Elderflower Tequila Rickey

It’s spring, and springtime means Tequila for us! Tequila’s bright, vegetal earthiness is the perfect spirit to complement all this green bursting out of the grown around us. We decided to pour some Tequila into one of our favorite spring cocktails, the Rickey, and combine it with another Spring favorite: Elderflower! You’ll want to drink this delicious Elderflower Tequila Rickey all Spring, and possibly all Summer. –Andrew

Elderflower Tequila Rickey Cocktail Recipe by Liquorary

Elderflower Tequila Rickey

2 oz Silver Tequila
1/2 a Lime, Juiced, Plus the Spent Lime Shell
Elderflower Tonic Water

Combine the Tequila and lime juice in a highball glass and toss in the spent lime shell. Add ice and top with the tonic water. Give it a stir, garnish with fresh mint, and enjoy!

Just like a traditional Rickey with gin or whiskey – DC’s official cocktail! – a Tequila Rickey is airy and effervescent and tart and deeply refreshing. Using a bright, fresh silver Tequila gives this drink, normally herbaceous and spicy if made with gin, an earthy but still light character. Lime is, of course, the perfect partner for Tequila.

Elderflower Tequila Rickey Cocktail Recipe by Liquorary

We used a delightful elderflower tonic by Fever Tree, which is bittersweet with gentle floral notes. Combined with the Tequila, these are perfect for spring; it’s like drinking a blooming garden. If you don’t have elderflower tonic handy, you could add a splash of St-Germain for the same effect, though your drink will be a touch sweeter as a result.

Elderflower Tequila Rickey Cocktail Recipe by Liquorary

That mint is not really a traditional Rickey garnish, but our garden is exploding with mint this spring. So, to keep it from completely taking over, we’re throwing it into drinks as fast as it grows back. Expect to see lots of mint in our drinks this spring! And remember, nothing beats fresh ingredients in your cocktails, so consider growing some of the simpler, hardier plants (like mint!) at home in your very own cocktail garden. Just grow it in a pot, because if it gets loose…

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