featuring beautiful pattern designs, and I've got two calendars — one of each design — to give away to a couple of lucky readers. Yay!  

So here's how to enter: head on over to the Night Owl Paper Goods website and choose your preference of calendar design — either critters or pattern.  Then come back here to leave a comment with your choice of calendar design and a date (both month and day) that is meaningful to you, whether an anniversary, birthday, or other special event.  You must include a valid e-mail in the comment form (not the body of the comment) for your entry to qualify.  You'll have until 11:59 p.m. EST tomorrow, September 10, to enter.  Bonne chance!
UPDATE: Congratulations to Kathleen and Rebekka, winners of the pattern and critters calendars! I'll be sending them to you shortly!
{photo credits: Oh So Beautiful Paper}
  1. Oh, I adore the pattern designs! My favorite and most meaningful date would be Valentine’s day! I just love the meaning, the feeling, going on a date night and feeling special on that holiday!

  2. both gorgeous but the critters win as most adorable… love the pirate ship and the beetle… so cute!
    19th is the most special day for this year for me… (am getting married… in two different countries!)
    thanks for the chance and happy anniversary to you!!

  3. CRITTERS!!! They would definitely cheer up my office.
    10/11/2009 – running the Chicago Marathon!!

  4. I love the critters! My new most meaningful date is November 15, my wedding anniversary! First one is coming up in just a few months!

  5. I love them both! If I have to pick then I would say critters. September as a whole is special to me because it when my fiance and I met, got engaged, and will be getting married (9.18.10)!

  6. The critter design is too cute and I think it would look absolutely adorable in my neices room!! I would have to say Christmas is my favorite day!! I know it sounds totally clique but the feeling I get when I get together with my family (who I barely get to see) and all the good food and time spent friends just melts my heart!!

  7. Oh this is a touch decision.
    I’d have to say ‘pattern’ though and I’d want October 2010 which will be the month of my one year anniversary. 🙂
    I also have to say that I adore Night Owl Paper Goods!
    I ordered a bunch of their postcards to use during my wedding and was unbelievably happy with them.
    Thanks again for these fun contests.

  8. PATTERNS! The calendars are adorable!
    December 20, 2001 – the day I graduated with my undergrad degree – the first in my family. such a proud and rewarding day!

  9. Pattern, pattern, pattern – I am so intrigued by the use of wood as the substrate – is it like a veneer?
    I’ve never had to narrow down one date as the most meaningful, life is full of celebrations and remembrances – it’s difficult to pare it down to one. If I had to choose, it would be the first day of Spring, March 20th – it’s so full of promise.

  10. The critters are fantastic and I love that they’re printed on wood.
    1:23:45 on 06/07/08 is a particularly favorite date of mine for a number of reasons (no pun intended).

  11. patterns, please!
    may day, may day… tis my birthmonth, & i remember feeling awash with happiness at the sight of the calendar change from april to may, about 20 years ago walking into my kindergarten class. the first of may still brings me inexplicable joy year to year.

  12. Oh it’s so hard to decide! I’ll pick the critters. I tried to think of something original as my date story but I will go with 3/20/06, my anniversary. It was truly one of the most wonderful days of my life.

  13. love the pattern designs. my most meaningful date is august 20, 2005, my wedding day. thanks so much for the chance to win!

  14. the critters are just lovely.
    My future favourite date is coming – I am getting married on November 21, 2009!

  15. i love the pattern calendar! my favorite date right now is october 31. not because of halloween — something else. but i don’t want to jinx it, so…i’m not going to say exactly why 🙂 sorry to be mysterious!

  16. LOVE the critters. So cute! My favorite date is coming up–9/12/83. It’s a very important birthday.

  17. I’ve had my eye on these calendars for a week or so now!
    I HEART the pattern calendar and the best day would be Labor Day in September, we always have a big crab boil and it feels so refreshing to have a 3-day weekend from work.

