Stationery Show Sneak Peek: Belle + Union

The next National Stationery Show sneak peek comes from one my most highly anticipated debuts at the show – Belle & Union!  Formerly known as Lowcountry Press, I’ve been a big fan of designer Meg Sutton’s work for a while now (remember these awesome wedding invitations?) and I can’t wait to see the new 2012 collection at the show!


From MegBelle & Union was established in 2011 with the purchase and restoration of an 1897 Curtis & Mitchell Printing Press and a dream to make writings, wrappings, and wares with our own unique sensibility.  All of our products start with pen to paper, with each having its own unique hand lettered text and hand rendered illustrations.  Our 2012 collection is inspired by Americanisms, little phrases of sentiments from ages past and present, and represented across our line of greeting cards, boxed notes, jotters, note pads, recipe cards, tea towels and gift wrap.




Thanks Meg!

p.s. I love the sweet story behind Belle & Union’s new name.  Meg does all the design, but her husband does most of the printing – and they wanted a name that reflected the both of them.  He’s a Northerner from Pennsylvania, while Meg is a Southerner from Texas, but it was the South that brought them together.  They love how union has many meanings, representing both their union in life and love and their work, and thus Belle & Union Co. was formed!

Photo Credits: Mary Britton Senseney

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering , is the NSS only for those selling?
    I don’t have a company or anything but I wanted to see if there is anyway I could get in…

  2. Hi Shoshana! The National Stationery Show is a trade show, meaning it’s for wholesale sellers (the stationery exhibitors) and retail buyers. It’s not open to the general public. I do extensive recaps of the show on Oh So Beautiful Paper so that you can see all the new products making their debut at the show.

  3. Hi Nole,

    Thanks so much for responding.
    I actually love your recaps and can’t wait for them again this year.
    I was just hoping that there would be some way I could see all the glory in person 😉


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