Brick + Mortar: Stationery Matters. It’s time to create.

If you care about words, and how they’re used, this has been a challenging year. If you care about sentiments, and kindness and how to get back to a place where we value kind sentiments, this has been an excruciating week (months, year). In the stationery world, where we all mingle, we can feel removed from tangible ways to enact positive political change, but I’m here to tell you, we’re in the quiet center of it. Stationery matters. We can shift the discourse by creating new opportunities for conversation. Let’s use our power for good ~ Emily at Clementine

Ladyfingers Letterpress: It's Going to be OK

Ladyfingers Letterpress, it’s going to be ok.

I am not a political commentator and this is not the place, but it doesn’t take an expert to know we are unsettled by recent political events. As creatives and small business owners, many of us have been stunned into silence, unsure of how our daily offerings can actually help. I want this post to remind you that creativity has power because it radiates. I see your work touch lives everyday. The most poignant moments I share with customers are over their card purchases. People write when they can’t pick up the phone; when they know the right card will lift a friend’s mood; when their own joy overflows and they want to share it; when they don’t know what to say to ease someone’s pain, but they know they have to say something; when they ache for connection. As makers of cards, creators of sentiments, you are creating new avenues for connection. So what should you do today? What you do best:

1. Create the cards that are missing from the market place. Create them now. Say the things you want to say (design them well) and print them. Are you afraid they won’t sell? Be afraid. Create them anyway. We need fresh love. With Leonard Cohen’s passing, his words reverberate this week:

Ring the bells that still can ring/
Forget your perfect offering/
There is a crack in everything/
That’s how the light gets in.


2. Write. Write to give thanks, write because appreciation lifts spirits, write to offer support, write to lift the darkness. Write to people you don’t know, who are scared because they are being threatened, find a teacher or a place of worship where students or members of a congregation have been targeted. Write letters to the editor, or small notes to any member of your community who is struggling. Write to your high school friends and current neighbors. Write to your family members who you disagree with, write to your family members who you love. Flood the world with actual, tangible good words.

Here is a sample of the cards and prints that remind me that simple, fresh sentiments can create a zing of hope, humor, and possibility. I’m sending some and framing others. I hope you’ll join me – share the new designs you create and the cards you’re sending out. I’d love it if you’d also add #osbpsendlove so we can see and share hope within this community. Move mountains with your words. Make love big. xo Emily Ghost Academy: Bad Bitches Run This ShitGhost Academy, bad bitches run this shit

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La Familia Green, I’m here for anything you need.

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