  18. The patterns are really cool but the critters won my heart, they are adorable! So I would choose the Critters Calendar, and an upcoming day that is meaningful to me is that I’m getting married on May 8, 2010! It will be an incredible day, and I’d love a fabulous calendar to draw little hearts around the date 🙂

  19. the pattern calendar is so pretty, i love it. my special date is november 4th because, well, it’s my birthday. 🙂

  20. The patterns are beautiful, and would be something inspiring to hang over my desk. The favorite date is a little more difficult to pick, but I’ll choose September 12. It happens to be my birthday AND my anniversary. I also really love autumn and the arrival of fall weather always seems to arrive just in time to make the 12th lovely.

  21. mmmm it’s hard to pick one. . .
    but i’ll pick the PATTERN calendar 😀
    BTW: I’m getting married on 09/11/2010
    How’s that for a special date? 😉

  22. Love Night Owl Paper Goods…so amazing! I really want those critters! If I had to pick a date, it would be Oct 7th…official day that I met my husband…

  23. I love how cure and playful the critters design is. I fell for the cute illustration of the horse. The date that is special to me is 11/24/09… our 1 year wedding anniversary!

  24. The critters are adorable!…July 17 is the most meaningful–my birthday, on that day, I count my blessings and thank God that I’ve lived another year!

  25. I love both designs! But my favorite would be the critters. It’s adorable and fun! A significant day for me is September 30. Thank you!

  26. They’re both amazing but I’d have to pick the pattern version because each month’s design brings a smile to my face.
    3/7/10 – The 10 year anniversary of the death of a very close friend. While this is clearly not a day to celebrate, it will be a day of reflection on the life he led, the differences he made in my life, and how we all need to remember to live our lives to the fullest for whatever amount of time we have.

  27. I have been waiting for this one! I bought their calendar last year and have loved it. It’s hard to decide, but I would probably go with critters. My new special day is July 18…our wedding anniversary.

  28. Critters! Who wouldn’t love those?!?! My favorite date is May 4 of this year. That is when I had my healthy, happy baby boy. He’s 4 months old now and his smiles just melt my heart.

  29. My favorite design is the one with critters- I love all things critters! November 7th I am getting married. I am planning the wedding to the man of my dreams myself and it’s tons of work but it will be worth it in the end!

  30. I like them both, but I would choose patterns.
    Valentine’s Day 2009 is a significant date for me. “I love you” was spoken for the first time.

  31. It was so hard to choose! But I pick the critters. I love how they’re printed on wooden cards. My special day would be my wedding anniversary, 6/10/06. 🙂

  32. Pattern!
    Summer solstice (6/21). I live pretty far north, so there’s something so special about the longest day of the year. I can take long hikes, bike rides, what have you, and there’s still plenty of daylight, yippee!

  33. I love the critter calendar! It’s adorable!
    As far as favorite dates 8.30 is a special date to me since it is my wedding anniversary!

  34. I’m a sucker for anything pattern. And October 3rd is my wedding date, so it’s my new favorite 🙂

  35. Always a sucker for patterns!
    Just celebrated August 22, 2009 – officially cancer free for a year! …November 7th, 2009 needs an honorable mention though, since that’s the date my fiance and I are getting married. 😉

  36. so hard to pick, but I lean more towards the pattern. my most favorite date is is those limbo seconds between May 30&31st. Which is right between the fiance’s and my birthday.

  37. The pattern calendar is the best. I’m going to have to go with May 10 because that’s my birthday and I feel like it should be a national holiday. Not because I like myself that much, just because I love birthdays.

  38. i am such a fan of their work!
    i’d choose the pattern calendar.
    the special date of note is January 12, 2010. That is my 5th wedding anniversary AND it just so happens to be the due date of our little baby boy. Good times, all around.
    thanks for offering the give-away! such fun!
    p.s. i’m such a fan of your blog. thanks for doing a great job!

  39. I love the patterned calendar. I’m going with 9/19/09 since it’s my first wedding anniversary! Thank you!

  40. I love the patterns! I’m going to have to say the date is today – 09::09::09 as it’s also my birthday!

  41. these are great! hard to decide, but i think i like the critters best. the designs are adorable! a special date for me in 2010 is June 26th! We’re getting married! thank you!

  42. Love the patterns! A month that’s important to me (yes, a whole month) is September… my husband and I started dating 7 years ago this month and just tied the knot in July… but September will always have a special place in my heart.

  43. Ahhhh so hard to pick, but if I win, I’d love the critters one! They’re just too adorably cute.
    Special month and day: July 19 -> our wedding anniversary!

  44. oh my gosh! those are so cute! 🙂 the critters make me smile and the patterns are so beautiful! its hard to choose. i think i am going to go with the pattern…it would look lovely in my office! as for a date….father’s day. no matter what year. it’s the last day i spent with my Dad while he was alive. that’s why it’s even more special to me. 🙂

  45. I love the critters…just so darned cute!
    I would have to say a significant date for me would be 10/6…our wedding anniversary. Not a super original answer but it really was one of the best days of my life.
    Thanks for the chance!

  46. Tough choice! I choose the “critters” version. 🙂
    One of my most meaningful dates is May 12th – the day my husband started dating &, 5 years later, got married. 😀

  47. AHHHH I’ve been following them like crazy and dying to buy one of those calendars!!! I am having so much trouble! I hope I win and if I do i’d pick critters…..and then I would buy pattern!!!!!!
    For a date I would have to say the #5. It doesn’t matter what month or what year the #5 always turns into an amazing day! My boyfriends birthday is October 5th, we met in 2005, our puppy was born on 5/5 (May 5th) and we always seem to have special moments on the 5th. In fact our “official” first date was on January 5th!

  48. I would pick the critter calendar and then mark Oct. 30th to remind me of my twin brother’s birthday. 🙂

  49. I love both of the calendars, but the critters are my favorite. They are so cute!
    My most meaningful date is Jan 30 because that’s when my wedding will be. I seem to be thinking about that date constantly 🙂

  50. soooo adorable! if i had to pick one, i’d pick the critter calendar to bring me back to my childhood days! i’d mark september 2…my newest nephew’s birthday…

  51. I love the critters one! It’s adorable. I’ll say December 8th because that’s my twin sister and my birthday! Hopefully that makes me double lucky 🙂

  52. I really like both of the designs not sure I could really choose one over the other! As for a date . . . I remember way too many peoples birthdays/anneversaries/etc to choose one of those either . . . I guess I will go with 10/10 for my mom, 1/11 for my dad, 4/4 for my brother and 8/8 for my husband and I – notice a pattern??

  53. I like the pattern one! Night Owl stuff = awesome. 🙂
    The date currently on my mind is 2/15/10. It’s when i leave to go to Australia for 4 months. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  54. I love the Patterns! Gorg! My favorite date is 10/4/09…that’s when I’ll be marrying my best friend 🙂

  55. i love the critters!
    and i’ll pick 9/28 bc it will be my sister’s 30th birthday! 🙂

  56. I’m voting for the patterns, and choosing my mom’s birthday of November 21 as a special date, since last year I gave her a Night Owl Paper Goods wooden calendar and she STILL raves about it! If I won a 2010 version, I’d give it to her for her birthday. 🙂

  57. love the fantastic critter calendar….fabulous! and my favorite date is january 31st, the day i met my love…we are dorky and celebrate that day each & every month like a couple of middle schoolers!

  58. I love the pattern calendar. 10.9.10 is THE special date for me next year. It’s the day I’ll marry the love of my life! What event could be more worthy of an over the top celebration?

  59. OhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am IN LOVE with Night Owl Paper Goods in general, and I am in love with any of their items that feature owls in particular! Therefore, I would obviously prefer the adorable critters calendar!
    I am so excited about this giveaway (in case the excessive exclamation point usage didn’t give it away)!
    My special date is June 6th.

  60. OhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am IN LOVE with Night Owl Paper Goods in general, and I am in love with any of their items that feature owls in particular! Therefore, I would obviously prefer the adorable critters calendar!
    I am so excited about this giveaway (in case the excessive exclamation point usage didn’t give it away)!
    My special date is June 6th.

