Circus Poster-Inspired Wedding Invitations

These wedding invitations from printmaker and designer Jason Gomez at Turnstyle Studio in Seattle combine two of my favorite mediums – screen printing and letterpress!  Jason set out with the single goal of creating an invitation suite that reflected the fun, outgoing nature of his bride and groom clients, with a beautiful result.  The invitation text  was letterpress printed in a soft gray by Swash Press, while Jason screen printed bright purple and orange accents:

Orange Purple Letterpress Wedding Invitations2 500x359 Circus Poster Inspired Wedding Invitations

From Jason: When designing this invitation there were a few key words I always kept in mind from the bride and groom: casual, fun, simple, and modern. Drawing my inspiration from old circus posters that used expressive typography to convey a sense of fun and excitement, I set out to convey that same sense of fun with this invitation.

Orange Purple Letterpress Wedding Invitations5 500x390 Circus Poster Inspired Wedding Invitations

I selected various typefaces and played around with scale.  Along with the type I also incorporated two sparrows which symbolized the love, dedication, and trust they had for each other.  The sparrows were no coincidence since the groom had a sparrow tattoo already and was going to be adding a second one to represent their love for one another.

Orange Purple Letterpress Wedding Invitations4 500x397 Circus Poster Inspired Wedding Invitations

It was the perfect story for them since sparrows mate for life and will always return home no matter how far they travel.  Accompanying the sparrows were bursts of color that represented fireworks since the wedding was set for July.

Orange Purple Letterpress Wedding Invitations3 500x412 Circus Poster Inspired Wedding Invitations

For the invitation production process, I wanted the invitation to have a very tactile and personal quality, but also to keep it as budget friendly as possible.  So I decided to silkscreen the two colors on my own and then have the invitation text letterpress printed by Swash Press as the final step.

Orange Purple Letterpress Wedding Invitations Text 500x359 Circus Poster Inspired Wedding Invitations

To add some uniqueness to the outside of the invitation envelopes we re-used the bursts from the invite and silkscreened those on the simple bright orange outer envelopes.

Orange Purple Letterpress Wedding Invitations 500x375 Circus Poster Inspired Wedding Invitations

I love the way Jason incorporated various vintage-inspired typefaces while bringing in the silkscreened pops of color to keep things modern and fun.  Thanks Jason!

{image credits: jason gomez}

Lovely Die Cut Business Cards

Happy Monday everyone!  I always like to start the week off with something pretty, so I was thrilled when Paola from Just Chic Events, a wedding and event planning firm in Los Angeles, sent over her gorgeous new letterpress business cards.  Paola worked with Katie from Poppy Flower Press to create a lovely pink and gray die cut business card:

diecut letterpress business cards 500x332 Lovely Die Cut Business Cards

From Paola:  I recently went through quite a rehaul on my company’s branding and decided to get new business cards to go along with the new look and feel of the entire site and blog.  The business cards needed to be romantic and soft, but clean and focused – and really make a statement.

diecut letterpress business cards5 500x332 Lovely Die Cut Business Cards

I am obsessed with letterpress and actually made my logo quite simple because I knew that I’d want to go that direction for my business cards.  I also knew that I really wanted my cards to stand out.

diecut letterpress business cards4 500x332 Lovely Die Cut Business Cards

I decided to get them custom die cut to follow the frame shape of my logo.  Katie at Poppy Flower Press did the design work and letterpress printing.  They turned out spectacular!!

diecut letterpress business cards7 500x332 Lovely Die Cut Business Cards

Congratulations on the new cards Paola – they’re just beautiful!

{images by hazelnut photography}

{happy weekend!}

Happy Friday everyone!  The siren song of the weekend is absolutely calling my name today.  I’m off to go check out a new-to-me farmer’s market (I can’t get enough of all the amazing summer fruit and produce!) and then get the house ready for a visit from my husband’s parents this weekend.  I’m looking forward to showing his parents around our new neighborhood (it’s their first visit since we moved back in January) and to a visit to one or two of the Smithsonian museums (we usually save trips to museums for a visit from out-of-town family or friends).  But in the meantime…

heart wedding sparklers 500x334 {happy weekend!}

…a few links for your weekend!

And in case you missed it, a few favorite posts from this week:

That’s pretty much it for me this week!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you all back here on Monday!

{image credits: evs media via once wed}

The World on a String…

Oh my.  The newest letterpress print from SeeSaw is all sorts of adorable…

balloon letterpress art print 500x500 The World on a String...

balloon letterpress art print2 500x500 The World on a String...

Designed by SeeSaw intern Aymie Spitzer (great job Aymie!) and printed in three colors – pink, yellow, and blue – for a complete steal at $7.  I’m completely smitten.  Check it out right here!