Copper + Navy Holiday Table Inspiration

I’ve already professed my love for the combination of navy/indigo and copper. Michele from Meant to Be Calligraphy and I played around with lots of color combinations for the DIY leather napkin ring tutorial with Sakura of America (psssst! Don’t forget to enter the Pen-touch marker giveaway right here!) last week – but the combination of the copper Pen-touch with navy leather was hands down my favorite. So today I thought I’d share some navy and copper (along with a few other metallics) dinner party inspiration and a few more DIY ideas perfect for Christmas or New Year’s Eve!




I kept the table itself fairly simple, with one medium size floral centerpiece in a vintage copper compote, a couple of smaller arrangements in copper tumblers, taper candles in vintage brass candlesticks, and this gold foil and kraft paper table runner from Minted. Since we envisioned a fairly intimate table with 6-8 guests, we mixed up a large batch of a signature cocktail – a Persimmon Margarita (recipe coming up in just a bit!) – in our DIY color dipped swing bottles and put them on the table for people to enjoy as they please. For a larger gathering, you could have several drinks available – or mix up a bowl of punch!



You can find the copper and navy leather napkin ring tutorial right here. Michele and I also created cocktail menus with copper ink on navy leather – Michele did a large version that could be displayed next to a bar for a larger party, while I tried my hand at a smaller menu that could be placed between guests at the table.



For the flowers, I fell in love with pale lavender anemones at the flower market. I paired the anemones with white and blush ranunculus and seeded eucalyptus. I love the texture of seeded eucalyptus – and you can get a huge bunch without breaking the bank!





I wanted to see what other surfaces the Pen-touch paint markers could write on. I’m pretty sure I gave Michele her biggest challenge yet when I asked her to write on thin sheets of copper! We used these copper sheets with white Pen-touch markers to create two signs: one inviting guests to take a seat and another to display next to party favors.



Lauren and I are totally on the same page this week – I used the Pen-touch markers to customize our drinking glasses! I used gold and copper Pen-touch markers in fine weight to write out “cheers!” on some tumblers. It took a couple of coats to get a nice solid line – so if you try this at home just be sure to let each coat dry fully before putting on the second coat. You could use your handwriting (or calligraphy) but Michele was kind enough to offer a template that you can trace onto your glasses! You can download the “cheers!” template here – it comes in a couple of sizes for use on different sized glasses. Just cut out the words, tape to the inside of your glass, and trace over it with your Pen-touch markers!




Check back soon for the Persimmon Margarita recipe!

Calligraphy: Meant to Be Calligraphy

Leather: Matine

Paint Markers: Sakura Pen-touch Paint Markers

Photos by Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper