Happy Weekend!

Happy National Donut Day everyone! We’re in the home stretch on NSS recaps – which makes me really want a donut! I’m planning to share a the rest of the recaps over the next few days, followed by a quick business trip and some much needed R&R. I’m absolutely thrilled that Brannon from Happy Cactus Designs will be filling in here on OSBP next week! But in the meantime…


Photo by Linea Carta

…a few links for your weekend!

This week on Oh So Beautiful Paper:

  • Paper Party 2015! Check out all the details from our tropical-inspired paper fete! The Simply Framed art print gallery wall was one of my favorite details from the party!
  • New desktop and phone wallpapers for June!
  • National Stationery Show 2015, Part 5: Tightrope Press, Meeschmosh, Fox & Fallow, Tack and Ward, Richie Designs, Frances Lab, Tiny Print Design, Paula & Waffle, Reyn Paper Co., and Dahlia Press
  • Part 6: Idlewild Co., Hartland Brooklyn, Alexis Mattox Design, Yellow Owl Workshop, Crow and Canary (Red Cap Cards, Carolyn Suzuki, The Good Twin, Ghost Academy, Gold Teeth Brooklyn, and Candyspotting), Ferme à Papier, Ashkahn, The Great Lakes Goods, The Social Type, and The Sea Pink
  • Part 7: One Canoe Two, Iron Curtain Press, Dear Hancock, Albertine Press, Belle & Union, Emily McDowell Studio, Ink Meets Paper, Ladyfingers Letterpress, Modern Lore, Old Tom Foolery, Near Modern Disaster, Rifle Paper Co.
  • Part 8: Knot & Bow, Angela Liguori, The Confetti Bar, Liddabits, My Mind’s Eye, and The Flair Exchange
  • Part 9: Katharine Watson, Smudge Ink, Smock, Bella Figura, ban.do, Kate Spade, Banquet Workshop, Blackbird Letterpress, Fugu Fugu Press, Dee & LaLa, E.Frances Paper, and Enormous Champion
  • Well Said Type: Mulberry Script
  • Today is National Donut Day! Throw a donut party!