Wedding Invitation Designers – Ceci New York (25)

Wedding Invitation Designers - Ceci New York (25)

Inspired by their favorite pattern from a pillow in their home, Ronit brought this to me, unsure if it was a “good idea”. As I always say, you can find inspiration in anything! Featuring lime greens and peacock blues for the save the dates then transitioning into purples and charcoals for the invitations and accessories. Keeping the design elements the same, the color shift only made the effect more intriguing. The vellum overlay in Hebrew slipped in for those guests who didn’t speak English. All finished with an elegant laser cut belly band!

Wedding Invitation Designers – Ceci New York (28)

Wedding Invitation Designers - Ceci New York (28)

With a grand affair at the Lyndhurst Castle, Joscelyn was all about exploring my ideas on capturing the unexpected juxtapositions between modern and classic. I love that she jumped at the chance to have a dramatic black invitation paired with classic gold calligraphy. Focusing on the essence of her opulent wedding, I incorporated hand drawn damask details and crystal chandeliers to create interest and dimension. Her dramatic handmade envelope immediately stood out in the mailbox with the shiny metallic foil detailing. Guests were raving at the beauty.


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Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner, and I’m thinking about cocktails as we put the finishing touches on our holiday menu. I thought I would quickly share a few favorite holiday cocktail recipes in case you’re in the same situation! We’ve got a few punch recipes, some wine-based cocktail recipes, a couple coffee cocktails, and more. Enjoy!

Holiday Cocktail Recipe Ideas

Punch Recipes

Okay, let’s start with the punches – the large batch cocktails that will keep everyone happy throughout the night. Our Spiced Winter Punch is one of our favorite recipes and can be made with vodka, rum, gin, or whiskey, you can go traditional with a Hot Rum Punch, or mix things up with a tequila-based (!!) Yuletide Punch. If you’re feeling extra theatrical, you can light the Charles Dickens Punch on fire before drinking (please be extra careful). Fish House punch is just a rather strange name for a Caribbean rum punch, while Allspice Punch is warm and spicy.

Spiced Winter Punch Holiday Cocktail Recipe

Spiced Winter Punch

Allspice Punch Cocktail RecipeCharles Dickens Punch Recipe by Liquorary

Allspice Punch // Charles Dickens Punch

Traditional Hot Rum Punch

Rum Punch Holiday Cocktail RecipeYuletide Punch Holiday Cocktail Recipe

Fish House Punch // Yuletide Punch

Wine Cocktails

If you’re not super into spirits, try a mulled wine for the holidays! We love a good Swedish Glögg, which is basically a bottle of wine thrown together with whatever spirits and spices you might already have on hand. We made ours with brandy and white port, but you could easily go with rum, whiskey, or just about anything else. Same goes for the Mulled Winter Sangria, which can be served warm or over ice!

Swedish Mulled Wine Glogg Recipe / Hygge Cocktail Ideas

Traditional Swedish Glögg

Mulled Winter Sangria Recipe / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Mulled Winter Sangria

Warm Coffee Cocktails

Warm cocktails are perfect for cold winter nights, and couldn’t we all use the extra energy from a bit of black coffee?? Our Spiced Irish Coffee and Scotch Coffee recipes are basically just variations on a theme, but we added cardamom and rosewater to the Irish coffee while the vanilla bean Scotch coffee has a smokey warmth that I really love this time of year. 

Irish Coffee Recipe / Liquorary x Bushmills

Spiced Irish Coffee

Scotch Coffee Cocktail Recipe

Vanilla Bean Scotch Coffee


If you’re looking for crowd-pleasing small batch cocktail recipes to make over the holidays, these two vanilla-bean smashes – the Pear Vanilla Bean Bourbon Smash and Orange Vanilla Bean Scotch Smash – are my absolute favorites. Even if you don’t think you like Scotch or Bourbon, you’ll love these drinks. Promise!

Bourbon Pear Vanilla Bean Cocktail Recipe

Pear Vanilla Bean Bourbon Smash

Orange Vanilla Bean Scotch Smash Recipe

Orange Vanilla Bean Scotch Smash

Happy holidays everyone!

2019 Gift Guide: Cocktails + Entertaining

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for someone who loves to entertain and make cocktails at home, today’s gift guide is just for you. We rounded up a few of the things that we love using for making cocktails or entertaining at home, from books to bar tools to my all-time favorite candle. You can also find some fantastic ideas on our gift guides from previous years, which you can check out right here!

2019 Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Cocktails and Entertaining

1. Absolutely obsessed with this gorgeous platter from Honeycomb Studio, with carvings and gold decorations inspired by tidal movement. So beautiful!

2. A mixing glass is an essential tool for classic cocktails like martinis, manhattans, the old fashioned, etc. I love this gold foil version, and don’t forget a beautiful bar spoon!

3. Cocktail books! Our current reading list includes Spirits Sugar Water Bitters, a history of the cocktail’s birth, rise, fall, and eventual resurrection by our own DC-based cocktail guru Derek Brown. By the Smoke and the Smell by Thad Vogler takes readers around the world, celebrating the vivid characters who produce hand-made spirits like rum, scotch, cognac, and mezcal. If you love Tiki drinks, check out this modern Tiki cocktail recipe book by Shannon Mustipher.

4. Candles make wonderful hosting gifts. This Santal candle by Brooklyn Candle Co. is my all-time favorite scent, and burns for 70 hours!

5. This little herb stripper is perfect for both cooking and cocktail purposes.

6. Love the colors in this speckled vessel from O–M Ceramics. I think it would be really beautiful as a kitchen utensil holder!

7. A ceramic pie plate for someone who really loves holiday entertaining! These beauties from Jars of Dust are almost sold out, but I found a couple similar versions on Etsy here and here!

8. This bartender’s backpack is a wonderful gift idea for serious cocktail enthusiasts. My husband is constantly bringing drinks to dinner parties and gatherings, and this backpack would make things so much easier!

9. The prettiest minimalist tapered candle holders to decorate a table or mantel any time of year.

10. How cute is this ceramic pour over coffee set? You can use it to make a single cup or a small pot for guests, and the colors are absolutely GORGEOUS.