Stationery A-Z: New baby congratulations cards

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage! Piggybacking on our recent theme of engagement and wedding parties, it only seems appropriate to also feature new baby greeting cards (also, they are just so cute!). New moms and dads need all the support they can get; sending a thoughtful message of congratulations, encouragement, and love can really go a long way for a sleep-deprived new parent (throw a lasagna in there and they’ll be eternally grateful to you). From cats and cradles to hedgehogs and holographic foil, we’ve got a myriad of styles for any new parent on your list! Shauna

New Baby Congratulations Cards

From top right:

1. Farewell Paperie has got the right idea: no parent ever tires of hearing how cute their baby is. Pair that with wood type and a modern color palate and you’ve got a sure winner.

2. Printed with veggie ink, this Yellow Owl Workshop design features toys, rainbows, and even a hot air balloon.

3. New to me designer Behind Green Doors teepee design is perfect for your outdoorsy friend who can’t wait to take their infant camping.

4. This illustrated kitten from Canadian Triangle Trees comes in either orange or teal but always comes in adorable, sweet and thoughtful.

 5. It’s baby time! It’s definitely a party with chartreuse paper and silver holographic foil from The Social Type. Sleepless nights be damned!

6. You can always count on Snow & Graham for their sweet illustrations and clever design – this mobile inspired greeting card is no exception.

7. Dying from the cuteness of this adorable baby and mama (or dada) hedgehog from Los Angeles-based Clap Clap Design.

8. Not surprisingly, Moglea chooses to express congratulations with an abstract palate and a hand-lettered sentiment.

9. This Noah’s Ark themed design from Rifle Paper Co. is the perfect sprinkling of spirituality without being overtly religious.

10. Loving this family of retro illustrated fish by Nicholas John Frith for Wrap Magazine.

Minimalist Black and White Hand Lettered Wedding Invitations

When an artist with a minimalist, yet elevated, aesthetic enlists you to design her wedding invitations, you know they are going to pack a punch! These gorgeous minimalist black and white hand lettered wedding invitations by Grace Niu are bold, yet refined and modern all at the same time! We’re loving the interplay between her thin monoline hand lettering and the carefully curated serif and san-serif typeface selections. Add in bold black envelopes with white brush lettering, and you’ve got one seriously gorgeous modern wedding invitation suite.

Minimalist Black and White Handlettered Wedding Invitations by Grace Niu

From Grace: I’m truly excited to share this invitation suite! Christina, the bride, came to me with a beautiful inspiration board full of very minimally designed invitations. She also wanted to incorporate hand lettering in a way that would complement the minimalist look she wanted. Christina is an artist and loves a good minimalist aesthetic, and absolutely loves black and white. Her wedding vision was a ton of black and white elements paired with lush greenery, yet all kept very simple, quiet and beautiful.

Minimalist Black and White Handlettered Wedding Invitations by Grace Niu

The invitation design incorporates thin modern hand-lettering and a mix of sans-serif and serif fonts. For the reply and reception cards, I was able to play with some different layouts so that they were their own distinct pieces. Christina requested cute little animal icons for her meal choices, and I love how those turned out. I also love that we chose to rotate the “rsvp” lettering on the reply card to make it stand out a little from the rest of the suite.

Minimalist Black and White Handlettered Wedding Invitations by Grace Niu

I chose to print the suite on a felt textured paper because the design was already so minimal, and I wanted to bring in a little texture to keep it from being too flat. To complement the minimal black and white theme, I chose black envelopes and hand-lettered them with white ink in a modern style. This invitation suite was perfect for me to work on because it’s really indicative of my style as a designer – pairing modern hand-lettering with beautiful typography is something I pride myself on.

Minimalist Black and White Handlettered Wedding Invitations by Grace Niu

Thanks Grace!

Design, Calligraphy, & Production: Grace Niu

Check out the Designer Rolodex for more tal­ented wed­ding invi­ta­tion design­ers and the real invi­ta­tions gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Grace Niu

Matcha and Mint Mocktail

You might have noticed that Saint Patrick’s Day has become something of a drinking holiday. I’m not a huge fan of this whole turn-a-meaningful-day-into-a-themed-drinking-day thing, because I tend to think that those days were already important to people for reasons other than drinking. I also think that drinking is something we should incorporate into our every day cuisines, and not something we should cram into wild days of excessive partying. So, if you’re looking for something to drink today that doesn’t require booze, we’ve got a great Matcha and Mint mocktail recipe for you. It’s green. Total coincidence. –Andrew

Matcha and Mint Mocktail

Matcha and Mint Mocktail

1 oz Matcha Syrup
1 oz Lime Juice
Mint Leaves
Tonic Water

To make the matcha syrup: combine a cup of water, a cup of white sugar, and 2 tablespoons of matcha green tea powder in a sauce pan over low heat. Whisk everything together until the sugar is melted and the matcha is dissolved. Bottle and refrigerate.

To make the mocktail: combine the syrup and lime juice in a highball glass. Add the leaves of a sprig of mint and gently muddle. Then fill the glass with ice, top with tonic water, and give a good stir. Enjoy!

Matcha and Mint Mocktail

Matcha – a powder made from carefully selected and dried green tea leaves – is a fun thing to add to mocktails and cocktails alike. It’s the same ingredient that goes into Japanese green tea, of tea ceremony fame. Matcha adds earthy botanical notes and a bit of tannic astringency – something that you might get from some spirits but that can be hard to replicate in a mocktail. A syrup made from matcha is also a deep, rich green color, which can make your drinks sparkle green.

