The World of Illustration: Joya Rose

Hello friends! Thanks to the online world we live in, a quick scroll through Instagram will instantly show you just how much talent is out there. And I’m not just talking about people who are really good at one thing. I’m talking about the artists out there rocking two (or more) impressive talents. Which brings me to the illustration inspiration for today. Artist Joya Rose creates illustrations and lettering that are fresh, modern, and oh-so-impressive. So let’s take a look at this multi-talented artist! Jen

Joya Rose Illustration and Hand Lettering

Joya Rose Illustration and Hand Lettering

Many of Joya’s illustrations are small in scale, and they all feel simply modern in style. They look like effortless doodles, but of course, that’s the talent behind the illustration. I love a good map illustration, and here she uses things (like a beer tap for a pub) as icons for the different destinations in the city. I’m also digging the color palettes that Joya uses. This mix of pinks and greens feels so fresh.

Joya Rose Illustration and Hand Lettering

Here’s a different style of illustration by Joya. The watercolor softness of this illustration shows how skilled she is — there’s so much detail in the cacti and chickens. Somehow she manages to add in refined details with a paint that’s naturally soft and watery.

Joya Rose Illustration and Hand Lettering

I had to stick this one in. Here’s a self-portrait of Joya! Again, it amazes me how illustrators like Joya can show such expressive details in an illustration that’s on the more minimal side. Such a cool style in modern illustration.

Joya Rose Illustration and Hand Lettering

I’d like to wallpaper an entire room in this print. Pretty please!

Joya Rose Illustration and Hand Lettering

Since my original roots are in home design, I’m a sucker for illustrations like this that show classic furniture pieces made more whimsical in drawing. And Joya’s choice of going with this soft green color, versus a heavy brown, for example, makes the illustration feel more modern.

Joya Rose Illustration and Hand Lettering

Watercolor seals pair Joya’s illustration with her lettering work. Which one would you choose?

Joya Rose Illustration and Hand Lettering

This sweet illustration speaks to family in such an iconic way.

Joya Rose Illustration and Hand Lettering

Here’s a peek at a menu that pairs her illustration with her modern lettering. The drawings add a really fun detail to this menu.

Sending a big thanks to Joya for sharing her illustration and lettering work! You can check out more from Joya Rose Illustration and Hand Lettering on her website and over on Instagram.

Images via Joya Rose Illustration and Hand Lettering

Seasonal Stationery: Mother’s Day Cards for Moms

Mom, ma, mother, mama, mommy – however you refer to that all important maternal woman in your life, it’s high time you sent her a note of appreciation. From changing diapers to college tuition, not to mention unconditional love and support, moms more than deserve a reminder of your appreciation. Pair one of the following mother’s day greeting cards with a sincere message of gratitude and it’s sure to be the best mother’s day she’s ever had (flowers and a nice meal wouldn’t hurt either). From sweet illustrations to clever messaging, check out our roundup below! –Shauna

Mother's Day Cards for Moms

From top right:

1. A sweet message in everyone’s favorite color millennial pink? Yes, please! The team over at Sugar Paper even included a stylish gold foil polka dot liner.

2. Ain’t that the truth! Show your mama you appreciate her many sacrifices with this message forward greeting from Smock Paper.

3. Children and their parents from the ’90s will surely appreciate this clever greeting from Ladyfingers Letterpress.

4. Treat your mama this Mother’s Day with cake, chocolate, pie, coffee and this sweet card from Snow & Graham.

5. Really enjoying the color palette and overprinted letterpress technique of this thoughtful message from Dallas-based Color Box Letterpress.

6. You’ll definitely win brownie points with the coolest mom in the world (yours, obviously!) when you send her this gold foiled greeting from Moglea. The fun envelope is extra bang for your buck.

7. Check out this cute baby monkey and mama monkey from Clap Clap Design

8. Show your mom you really love her with a MOM tattoo. Too much of a commitment? Try this tattoo inspired design from Hammerpress.

9. Mom not a flower lover? How about this mid-century inspired design featuring birds in a modern black and gold color palette from Idlewild Co.

10. Send your mom the ‘World’s Greatest Mom’ trophy she very much deserves (complete with flower bouquet) from Rifle Paper Co.

