National Stationery Show 2016 #fresh

This year’s National Stationery Show is just a few weeks away! I seriously look forward to the National Stationery Show ALL year long! Even though this will be my 8th (!!) year attending the show I still get excited to wander the aisles, catching up with old friends and discovering new-to-me talent. I’ve been browsing the exhibitor list and the NSS Planner to prepare my walking list for this year’s show, and I’m particularly excited to see the exhibitors in a special juried section of the show called #fresh that features new and up-and-coming companies. Some of my favorite discoveries from the #fresh section in the 2015 National Stationery Show included Fox & Fallow, Katie Leamon, and Tack and Ward!

National Stationery Show #fresh: Katie Leamon / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Katie Leamon (booth #1552)

National Stationery Show #fresh: Fox and Fallow / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Fox & Fallow (booth #1545)

National Stationery Show #fresh: Tack and Ward / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Tack and Ward, who “graduated” out of #fresh this year – they’ll be in booth #2270!

#fresh has been my first stop at the National Stationery Show since it made its debut two years ago. Now in its 3rd year, #fresh features approximately 100 emerging businesses in stationery and lifestyle gifts, with a focus on original and creative product design and packaging (so important!). Companies in #fresh can only have been in business for a maximum of five years and cannot have exhibited in the National Stationery Show for more than four years, which means it’s a great way for retailers and folks like me to discover new talent! Some #fresh exhibitors will already be familiar names to OSBP readers – like Ashkahn, AHeirloom, and Hartland Brooklyn – but others are still waiting to be discovered at the show!

National Stationery Show #fresh: Hartland Brooklyn / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Hartland Brooklyn (booth #1556)

National Stationery Show #fresh: AHeirloom / Oh So Beautiful Paper

AHeirloom (booth #1259)

National Stationery Show #fresh: Meeschmosh / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Meeschmosh (another #fresh graduate – they’ll be in booth #1854 this year!)

The 2016 National Stationery Show #fresh - Hartford Prints! / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Hartford Prints! (booth #1346)

National Stationery Show #fresh: Printable Wisdom / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Printable Wisdom (booth #1356)

I think what I love most about #fresh (other than discovering awesome new stationers, of course!) is that it reminds me of the reason I started OSBP in the first place, all the way back in 2008: to connect people with a stationery community that was bursting with fresh energy and new ideas, and to make sure that all the new artists and designers I was discovering wouldn’t get lost in an already rich crowd. I can’t wait to see who will be there this year, and I’ll be sure to report back here in May!

The National Stationery Show is a once-a -year experience. Click here to register for your buyer badge or inquire about a booth. 

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  1. As I like to say, “It’s my favorite three days of the year! No kids, candy everywhere, gorgeous stationery, and brimming with creativity and good energy.” Plus friends, old and new. What could be better. Have a great show!

  2. Ooh, Thanks for sharing the info that there’s a #fresh section! I’m excited to see it 🙂 I’ve heard of Fox and Fallow since they’re here in Australia. Super talented couple. But it’ll be neat to see all the other awesome things the newer designers are up to as well.

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