Simply Framed Art Print Gallery Wall + a Giveaway!

Have you ever imagined something in your head and it then it turned out even BETTER in reality? That’s how I feel about the gallery wall collaboration with Simply Framed and some super talented artists at this year’s Paper Party. We mixed beautiful original calligraphy artwork with tropical prints from some of my favorite stationers and illustrators. It ended up being my favorite feature from the entire party – and I’m so excited to be giving away eight of these gorgeous framed art prints to a few lucky readers!!





Photos by Charlie Juliet Photography

The gorgeous calligraphy artwork came to us from Fleur de Letters, A Fabulous Fete, Mon Voir, Ashley Buzzy Calligraphy and Letterpress, and Blue Eye Brown Eye Calligraphy, while the tropical-inspired prints came to us from Idlewild Co., Rifle Paper Co, and Meera Lee Patel – it turned out to be the most amazing combination! Each print was beautifully framed by Simply Framed in a way that perfectly complements the individual artwork of each print. Here are the eight framed prints up for grabs:


Clockwise from top left: Meera Lee Patel, A Fabulous Fete, Ashley Buzzy Calligraphy and Letterpress, Fleur de Letters, Meera Lee Patel, Blue Eye Brown Eye Calligraphy, and both the cactus and piña print are from Idlewild Co.





Click through below to enter below to win your favorite art print – you can even enter to win all eight prints! You’ll have until midnight on Friday, June 5 to enter – good luck!

*Sorry, limited to U.S. readers only. Please enter via the Rafflecopter boxes below. $1600 approximate total retail value. Winners will be contacted via email after comments close. A big thanks to Simply Framed and all the talented artists for making this giveaway possible!

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  1. I would hang the print either in my reading corner or in my office as hustle-inspiration. Or I might give it to my business partner to adorn her new shelving above her desk!

  2. I have the perfect little “reading” corner in our condo that needs some prints this size!

  3. The “bolder” print would be perfect in my bathroom for when I’m getting ready each morning.

  4. These are stunning! I would hang them in my kitchen or above my desk for inspiration. 🙂

  5. I’m in love with all of these! How fun! I have been dying to put up a gallery wall in my house!

  6. These are amazing! I would hang these in my new house in the dining room or family room.

  7. I think these beautiful prints would look wonderful in my office/craft room – especially “the desire to create” print.

    If I won the watermelon print, it’d go in my dining room – it’s perfect for the theme I’m curating in there!

  8. I would hang any of these in my new apartment! I’ve been looking for wall prints like these everywhere and they would look great on my “to-be-created” collage wall 🙂

  9. Any of the Calligraphy prints (Eames, Desire to Create, Bolder Now) would look great in my work-in-progress redesign of my office!


  10. Such a lovely giveaway! I really really like the watermelon print. My boyfriend and I are collecting awesome prints like these for when we find our dream house, so we can create a gallery wall with all the pieces we’ve collected over time 🙂

  11. Oh my goodness!! LOVE all of these! I see a gallery wall in my future office!! Would love to spotlight other calligraphers and artists!

  12. I’d love to hang a new print in my newly painted bedroom! It’s bare right now and these prints would look amazing! Love them all!

  13. I love the Bolder print! I would hang it right by my door to remind myself to live boldly every day.
    Beautiful work!

  14. LOVE THESE. I would totally hang the Eames quote in my studio, the lettering and the message are on point.

  15. Oh my, these would be such an inspiration in my studio space (: I love surrounding myself with beautiful work in order to push myself harder and “step up my game” (:

  16. I would love to win the “desire to create” or the colorful pineapple one! 🙂 thank you for the opportunity to do so!

  17. I am in love with this “I’m bolder now” piece! I would fit perfectly in the art collage in my bedroom. And possibly hit my mantle-scape!

  18. I love them all! I am also a designer, which means I would hang any/all of them right above my desk! Excited to learn of these talented individuals & businesses and hope to admire them every day I’m at work!

  19. I’d love the ‘I’m Bolder Now’ piece for my apartment – I’ve been in a creative slump lately due to being worried what people will think of my creations and I think it would be amazing inspiration to get going again!

  20. Love this so much!

    I would hang the “margarita” print in my office where I do my own handlettering work. The lettering on this piece is to-die-for, and the phrase is just perfect. Sometimes you just have to call it quits for the day and regroup tomorrow.:-)

  21. I love these all so much! My faves are the “I’m bolder now” and the black pineapple! (which looks incredible in that gold frame! I’d love to put these in my tiny office area!:)

  22. Ashley Buzzy’s “I’m bolder now,” is everything! Love the simplicity, yet how in-depth it is… definitely speaks volumes.

  23. I love Ashley Buzzy’s work, and that quote is just perfect. I’m also smitten with the pineapple print by Idlewild, and that would be perfect in my dining room. Lovely prints and framing!

  24. Gorgeous! I’m starting a new job at the end of the month and a lot of these would certainly spruce up my cubicle.

  25. Would love any of these prints hanging in my dorm room – those walls need some decoration and I’d love the inspiration!

  26. I think I would just walk around with those Meera Leet Patel prints so they would always in the same room as I am. Or in my studio if my arms got tired. Love her work!

