NYNOW Winter 2015, Part 3

As promised I’m back with more stationery from the NYNOW winter market! Prepare yourselves for some seriously awesome cards – and you can see even more over on Instagram! Here are a few favorites from the show…


1. So many great cards from Pistachio Press – the animal valentines featuring llamas and otters are my new personal favorites.

2. Colorful new letterpress greeting cards from Blackbird Letterpress and her wonderful menagerie of die cut animal cards!

3. Beautiful cards with floral illustrations and hand lettering from Banquet Workshop – not to mention an amazing new textile line with graphic prints in black and neon pink! I’m also loving that hand art print.

4. It’s impossible for me to walk through the Sapling Press booth without cracking up. These are just a couple of my many favorites.

5. There was so much awesomeness in the Crow & Canary booth that I dedicated an entire day to it on Instagram! These represent just a few of my favorites: a wall of amazing block printed greeting cards from Ghost Academy; beautiful cards from Moglea featuring brush strokes on kraft paper (!); gorgeous foil-dipped cards from The Social Type; and a range of beauties from Ferme à Papier.

More from NYNOW coming up soon!

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