  61. I am obsessed with patterns, so it has to be the pattern calendar! October 18, the wonderful night I met my boyfriend…

  62. The patterns calendar would surely make me excited to switch the calendar page at the end of each month. September is a favorite month of mine-Fall, fressh pencils, Jewish new Year celebrations, met my soon to be husband in September as well!

  63. I think the pattern calendar is gorgeous.
    05/05 will live in infamy for me because that was the day that my bf and I first kissed.

  64. Oh dear. I adore the critter’s. My son thought they were the best as well.
    I’d have to say the most meaningful date in my lifetime would be May 3, 2002. The night my son was born.

  65. I judge calendars by their September image because it is my birth month. The designs of the pattern for September is fantastic. My meaningful date is 9/15 because not only is it my birthday, it is also my mother’s birthday and we happily share the day with my new husband’s niece. I love being able to share such a special day with such lovely people.

  66. critters please! and october 17, because it’s when i first met my boyfriend, and means we’re coming up on a year 🙂

  67. I love the little critters! My special date would be December 26th. It’s my fiance’s birthday and up until we started dating, he never really celebrated due to the commotion of Christmas. So, for the past 5 years I have gone above and beyond to make this day as special as possible for him…and I look forward to doing the same for many, many years to come!

  68. Definitely critters! They’re so adorable like my little sister, whose birthday is my special date: June 10. She’s 8 years younger than I am and means the world to me!

  69. wow such an amazing giveaway! I love the patterns calendar best. 1-2-10…10 years and counting….

  70. Critters, critters, critters! Too adorable. My date of choice is 11/4. This year I will be celebrating my 4th year anniversary on that date 🙂

  71. I absolutely love the Pattern set. The date that is special to me is: June 4th, 2009 (only 3 months ago) my baby boy Cy was born!

  72. i honestly like them both equally, and could not possibly choose! i’d be thrilled to win either, but i’m flipping a coin… and it’s come up patterns! 🙂
    my favourite date is the 14th of april, because it’s my anniversary with my sweetie – we’ve been together for nearly 5 and a half years now, and they’ve definitely been the happiest, and most fun of my life so far!

  73. The critter are too stinkin cute…I adore this line. My special date is Oct. 20th.
    Happy Blog-iversary!

  74. I simply adore the critters design. I have many special dates but, being a big kid, the one I look forward to most is June 5th – my birthday! It’s such a lovely time of year and my husband always buys me flowers and takes me out for lunch or dinner and we spend the day together – bliss!

  75. I’ll go with the critters!
    Adorable characters.
    My special date is September 28 a day coming soon as its the birthday of the best dad in the world to me. :]

  76. I am in love with the pattern calendar from Night Owl… I’m basically obsessed with anything pattern and their calendar is right up my alley! My special date is June 12, which is when I’m getting married next year! 🙂

  77. oooh, i love the pattern and just bought a set of thank you cards! your blog is just the greatest!!

  78. Critters please – so cute! October 26th is my first wedding anniversary and I can’t wait to celebrate with my hubby!!!

  79. ok I would have to go with the patterns. As a textile designer i can’t get enough pattern around my house and these would be a great addition!
    My special date would have to be the 19th June as that is when i’m gettting married next year and i can’t wait! Still lots to plan but it is all very exciting!

  80. I love the Critters Calendar its too cute!
    My special day is May 22, it will be my wedding day!

  81. I love them both- but the patterned one especially. Our wedding anniversary is coming up soon- September 30th will mark our third year as husband and wife!
    Thanks for introducing me to Night Owl- I love it all!

  82. I really like them both, but I think I’d go with the patterns. And a day that has special meaning for me is July 15th – the day my fiance proposed to me. 🙂

  83. Critters for sure! Why not have a little fun with it?? A date that will stand out the most for me in 2010 will be the date my fiance Nick and I get married 10/9/10.

  84. Hoot hoot, Night Owl! Saddle up for September 25th! That’s my birthday (lordy, I’m 35 this year). I love the critters calendars very much.

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