How to Host a Backyard Fire Pit Party

As if a bathroom renovation wasn’t enough, my husband and I are getting ready to do a bit of work in our backyard! When we first moved in almost three years ago, we were thrilled to have a little outdoor space where we could grow some plants and entertain friends. I’ve been working on the garden, but we’re planning to make our backyard a little bit more friendly for the entertaining part. And with these cold winter nights, I’ve got backyard fire pit parties on the brain! A warm fire, cozy blankets, and s’mores, all while sipping a mug of something hot and delicious? Winter is the perfect time of year to invite a few friends over and hang out in the backyard around a fire pit. Here are a few ideas for how to host a backyard fire pit party – on cold winter nights or any time of year!

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1. The Invitations
A backyard fire pit party is the perfect opportunity for a whimsical rustic invitation. And since it’s your backyard, it doesn’t need to be too serious. I love the idea of handwritten text on cotton paper with rustic branch and leaf illustrations. Add some leather cord and vintage tree postage stamps and you’re good to go!

2. The Fire Pit
So, obviously you can’t have a backyard fire pit party without the fire pit. But you have options! You can go with something more permanent – built of stone or installed in a backyard patio – or something a bit more mobile that can be moved around a yard or patio as needed.

3. Cozy Blankets
Whether it’s the middle of winter or the dog days of summer, the night air is bound to have some chill. Help your guests stay cozy with some wool camp blankets.

4. String Lights
Photo Credit: Stephen Michael Photography via Country Living
No need to go overboard with decorations. Some additional soft lighting around the backyard should be all you need. I’m a big fan of white string lights and globe patio lights for backyard get togethers.

5. Sage Bundles
Did you know that sage helps keep mosquitos away when thrown into a fire? Super handy for midsummer get togethers!

6. S’mores
Photo Credit: My Life At Playtime
I think anyone who sits next to a fire automatically gets the urge to roast marshmallows! Berry baskets come in quite handy for making s’mores kits for your guests.

7. The Drinks
Mugs and fire pit parties go hand in hand. Enamel mugs are perfect for everything from hot chocolate to a warm Mulled Winter Sangria!

p.s. For those of you as obsessed with pink and gold as I am, I put a collection together with some pink and gold glassware! A few champagne, water, and wine glasses to make the prettiest glassware cabinet EVER.

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Photo Credit: Allan Zepeda for Scribe Winery

  1. Oh I love your glassware guide so much! I’ve been on the search for the perfect set of gold-rimmed coupe glasses for ages now. How did I never think to simply check eBay!? You’re brilliant.


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