Six Margarita Cocktail Recipes!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Between today and the Kentucky Derby this weekend, this is a big weekend for cocktails! It turns out we’ve made a LOT of margaritas here at OSBP, so I thought I’d round up six of our favorite margarita cocktail recipes for those of you looking for ideas â€“ along with a few margarita alternatives (including a couple of seriously delicious tequila smashes! You can’t go wrong with any of the recipes below, especially as the weather starts to heat up. Enjoy one or two today, and bookmark your other favorites to enjoy later this summer!

Margarita Cocktail Recipes

1. A Classic Margarita

2. A Parisian Margarita with St-Germain

3. A Watermelon Margarita (perfect for parties and larger gatherings!)

4. A Frozen Salted Watermelon Margarita

5. A Peach Margarita

6. A Persimmon Margarita


As much as we love margaritas, tequila (and it’s smokey cousin, Mezcal) are delicious in other cocktails, too! Throw in some fresh fruit or citrus to make a smash, combine it with grapefruit soda to make a Paloma, or brew a homemade syrup to create your own delicious concoction. So for those of you who might be looking to branch out a bit from the margarita, here are some ideas for you!

1. Elderflower Tequila Rickey

2. Sage Lime Tequila Smash

3. Blackberry Tequila Smash (one of my personal favorites)

4. Mezcal Mai Tai

5. The Spring Fling with tequila and hops syrup (which you can make at home from an IPA!)

6. A Bittersweet Paloma


Feel free to browse our cocktail recipe archives for even more recipe ideas!

p.s. We haven’t really explored Juleps as much (although we’re working on fixing that asap), but for Derby folks – you can find our favorite Basil-Mint Julep recipe right here! It’s seriously so good. You can also find a ton of Bourbon recipes in our cocktail archives!