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I think my love for letterpress is pretty well-documented here, but you may not know that my first love in the printmaking world is actually screen printing!  I took a printmaking class in college about a million years ago and fell in love right away – and I still love the crisp images and bright colors that only screen printing can create.

So, with that in mind, I can’t think of a more vibrant collection of screen printed wedding invitations than this week’s invitation portfolio, which is from the super-talented ladies at Two Trick Pony:


Through their fabulous Shindigs collection, Two Trick Pony offers hand silk-screened wedding invitations, bar and bat mitzvah invitations, as well as birthday and anniversary party invitations.  I had the pleasure of getting to see a few of these invitations in person at this year’s NSS, which you can check out here.  The Pony ladies were also kind enough to send over a few additional photos of their lovely invitations:


{vintage carnival}

{double dutch}




{crooked ring}

{70s flower}


{wood you}


See what I mean about the bright colors and crisp graphics?  Just in case you’re not familiar with the screen printing (or silk screening) process, it essentially involves pulling ink through a porous mesh, with areas blocked off with a non-permeable material and creating a stencil of the image or text being printed.  The process of pulling the ink through the screen causes the screen printing ink to “sit” on the surface of the paper, which is what allows the ink and graphics to retain its bright and vibrant character and allows for rich and vibrant colors in your invitations.  Love!

You can check out more of the Two Trick Pony wedding invitation portfolio over on the Shindigs collection right here, as well as their stationery collection in the Two Trick Pony etsy store right here.  You can also follow Carrie and Laurie (aka the ponies) along through their blog The Pony Express!

{images via Two Trick Pony – thanks Carrie and Laurie!}

  1. Woo hoo, yay for Two Trick Pony. These girls are fabulous and talented…oh ya and they’re really nice.

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