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IMPORTANT: Due to the high volume of submissions, we are currently unable to respond with regrets for general submissions (greeting cards, shop updates, etc.). For custom design or exclusive submissions, we will notify you of our decision at our earliest opportunity. Due to the high volume of email and submissions, we ask that you please do not send follow-up emails regarding the status of your submission. If necessary, we will contact you for additional information regarding your submission. Please limit custom project submissions to one (1) project per email and a total of three (3) submissions at any one time.

Oh So Beautiful Paper warmly welcomes submissions in the following areas:

  • Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates
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  • Baby Announcements
  • Moving Announcements
  • Business Cards
  • General Stationery, Artwork, and Greeting Cards
  • Holiday Cards + Calendars (please see below for our holiday editorial calendar)

Oh So Beautiful Paper respectfully does not accept the following for editorial consideration:

  • Press Releases
  • PDFs or digital mock ups
  • Kickstarter campaigns

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If you think your product or service would suit the Oh So Beautiful Paper audience, please email me with the information and images requested below.

General Submission Guidelines

  • A minimum of 5-8 attached images. Please do not send links to Google drive, dropbox folders, or online shops or galleries.
  • All images should be low resolution (72 dpi) and 640 pixels wide, less than 750K per image.
  • Please include a link to your website/shop, as well as a short description of your company.

Custom Design Submissions (Wedding/Party Invitations, Save the Dates, Baby Announcements, etc.)

  • Please submit ONE custom design project per email. We regret that we are unable to “preview” submissions to Oh So Beautiful Paper. Any incomplete submissions may be bounced for any missing information or rejected completely.
  • 8-10 attached images of a specific project, including at least one photo of the entire invitation suite or project assembled together and detail shots of unique design elements. Please do not send links to Google drive, dropbox folders, or online galleries.
  • All images should be low resolution (72 dpi) and 640 pixels wide.
  • The name and website of any design or print studios, calligraphers, illustrators, etc. that you worked with during the production process, if applicable.
  • A description (minimum of 300 words) of the inspiration behind the design and any relevant information about the production process.
  • Important: Photos must be of good quality and should be taken using natural or professional light to allow for the best possible photographs. Any blurry, out of focus, or grainy photos will be rejected. Oh So Beautiful Paper reserves the right to request photo re-shoots if necessary prior to any editorial features. We do not accept watermarked images.
  • If submitting photos taken by a professional photographer, please confirm in your e-mail that you have approval from the photographer (as the copyright holder for the images) to submit the photographs for blog publication.

Designer Rolodex Submissions

The Designer Rolodex is a curated, invitation-only directory of wedding invitation designers.  You can find more information and an application link right here.

Holiday Editorial Calendar

Oh So Beautiful Paper currently does seasonal features on the following products: calendars and planners, holiday and new year cards, valentine’s day cards, easter cards, mother’s day cards, father’s day cards, and halloween cards. Designers are welcome to submit their products for consideration in these round-ups. Normal image guidelines apply; please submit one photo of each holiday card.

Please submit cards 1-2 months prior to the actual holiday (e.g. Valentine’s Day cards should be submitted no later than early January). I accept Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year’s card submissions beginning in mid-October. I accept calendar submissions for the following year beginning in August.

Please note, you MUST have an online shop where my readers can purchase your cards. If you are a wholesale-only company, please provide a link to an online retailer where your products may be purchased.

For our full editorial policy, please visit my policies page. If you are interested in advertising on Oh So Beautiful Paper, please click here to request a copy of our ad rates.

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Thank you!

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Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! It’s cold and windy in DC today, so I’m all bundled up and trying to stay warm. My dad and step-mom are coming to visit this weekend, which is always great, but my girls are particularly excited to get some quality time with their grandparents! We’ll probably go out to do some fun DC stuff with the girls, so you can follow along on Instagram if you’d like. But in the meantime…

Stephanie Ryan Floral Watercolor via Instagram / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Image by Stephanie Ryan via Instagram

…a few links for your weekend!

This week on Oh So Beautiful Paper:

That’s it for me this week! Check back a bit later for this week’s cocktail recipe – and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you back here on Monday! xoxo

Seasonal Stationery: Holiday Photo Cards

If you’re planning to send out custom holiday cards or holiday photo cards this year, it’s time to get started! There are so many amazing options out there these days, including beautiful gold foil and letterpress holiday cards. I love that holiday photo cards have come so far over the past few years – you can send a card with a beautiful family photo to send to your friends and family without sacrificing on the design! So for those of you looking for a bit of holiday card inspiration, I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorites today!

Seasonal Stationery: Custom Holiday Cards and Holiday Photo Cards / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Rifle Paper Co. custom illustrated portrait holiday cards

2. Artifact Uprising

3. Sugar Paper

4. Linda & Harriett for Paperless Post

5. Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post

6. Dixie Design Collective

7. Mink Cards

8. Minted letterpress holiday photo cards

9. Smock

10. Dahlia Press

11. Minted foil pressed holiday photo cards (love the rose gold foil on navy!)

Also, many stationers will create custom holiday cards – including photo cards – if you get in touch with them early enough! So if you have a favorite stationer, but don’t see photo cards listed on their website, I’d shoot them a quick email anyway just to ask!

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed

The husband and wife team of Bench Pressed are no rookies to the stationery world – even though they launched their business just a couple years ago. Jane and Andy are here to share their creative process, from brainstorming and sketching to hitting the letterpress! I love this story on how they discovered the voice to Bench Pressed – read on about one of their favorite cards and how it shaped the brand. Take it away, guys! –Megan

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Hi there! Welcome to Bench Pressed! We are Jane and Andy Shannon, a husband and wife team, running a letterpress and design company in the Twin Cities and faking it until we make it.

Before we started Bench Pressed, Andy was working as a freelance illustrator and I was a stationery buyer at a small boutique in Minneapolis. After a few years, we decided to take our two passions and merge them. We launched Bench Pressed at the National Stationery Show in 2013, and we’ve been working on it ever since. Both of us still have side-jobs one day a week to help support ourselves and our dogs, but we are now working on creating greeting cards full-time.

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Our shop is located in the old Hamm’s brewery in East St. Paul, Minnesota. This side of the neighborhood is slowly being revitalized after sitting vacant for a long time. Now our neighbors are small start-ups, like a craft brewery, small distillery, chocolatier and an urban hydroponic farm, all drawn to the neighborhood by the historic building and the cheap rent. Also, we are close to the best taco truck in all of the Twin Cities (priorities).

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Bench Pressed is a letterpress shop. We specialize in hand-drawn and hand-printed cards, which means that all of our designs begin with pen on paper. We like to say that our cards are “tongue-in-cheek, with a little sweet.”

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Coming up with card ideas is the best part. Andy keeps multiple Moleskine journals around and is drawing constantly. We both use the Notes app on our phones to write down things that make us laugh, which might end up as a card. Most of the time we’re working on cards we need in advance of a certain season (Valentine’s, Christmas, etc.), but not all of our cards are contrived.

For example, one of our most popular cards was just a random doodle that I found inside of Andy’s sketchbook, a little house with the words “Hope Your Neighbors Aren’t Creepy” (which I’m assuming was inspired by our neighbor who has many, many cats).

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Once an idea and an illustration is made, he redraws the images from his sketchbook with tracing paper. The images are scanned into Photoshop where we add color, resize if needed, and prep all the cards into large files to be sent out to Boxcar Press for our photopolymer plates.

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Our cards are all printed by us in our shop. We have three presses, a small table top press, a Chandler and Price, and our newest member of the family, the Heidelberg. We are using the windmill the most these days, but still use the C&P on some of the cards.

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed / Oh So Beautiful Paper

A typical day at Bench Pressed means that I’m at the computer answering emails and keeping on track of our orders, both retail and wholesale. Andy is usually working on our ever-growing print-list or on new products.

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed / Oh So Beautiful Paper

As for a team, right now it’s just the two of us. We plan on eventually adding more people to the mix – more hands for printing, folding, and packing up orders – but for now, it’s just us and the dogs at the shop.

Our struggles right now are getting ahead of our print-list to create more time for new products. I also think that keeping business separate from regular life can be tough, especially when you work with your partner. We have to remind ourselves take the weekend off or to take a step back when we need to.

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed / Oh So Beautiful Paper

One of our favorite cards is the “Oh Shit” pregnancy test card. It was one of our first designs and it really opened up the door for us to get a little more snarky with our line. At first, we didn’t want to push the envelope too much and didn’t want to upset people, but when we released this card there was such an overwhelming response to it that we were able to keep creating cards that we would want to give. And I guess that’s the exciting thing about making greeting cards for a living; we get to be a (tiny) part of people’s everyday joys.

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed / Oh So Beautiful Paper

We find inspiration from a lot of places. First of all, the stationery and paper industry is the most supportive industry that I know. We have learned so much from other stationers from printing techniques and troubleshooting to the best places to buy cello sleeves, envelopes, etc. Going to the National Stationery Show is one of our favorite things every year because we get to meet new and see old friends and catch up with them. It could be so easy for us to all see other stationers as competition, especially since we use the same medium, but instead it seems like we all boost each other up. Which is really refreshing and energizing.

Behind the Stationery: Bench Pressed / Oh So Beautiful Paper

In more basic terms of inspiration, we are constantly blown away by other artists and makers on various social media accounts, mostly Instagram. There is so much to see, from furniture makers and jewelers to installation artists, photographers, and chefs – strangers and friends alike – literally hours could vanish and not a damn thing would be done around the shop. Sometimes it is overwhelming, but there is an endless amount of talent out in the world and it’s kind of a paralyzing beauty.

All product photos by Bench Pressed, all other photos by 2nd Truth Photography.

Interested in participating in this column? Reach out to Megan at megan(at) for more details about Behind the Stationery.