OSBP at Home: Kitchen Inspiration

Oh man, you guys. I think I’ve been bitten by the renovation bug! Ever since we renovated our bathroom a year ago, I’ve been itching to finally do something with our kitchen. And since we’re in the kitchen every. single. day I think about renovating ALL the time. As I mentioned here, the kitchen layout is super awkward, with high gloss cabinets and frosted glass fronts (not to mention the corrugated cardboard “metallic” backsplash) that feel out of place with the overall aesthetic of our home. We’re still in the inspiration-gathering phase, and today I thought I’d share some of my favorite kitchen inspiration images with you today!

Kitchen Inspiration: Qanuk Interiors Kitchen via House & Home / Photo Credit: Donna Griffith Photography

Design: Qanūk Interiors / Photo Credit: Donna Griffith for House & Home Kitchens & Baths Fall 2013

We knew we wanted to renovate the kitchen from the day we moved in four years ago, but we wanted to live with our kitchen for a while to figure out the best layout for our needs. And I’ve honestly been stumped for most of the last four years! The kitchen is one of the largest rooms in our home, but the layout is so bad that we constantly feel pressed for prep space and accessible storage. (If you’re curious, I did a rough (and definitely not to scale) layout of our current kitchen layout that you can see here.) The cabinets and appliances are on opposite walls, with eight or so feet of empty space in the middle (where our dining table now sits), so we can’t easily go back and forth between counters and the stove or sink while we’re cooking. But I just couldn’t figure out where or how to move things around – until I saw the image above from House & Home Kitchens and Baths!

Kitchen Inspiration: Crystal Anne Interiors via Instagram

Design and Photo Credit: Crystal Ann Interiors

We’re now pretty settled on moving everything over to one side of the kitchen in a slight “c” shape, with either a built-in dining nook on the other side of the kitchen or floor-to-ceiling cabinets with an island in the middle. (You can see my rough layout here.) The layout would start with a refrigerator enclosed in cabinets at one end, then wrap around the wall towards a short peninsula at the other end. The wall between the kitchen and living room isn’t load bearing, so we’d open up that wall to create the peninsula and make the entire floor plan feel much more open. We would have lower cabinets for closed storage on the bottom, and a mix of upper cabinets and open shelving above. This would hopefully solve all the wasted space in our kitchen without compromising on storage.

Kitchen Inspiration: Melissa Lee Kitchen via Design Sponge / Photo Credit: Ty Cole Photography

Design: Melissa Lee / Photo Credit: Ty Cole Photography via Design Sponge

In terms of color and style, our kitchen sits in the middle of our home (a 1920s rowhouse) and doesn’t get much natural light, so my dream of a bright white kitchen probably won’t work. I’m loving the combination of navy lower cabinets, white walls, marble tile, and wood in the kitchen above.

Jersey Ice Cream Co. Kitchen via Remodelista

Design and Photo Credit: Jersey Ice Cream Co. via Remodelista

Butcher block counters with marble tile is also an excellent combination. And like everyone else in the world, we’re in love with the plaster walls that Jersey Ice Cream Co. did for Beth Kirby’s kitchen below. Although if I wasn’t worried about selling the house down the road I’d totally go with the pink plaster version instead.

Jersey Ice Cream Co. Kitchen for Local Milk via Remodelista

Design: Jersey Ice Cream Co. / Photo Credit: Beth Kirby via Remodelista

Sarah Sherman Samuel Cabin Kitchen

Design and Photo Credit: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Wit + Delight Kitchen / Photo Credit: Canary Grey for Domino

Design: Wit + Delight / Photo Credit: Canary Grey for Domino

I’ve got the color combination for the cabinets, countertops, and walls, but what to do about the floor? I love the cement tile that Kate used in her kitchen, but I worry that it’s too modern for our 1920s home. But maybe not? I don’t think we’ll be able to match the wide plank wood flooring from the rest of the house, so I’m definitely leaning towards some type of tile. Old school hexagon tile? I love the way the tile meets the wood floors in the kitchen below!

Royal Roulotte Kitchen via My Domaine

Design: Royal Roulotte via My Domaine

Alright everyone, throw it at me! We’ve only been through a bathroom renovation before, which I’m sure is a piece of cake compared to a kitchen renovation. What do I need to know? Any advice for renovating a kitchen with two small kids at home? I’m all ears!

