Happy Weekend!

Well, I meant to write my usual weekly round up last Friday, but we decided to take advantage of the Veterans Day weekend and escape DC for a few days at my dad’s house in New Jersey (boy, did we need it!). But honestly, despite my intentions I’m not sure I actually could have written my usual post last week. I try to keep a positive tone here, and I think I needed more time to wrap my head around everything that has happened in our country in the last couple of weeks. I rarely discuss political issues here, but I couldn’t move forward without acknowledging that this has been a very difficult time for many of us, myself included. I posted this on Instagram the day after the election, when I felt the need to be quiet, to listen and process. Two weeks later, I’m still feeling pretty unsettled, and I want to send a giant virtual hug to everyone out there who might be feeling the same way. But life moves forward and this too shall pass, and in the meantime I’ll do my best to bring a smile to your face by sharing beautiful stationery that helps celebrate life’s special occasions and encourages us to connect with each other in a meaningful way.

Anne Robin Calligraphy / Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

Image (and print) by Anne Robin Calligraphy via Instagram

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That’s it for us this week! I’ll see you back here next week! xoxo