Matcha and Mint Mocktail

Mint and lime are, it goes without saying, amazing and delicious together. Add in the matcha syrup and you have the foundation of a pretty good mocktail – sweet and tart and minty and earthy and richly green.

Matcha and Mint Mocktail

To that we add tonic water, and we can’t emphasize enough: real tonic water, made with actual quinine, is the only way to go for mocktails. (I mean, it’s important in cocktails too, but it’s a lot harder to fake flavors in a mocktail, since mocktails don’t benefit from the powerhouse flavors of booze.) Tonic water adds refreshing effervescence (and this is a really refreshing drink) and some of the bitterness that can be missing from mocktails. Bitter is one of the ways our brains recognize things that are really dangerous (like poison!) or really fun (like coffee!) or a little bit of both (like alcohol!). It helps elevate this drink into a legitimately complex and grownup mocktail.

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Glassware by Liquorary

Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Happy Weekend!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! We’re doing something a bit non-traditional today – we’ll be sharing a St. Patrick’s Day mocktail recipe a bit later today! It’s green, has lots of fizz, and I think you’ll really like it. Otherwise, I’m just hoping the sun decides to stick around – and keeping my fingers crossed that the recent snow and freezing temperatures haven’t damaged the cherry blossoms too much! But in the meantime…

A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail

…a few links for your weekend!

A Beautiful Mess sent me a couple boxes from their fun monthly Happy Mail subscription (pictured above) – who doesn’t love getting happy and colorful mail each month?? You can sign up for your own subscription right here!

A breakdown of the proposed funding cuts in the Administration’s proposed 2018 budget. These funding cuts will eliminate jobs, reduce the capacity for U.S. leadership around the world, and create instability both at home and abroad. If you disagree with these funding cuts, please call your Senators and Representatives to let them know.

Loving these DIY rainbow streamer curtains for any time of year!

I need this brass planter in my life

This tissue paper backdrop is so much fun – and I love that it’s reusable

Have you heard about Hasbrouck House in Upstate New York? I want to go to there.

YES to copper wall art ledges (and they’re on sale!) 

An alternative to Guiness and Irish Coffee: The Whiskey Smash!


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Whimsical poppy and eucalyptus wedding invitations

A Bittersweet Coffee Mocktail

Garlands are such a fun way to add color and texture to your wedding!

Such cute illustrations from Tog & Pini


Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back here next week! xoxo

The World of Illustration: Tog and Pini

Hello friends! With Easter just around the corner, I thought it’d be fun to share some illustrations to get us in the bunny spirit. Although I will say, with my kiddos, bunnies are big *all* year round. They actually used to have bunnies in their last preschool, which was the cutest, and they’re now stuck on the idea of a bunny as their first pet (and yes, I think we may go for it this year!). But back to the illustration world, I am a big fan of Australian-based illustrator Clare Dunstan of Tog & Pini. It’s one of those times where you find yourself putting hearts next to half of the artist’s collection on Etsy. And scrolling deep into the artist’s Instagram. So let’s hop down to this peek into Tog & Pini, as I’m sure it’s going to capture many fans.  – Jen

The World of Illustration: Tog and Pini

The World of Illustration: Tog and Pini

Here’s a surprising fun fact about Clare. She didn’t even start drawing until she was 25! (How is that possible?!) She was always creative and as a child she sewed and made jewelry. Clare patterned her own teddy bears and made tiny doll’s house food out of clay. Then, on the professional side, she started out as a jeweler after studying gold and silver smithing. How did she jump from silver and gold to illustration? Clare shares, “After an unfortunate accident — setting the curtains above my work station alight — I turned to illustration as a safer pursuit for a dreamer!”

The World of Illustration: Tog and Pini

Just a little mermaid bunny for anyone else who lives with a child who loves anything related to mermaids.

The World of Illustration: Tog and Pini

The World of Illustration: Tog and Pini

So Clare turned to painting and drawing as her new passion, and it obviously suits her. Talk about an amazing late bloomer! She lives in Australia, so imagine the inspiration outside her window. And she works primarily in watercolor. “Being surrounded by such varied fauna has an obvious impact in my work,” shares Clare. She mostly draws on a little old antique desk that’s piled high with paints, pencils, papers, and photographers. “I’m a very messy worker!” she notes. Obviously, a lot of beauty comes out of that mess.

The World of Illustration: Tog and Pini

I love this illustration she did of meerkats. Clare lives in an outer suburb of Melbourne, Australia. “I have daily visiting native birds; a mob of pink Galahs, several sulphur-crested Cockatoos, and a pair of brightly coloured King Parrots,” she shares.

The World of Illustration: Tog and Pini

Here’s some bunny fabric in classic Easter colors, which you can find in her Etsy shop.

The World of Illustration: Tog and Pini

Clare is a true animal lover through and through. And she has pet rabbits (which surely inspired her sweet bunny illustrations.) She says, “We have two rescue dogs (who are hilarious), five guinea pigs and two rabbits that are a constant source of inspiration.”

And now I have some Easter baskets to plan. A big thanks to Clare Dunstan for sharing a peek into her work!

Photo Credits: Tog & Pini