Best of 2016: Wedding Invitations

We still have some fun posts planned for this week, but since my goal for next week is to truly relax and rest my brain (if such a thing is even possible with two small children), I’m sharing my annual “Best Of” recaps with you this week! First up, the best wedding invitations of 2016! After eight years of blogging, my mental timeline can get kind of fuzzy, so I love doing these round ups and looking back to see all of the amazing things that I had the opportunity to share with you over the past year. And truly, there was so much gorgeousness in 2016. Tropical motifs, watercolor, metallics (especially copper), elegant calligraphy, playful hand lettering, and a return to handmade paper and deckled edges in a MAJOR way in the second half of the year. What design trends do you think 2017 will bring to us? I can’t wait to see!

Best Wedding Invitations of 2016: Black and White Foil Printed Calligraphy Wedding Invitations by Blue Eye Brown Eye

Black and white calligraphy invitations with white foil on black paper, black foil on white paper, and a marbled envelope liner by Blue Eye Brown Eye

Best Wedding Invitations of 2016: Camp Theme Fold Out Wedding Invitations by Jessica Roush

Camp-theme fold out invitations for a wedding in a Wisconsin state park by Jessica Roush

Best Wedding Invitations of 2016: Leather and Copper Leaf Wedding Invitations by Coral Pheasant

Leather and copper leaf wedding invitations with cranberry envelopes and floral details by Coral Pheasant

Best Wedding Invitations of 2016: The Art of Opposites Watercolor Wedding Invitations by Lovely Paper Things

Elegant art-inspired wedding invitations with abstract watercolor patterns by Lovely Paper Things

Best Wedding Invitations of 2016: Informal Hand Lettered Wedding Invitations by Odd Daughter Co.

I love these playful hand lettered wedding invitations by Odd Daughter Paper Co. as a fantastic example of a modern, informal wedding invitation

Best Wedding Invitations of 2016: Pink Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitations by Bright Room Studio

Whimsical pink watercolor floral wedding invitations with hand painted envelopes by Bright Room Studio

Best Wedding Invitations of 2016: Modern Gemstone and Copper Foil Wedding Invitations by And Here We Are

Copper foil and modern geometric gemstone shapes in shades of deep plum, slate gray, and navy blue by And Here We Are

Best Wedding Invitations of 2016: Romantic Shipwreck-Inspired Calligraphy Wedding Invitations with Deckled Edges by Poste and Co.

Romantic shipwreck-inspired calligraphy wedding invitations with deckled edges by Poste and Co.

Best Wedding Invitations of 2016: Tropical Garden and Copper Foil Wedding Invitations by The Distillery

Fun tropical garden party wedding invitations with copper foil by The Distillery

Best Wedding Invitations of 2016: Peach and Navy Blue Watercolor Wedding Invitations by Bright Room Studio

I love the understated elegance in these peach and navy hand lettered wedding invitations from Bright Room Studio

Looking for more inspiration? You can find all of our past wedding invitation and save the date features right here!

Quick Pick: Sugar Paper for Target 2016

You guys, these Sugar Paper for Target collections just keep getting better and better! The newest collection just arrived in stores and I’m absolutely LOVING all the new holiday gift wrap, gift bags and gift boxes, and ribbon! Plus adorable gift tags, wax seal kits for dressing up your holiday card envelopes, gold washi tape, and so much more. Oh, and some fantastic gift ideas for the stationery obsessed (like us!), including document folders, new planners and agendas, desk accessories, even a gold business card holder. Here are just a few favorites!

Quick Pick: Sugar Paper for Target 2016

1. I’m seriously obsessed with these new wax seal kits – choose between “xo” or a heart, or use both!

2. Super cute gold foil gift tags with matching gold and white baker’s twine

3. Modern black and white pens for all your holiday correspondence needs

4. Love the subtle dove gray of this document folder

5. Festive kraft and gold foil wrapping paper

6. One of the brand new 2017 Sugar Paper for Target agendas!

7. These round gift boxes in the most lovely shade of holiday red

8. I love the scalloped edges on these gift boxes

9. Gold washi tape in super cute patterns

10. + 11. Gorgeous blush pink and gold star gift wrap with matching blush pink grosgrain ribbon

Lots more right here! What are your favorites from the new collection??

This post contains affiliate links. By clicking on these links, you’ll help support Oh So Beautiful Paper while also purchasing some gorgeous paper goods. I only recommend products that I truly love and trust that you’ll love, too. My full disclosure policy can be found here.