About the Designer Rolodex

I fell in love with wedding invitations while planning my own wedding in 2008. I started Oh So Beautiful Paper just a few months later as a way of helping other brides and grooms connect with all the amazing wedding invitation designers that I discovered through my own research and exploration.  In the intervening years, Oh So Beautiful Paper has grown way beyond wedding invitations and wedding stationery, but I still want to make it as easy as possible for couples to connect with the right designers for their invitations.

What is the Designer Rolodex?

The Designer Rolodex is a curated directory of wedding invitation designers, and its members represent the best of the best. Members of the Designer Rolodex have been hand selected as the most talented, innovative, and unique designers in the wedding invitation community. Once approved for membership, each designer receives a dedicated page with content provided by the designer and a gallery of their work. Readers may browse individual designer portfolios or search for designers based on printing method, style, or location.

How do you select members of the Designer Rolodex?

Members of the Designer Rolodex are selected based on the quality of their portfolio. I have tried to ensure a balanced selection of both design styles and printing methods – you’ll find everything here from classic and sophisticated engraved invitations to modern and non-traditional letterpress and screen printed invitations. All members receive a personal invitation to join the Rolodex. Since I’m always discovering new and exciting design studios, I also accept requests to join the Rolodex. I personally review all inquiries, and if I feel that a company is a good editorial fit, they will receive an invitation to join the Rolodex.

Do members pay to be listed?

Yes. Once approved, members pay a modest annual fee to be listed.

How do I join the Designer Rolodex?

If you would like to be considered for membership in the Designer Rolodex, please fill out an inquiry form right here.