Stationery A-Z: Congratulations Cards

This may sound cheesy but I like to celebrate wins. There’s the obvious: promotion at work, engagement, pregnancy, new home, etc. All totally valid reasons to celebrate… but what are the less obvious? I’m talking about quitting a crappy job, deciding to live abroad for a year, or getting that last box unpacked in a new apartment. Making decisions can be hard, and your loved ones deserve a pat on the back every now and then for pulling the trigger and making things happen. On that note, we’ve selected a collection of congratulations cards sure to be winners! – Shauna

Stationery A-Z: Congratulations Card Round Up

From top right:

1. Niece aced her algebra quiz? Send her this emoji-inspired card from Ladyfingers Letterpress.

2. Neighbor quits their day job to focus full time on their artisanal sour cream company? Check out this abstract number from Moglea.

3. BFF was finally convinced to try online dating? Try this tongue in cheek design from Lionheart Prints.

4. Brother decides to shave that god-awful goatee? Celebrate with this painted crest from Antiquaria.

5. Spouse receives a well-earned promotion to Associate Vice Director of Assistant Management Operations? Commemorate with an anthropomorphic hot dog from Hello!Lucky.

6. Childhood bestie gets into first choice grad school to study the side effects of cell phone usage in circus animals? Tip your hat to them with this fashion-forward greeting from Clap Clap Design.

7. Friends fork over life savings to purchase a two bedroom apartment (no common room)? Subtilely invite yourself over for cocktails with this illustrated card from Ashkahn.

8. Coworker delivers near perfect presentation and receives what could be interpreted as upturned frown from an über boss? Give this message forward card from Smudge Ink.

9. Parent decides to retire from cushy office job to work twice as hard watching grandchild? Send them this octopus wielding champagne from Nicholas John Frith for Wrap Magazine.

10. Work spouse completes month long “Renaissance Painter” diet? Rejoice with burgers and this tv dinner illustration from Lucky Horse Press.