Modern Calligraphy Summit – Enrollment is Open!

Aaaaah! With all the hubub around the National Stationery Show, I almost forgot to tell you that enrollment for the Modern Calligraphy Summit is now back open! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read the original post right here. The Modern Calligraphy Summit is an amazing 18-day online calligraphy course from some of the most talented working calligraphers today: Anne Robin Calligraphy,Wildfield Paper Co., Ashley Buzzy Lettering & PressFeast Fine Art & Calligraphy, Design House of Moira, Laura Hooper Calligraphy, Fozzy Castro-Dayrit, Calligrafikas, and Nicole Miyuki.

Modern Calligraphy Summit / Wildfield Paper Co.

Wildfield Paper Co.

The original Modern Calligraphy Summit took place in late February, but you can still have access to all the wonderful lessons and materials from the summit! Modern Calligraphy Summit courses include Beginning Calligraphy, Brush Lettering, Envelope Layouts, Flourishing, Floral Embellishments and so much more. For those of you who enroll now, you’ll receive access to all the original videos from the Summit, including nine total video lessons released one-by-one every other day – just like the live event – PDF workbooks, and special cheat sheets from the instructors with their favorite tools and materials. Plus, there’s more than 6 hours of brand new video content with instructors answering questions from the original Summit and a SUPER helpful private Facebook group. You can enroll right here!

Modern Calligraphy Summit / Ashley Buzzy Lettering & Press

Ashley Buzzy Lettering & Press

Oh, and did I mention that once you enroll in the Modern Calligraphy Summit, you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS?? Enroll, watch the webinars and videos, then go back as many times as you need to practice and get the hang of things!

Modern Calligraphy Summit / The Fozzy Book

The Fozzy Book

Sign up for the Modern Calligraphy Summit right here – and HAVE FUN learning the beautiful art of calligraphy!

  1. I am so happy you posted about this! I had seen this summit but the enrolment was closed. I had taken a calligraphy workshop nearly 2 years ago and I am missing some practice. So I just enrolled and cannot wait to start!

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