Hand Illustrated Cards From Kathryn Whyte

I love the sweet hand illustrated paper line from Kathryn Whyte. Tell me, if someone handed you a one of those get together cards inviting you to brunch would you even hesitate to say yes?  Even if it was your arch nemesis?  I think not.


Photo Credits: Kathryn Whyte

Neighborhood Transit Paper Love

It’s probably pretty clear by now: I like to spend my free time ogling pretty paper online.  But by day, I’m a transit planner, and every now and then work and play intersect.  How about a round of applause for alternative transit modes, then… whether they’re traditional or not.

Receiving this transit-themed card from Paper Parasol Press would warm the hearts of several nerdy planner/engineer types I know.

This hand-printed streetcar art from Robert Rat Prints is sort of perfect for the work that I do. (Not to mention my home’s color scheme.)

These gocco bicycle notecards from Chunky Pineapple are as cheerful as they are budget-friendly.

I wish this club existed in my neighborhood!  What a great letterpress print from Letterpress Delicacies.

For the dreamers among you, perhaps you’d rather travel by hot air balloon? These illustrations on vintage dictionary paper by Rabbit Dog Prints are pretty fantastic.

– Maggie

Watercolor Typography and Patterns

You can’t really go wrong with pretty typography, watercolors and stripes.  At least when you’re Sasha Prood you can’t.  I’m pretty sure if I attempted it it would look more like my signature on one of those digital credit card devices.


Photo Credits: Sasha Prood

Geographic Paper Love

Confession: my love for maps and geographic art goes well beyond the city I call home.  Yesterday I featured some DC-themed paper art, so today I thought it’d be fun to step outside of our nation’s capital.  Perhaps this is my urban planning background talking, but I’ll admit: I go weak in the knees for a great map or some artistic place-based imagery.

LuciasArt’s City Art Map series makes my heart go pitter-patter.

These graphic city skyline prints from Bugsy and Sprite are so fun and punchy.  (And I couldn’t resist a hometown Raleigh shout out!)

One Canoe Two’s state series is the perfect way to show your state pride and get your letterpress on at the same time.  I adore their breezy style. (Also: Shoutout to Nole’s home state!)

I’m a huge fan of the letterpress state bird series from Dutch Door Press.  I’ve given two of them as gifts… and both elicited big ooh’s and aah’s.

I’m currently working with BugUnderGlass on a collection of maps for my dining room.  Their vintage maps framed with preserved butterflies are simply gorgeous… a little bit of a magic on the wall, don’t you think. (Related: I wouldn’t mind fluttering away to Australia one of these days…)

– Maggie

{images via their respective sources}

Field Feast Invitations

For the past three years, Stitch Design Co has designed the invitations for a benefit dinner called Field Feast.  In 2009 they made letterpress seed packets, in 2010 they printed on reusable cloth produce bags and this year (which might be my favorite) they attached the paper invitation to burlap bags with fabric buttons.  I’m sure the event is lovely but I would just go to receive the invitation.


Photo Credits: Stitch Design Co.