Lillian’s Blush Pink Letterpress Birth Announcements

These beautiful blush pink letterpress birth announcements were created by Carrie of Callidora Letterpress + Design for her daughter Lillian. Carrie wanted the announcements to have a classic feel while incorporating whimsical handmade elements. The resulting announcements couldn’t be any sweeter!


From CarrieI wanted Lillian’s birth announcement to feel handmade yet slightly formal and classic. I had recently purchased a sewing machine and had been making little headbands and dresses for Lillian and wanted to try sewing paper for quite some time. I thought it would be a lovely touch if I sewed her newborn photograph to the announcement.


I chose a thread that perfectly matched the blush paper and gave a feminine touch without being over girly. The photo was attached to the card but was playful in the way it lifted from the paper. Each announcement was printed on thick blush pink 100% cotton paper. I decided to letterpress print the announcements in metallic gold ink to contrast with the craftiness of the sewn on image.


I also chose two contrasting fonts, one more classic and traditional – the other a more hand-made and whimsical. By contrasting these elements the announcement because exactly what I was looking for, handmade with a touch of formality.



Thanks Carrie!

Photo Credits: Callidora Letterpress + Design

Andrea + Henry’s Illustrated “The Giving Tree” Wedding Invitations

So many of us have wonderful childhood memories of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein – and today we get to see that book re-imagined in wedding invitation form! Clayton Beltran is the in-house illustrator at Smudge Ink and created these invitations for his sister’s wedding. The entire team at Smudge Ink helped bring these invitations to life, from design guidance to letterpress printing!


From Clayton: My sister’s favorite children’s book growing up, and surely still to this day, would hands down be none other than beloved Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree.” Our Uncle (and her godfather) gifted her first and only copy when she was just a wee little whipper snapper still rocking the Punky-Brooster-esque pig tails. Flash forward 28 plus years… one of her most sentimental possessions has now become the inspiration for her wedding and her wedding invitations.





The designing and execution of these invitations has definitely been a family affair involving my blood-related family on the West Coast and my new family of creatives here on the East Coast here at Smudge Ink. Sabrina and Emily at Smudge provided guidance and an injection of realism into my initial overly ambitious layout — especially given the stingy two-week time frame I allotted myself. My bosses at Smudge, Deb and Kate, were so understanding as to let me take last minute half days during the crunch time of production!



Thanks Clayton!

Invitation Design: Clayton Beltran of Smudge Ink

Letterpress Printing: Margaret and Emily of Smudge Ink

Die Cutting: Classic Letterpress in Billerica Massachusetts

Calligraphy: Marilyn Sarasqueta

Paper: Soho Paper


Custom Postage Stamps: Zazzle

Coral Baker’s Twine: Whisker Graphics

Smudge Ink is a member of the Designer Rolodex – you can see more of their beautiful work right here or visit the real invi­ta­tions gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Clayton Beltran

Kristen + Tim’s Hermès-Inspired Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates

Any time I hear that a couple wanted something they’d never seen before for their wedding invitations or save the dates – I know the results are bound to be good! These wedding invitations and save the dates from Melissa at Atheneum Creative are elegant and classically beautiful, but also innovative – starting with the letterpress printed SILK save the dates!


From MelissaKristen and Tim wanted something they had never seen before for their save the dates – always a great challenge! We letterpress printed their text on silk and layered it with a letterpress printed die cut cover with a custom pattern inspired by a Hermès scarf.



Their invitation picked up all the elements of the save the date, incorporating the silk fabric into a bellyband with a die cut logo tag.



For their wedding logo, Kristen wanted a monogram that resembled her favorite Hermès bracelet. We created a wedding logo/monogram with the letter “S” that emulated the rope pattern on her bracelet. In addition to the invitations and save the dates, the logo was used on the reception floor and ceremony backdrop.




Thanks Melissa!

Design: Atheneum Creative

Calligraphy: Grace Edmands

Atheneum Creative is a member of the Designer Rolodex – you can see more of their beautiful work right here or visit the real invitations gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Chelsea Davis Photography

Maggie + Steven’s Neon Split Fountain Wedding Invitations

I love colorful wedding invitations, so it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of these neon split fountain wedding invitations from photographer Maggie Winters. Maggie designed and hand lettered the invitations, then letterpress printed them herself (under the tutelage of Old City Press) using a neon split fountain technique!


From Maggie: I designed these myself (mostly hand lettered) and we printed them at Old City Press in Alexandria, Virginia. Pete at Old City Press helped us to print our own invitations, teaching us how to letterpress print and then setting us free with his amazing letterpress! We went with a neon color roll and some blind embossing of the confetti bits around the edges. It was really fun to try a bunch of different printing styles.



We also included a couple dinosaurs in the photos, they were our cake toppers. We made an intro video for our new business (Pop Wed Co) late last year with the same dinosaurs, so we thought it would be fun to bring them back to life in our wedding.






Thanks Maggie!

Design: Maggie Winters

Letterpress Printing: DIY at Old City Press

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Photo Credits: Maggie Winters / Pop Wed Co

Elise + Paul’s Mint and Navy Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

These classic-meets-vintage wedding invitations from designer and calligrapher Holly Hollon are just so incredibly gorgeous. From the beautiful calligraphy flourishes, to the mint and navy color palette, to the playful bumblebee incorporated throughout the suite, each detail fits together perfectly!


From Holly: Elise and Paul had a classic spring wedding here in Birmingham, Alabama. Elise wanted a classic meets vintage look for her wedding suite which evolved into combination of mint, navy, stripes, and flora embellished calligraphy.



For her wedding logo, we found inspiration from a vintage French laurel wreath. I incorporated the couples initials into the hand illustrated design along with acorns and a bee. The bee became a playful design element in the suite.




For Elise’s wedding program we used the bee on a wax seal which secured a ribbon to the program. Each program was hand stitched with mint ribbon. I love these hand crafted details which so care and specialty to her wedding paper.




Thanks Holly!

Design: Holly Hollon

Letterpress Printing: Patrick Masterson

Check out the Designer Rolodex for more tal­ented wed­ding invi­ta­tion design­ers and the real invi­ta­tions gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Mandy Busby Creative