Best of 2016: Cocktails!

Next up in our Best of 2016 recap: cocktails! We had a LOT of fun with cocktail recipes this year. Infusions, plenty of smashes, shrubs, sparkling cocktails, beer cocktails, and more! Oh, and lots and lots of Tiki recipes, because the flavors are just the best. We’ve got at least one more punch recipe to share before the holiday break (and maaaaaybe another next week), but for now, let’s revisit the best cocktails of 2016!

Best Cocktails of 2016: Mock Tai

I really enjoyed our entire Mocktail series back in January – including this mock Mai Tai (aka Mock Tai)! We’ll be doing another round of mocktails next month, but you can also check out our other mocktail recipes: Apricot Tiki Mocktail, Winter Fruit Mocktail, and a Mocktail Mojito.

Best Cocktails of 2016: Chocolate-Fig Old Fashioned

The perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail: a Chocolate-Fig Old Fashioned

Best Cocktails of 2016: Pineapple-Coconut Rum Barrel

We loved all the bold tropical flavors in this Coconut-Pineapple Rum Barrel – one of our favorite cocktail infusion recipes!

Best Cocktails of 2016: St-Germain Margarita

I’m a fan of anything involving St-Germain – this Parisian Margarita is still one of my favorites!

Best Cocktails of 2016: Missionary's Downfall

Like mint? Try this fun frozen drink: the Missionary’s Downfall!

Best Cocktails of 2016: Ramos Aviation Fizz

This Ramos Aviation Fizz is for home bartenders at the intermediate-to-advanced level, but how gorgeous is that pale lavender color??

Best Cocktails of 2016: Blackberry Whiskey Smash

Blackberries are just SO good in cocktails. We made this Blackberry Whiskey Smash and this Blackberry Tequila Smash this year! We might need to try a rum version next year!

Best Cocktails of 2016: Watermelon-Basil Rum Smash

A Watermelon-Basil Rum Smash (aka Summer in a glass)

Best Cocktails of 2016: Peach-Basil Shrub Cocktail and Mocktail Recipe

This Peach-Basil shrub is delicious as both a cocktail AND a mocktail!

Best Cocktails of 2016: An IPA Jungle Bird / Tiki Cocktail with Beer

An IPA Jungle Bird (aka Tiki + beer = yum!)

Best Cocktails of 2016: Planter's Punch Tiki Punch RecipeLooking for a slightly non-traditional holiday cocktail? Try Planter’s Punch (a Tiki punch recipe!)

If you’re looking for even more cocktail recipe ideas, you can check out our full archive right here! Have any of you made one of our cocktail recipes? If so, please share them on Instagram – and be sure to tag us (@beautifulpaper and @liquorary) and use #osbphappyhour!

Also, if you have any requests for specific types of cocktails that you’d like to see from us in 2017, please let us know in the comments below!