National Stationery Show 2014 Scavenger Hunt!

It may only be a few years old, but the annual scavenger hunt organized by Amber from Flywheel Press has become one of my most favorite National Stationery Show traditions! Amber partners with Legion Paper and an amazing roster of exhibitors each year to offer a really fun experience for NSS attendees, from recipe cards to bingo. And this year the scavenger hunt is alphabet cards using a variety of 27 fine art papers!

NSS-2014-Scavenger-Hunt-Alphabet-Cards-Legion-Paper NSS-2014-Scavenger-Hunt-Alphabet-Cards-Legion-Paper2NSS-2014-Scavenger-Hunt-Alphabet-Cards-Legion-Paper3

For those of you attending the show, collect all the individual letters – then stop by Legion Paper (Booth 3330) in the Supply Side to stack the cards in packaging created by Lady Pilot Letterpress!

a.favorite (Booth 1831) – Silk Bisque 300gsm
Albertine Press (Booth 1762) – Somerset Satin Radiant White 500gsm
Anemone Letterpress (Booth 2055) – Colorplan Factory Yellow 350gsm
Belle & Union Co. (Booth 1856) – Folio Antique 250 gsm
Blackbird Letterpress (Booth 2059) – Pescia Smooth White 300gsm
Farewell Paperie (Booth 2158) – Crane’s Lettra Fluorescent White 220 Cover
Flywheel Press (Booth 2063) – WILD 314 Cover & Yupo Translucent 104#
Gilah Press (Booth 2542) – Reich Shine Sand 107# Cover
Haute Papier – Reich Savoy Bright White 236#
Lady Pilot Letterpress – Legion Sorbet Duplex Kiwi/Blue Ice
Life is Funny Press (Booth 2164) – Arches Natural White 640gsm
Maginating (Booth 2062) – Arturo 600gsm Soft White
May Day Studio (Booth 2069) – Saunders HP White 140#
Old Tom Foolery (Booth 2328) – Bockingford White CP 140#
Page Stationery (Booth 2363) – Rising 4-ply White
Paisley Tree Press (Booth 2066) – Artistico Extra White HP 300gsm
Paperboat Studios – Kochi Natural 119gsm
Pepper Press (Booth 1852) – Coventry Rag Vellum White 320gsm
Pistachio Press (Booth 2057) – Plike Blue 122# Cover
Power & Light Press (Booth 1867) – Legion Bamboo 530gsm
Sapling Press (Booth 2630)
Starshaped Press (Booth 1407) – Stonehenge Kraft 250gsm
Sugarcube Press (Booth 2047) – Lanaquelle White CP 300#
The Nic Studio (Booth 2070) – Legion Bamboo Digital White 265gsm
Tradeshow Bootcamp (Booth 1850) – Mohawk Options Smooth 100% PCW

So fun!

Photo Credits: Legion Paper

  1. How many if these papers have you guys used? I’ve used at least a dozen. They’re all awesome!

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