  27. I would hang any of these prints in my new house! Love the colors (and neutrals).

  28. Wow, these are such beautiful prints!

    I would hang the pina print in my office – it’s reminds me of vacations, which is important to remember when I’m working 🙂
    I’d give the cactus print to my dad and stepmom who just semi-retired to Arizona (from Alaska!) and are loving the change of scenery–especially all the cacti!
    I would set the Bolder Now print on my bookshelf for a pop of black-and-white among the color
    I’d put the margarita print in the kitchen, of course!
    I’d hang the black and white pineapple print in the office–next to the pina print perhaps!
    I’d hang the watermelon print in our living room, across from our coral accent wall for a summery burst of color.
    I’d put the Desire to Create print in my office to remind me to keep writing 🙂

  29. I would love to put these either in my office or at home in our living room/guest room

  30. I love all of these prints but the watermelon is my favorite! I’m working on a gallery wall and this would be a perfect addition.

  31. All of these are absolutely stunning! I would love to hang them above our couch. Currently we have nothing there and it’s so sad! haha. We need a gallery wall and these would look absolutely stunning in our space. 🙂

  32. anywhere in my home they would belong 🙂 should probably put them in my room because I’ve kinda ignored decorating it. Parker’s room or the living room are also options 🙂

  33. I’m in love with all the prints above. I would hang these in my room, I’ve wanted to buy beautiful prints and these would work perfectly.

  34. I would hang the “I’m Bolder Now” print in my studio space; as a designer trying to push myself to grow a freelance business to hopefully one day make it a full time job, this print would inspire me every day!

    All the rest I would hang as part of my gallery wall in my living room!

  35. Wow! These prints are so beautiful!
    I’m from Argentina and I’m making a gallery wall in my living room with printed quotes, so these would complete it perfectly!

  36. I absolutely love these art prints!! I am an Ashley Buzzy fan and would love to hang her artwork in my office for inspiration and for a boost of confidence while I work. And then there’s the beautiful print from A Fabulous Fete, where there are days when I could definitely use a margarita! 🙂 Love all of these works and would be so appreciative and honored to “simply frame” on a wall anyone of these “beautiful papers!”

  37. Obsessed with all of these! Recently moved into a new place and the bare walls would love some art.

  38. I loved these prints at the Paper Party and would absolutely adore to have one in my home! I just purchased an over sized buffet server for my dining room and can’t wait to add a gallery wall above it!

  39. Such a wonderful collection of prints from some of my favorite calligraphers & illustrators! I’d love to hang one above my desk to brighten up my workspace!

  40. What an awesome giveaway! I’ve got so many places that could use some art – my bookshelf, my office, and the weird nook that is empty right now because I don’t know what to do with it…

  41. Love these! Huge fan of Ashley Buzzy. All of those frames add the perfect touch, also!

  42. The pineapple print would love perfect on my newly painted white walls! Such a fun giveaway! 🙂

  43. The Eames Quote is perfection! Great post, OSBP. Also, I’m loving the National Stationery Show Round-up posts! Wish I could attend someday.

  44. Awesome giveaway + beautiful prints! Definitely needed to put my hat in the ring. For each print I entered to win, I have a different place in mind in our home! The pina print would be a great addition to our kitchen; the cactus print would look really good in either our library (will be painted a deep green) if my husband would let me OR the bathroom for a fresh touch!; and the Eames quote print would totally go in my studio. Crossing my fingers! Love them. Thanks for the chance to add some pretty to my home!

  45. I would definitely hang the cactus print over the table where i have my succulents. Maybe it would give them something to aspire to.

  46. My daughter has a strange attraction to the word “pineapple” and everything about them. We would hang it proudly in her room.

  47. I love that black and white pineapple! It’d look great in my kitchen.

  48. Lovely prints! I would hang the entire gallery in my kitchen, since that is where I spend most of my time.

  49. I have a large blank wall that my bed and two side tables are against. I would love to create a little gallery wall on it!

  50. I’d hang them in my office to inspire and remind truth while I work – because I am bolder now! 🙂

  51. Oh my goodness. This is a fabulous giveaway! We moved not too long ago, so I have a place for each and every framed work above!
    The Eames and “I’m bolder” prints would go in my studio corner, near my inspiration board. It’s becoming such a great space!
    The Margarita print would go above our bar countertop
    The cactus print, and desire to create would go in my daughter’s shared room
    The watermelon would (strange as it sounds) go in my son’s room, because he LOVES loves watermelon and even had it for his 1st birthday “cake” 🙂
    The “la pina” would actually fit in really well with the small gallery wall I am creating in our dining room!

    Thanks for the chance to share!

  52. I would hang these oh so lovely prints right above my desk for the constant inspiration!

  53. I absolutely adore Meera Lee as well as many of these other artists; I would have to hang the beautiful piece of art somewhere where it could be properly appreciated everyday, so either my drab cubicle at work or above my desk in my room 🙂

  54. I’m so into pineapples right now, would love to hang the black and white one in my kitchen!

  55. I would hang it in my room so I could stare at it when I wake up and when I go to bed

  56. My company is remodeling and I’m going from a nice office to a genetic cubicle. I would love to hang these on my cubicle walls to brighten it up since I lose my window.

  57. Pina print — lovely and welcoming in our rather traditional kitchen! Love the symbolism of pineapples.

  58. Cactus print would be the perfect gift for my very artistic DIL. She would love having it.

  59. “I am bolder” Is that not the perfect encouragement for someone bravely fighting through grief and learning to live alone after a 62-year marriage..?

  60. If I won one of these fabulous artworks, I would hang this in my study as inspiration. 🙂

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