National Stationery Show Recipe Card Scavenger Hunt

Designers often have cute little promotional items at trade shows, from tote bags to pencils to yummy snacks.  Not only do they help make trade shows even more fun, but if done correctly they can also be a fun memory for years after the show (like Lisa’s awesome tote bag from last year).  For this year’s Stationery Show, Amber from Flywheel Press has partnered up with 14 amazingly talented designers and Legion Paper to create this fun letterpress recipe card promo – sort of like a letterpress scavenger hunt at the Stationery Show!

From Amber at Flywheel Press: I love how people create calendars and other clever promotions for the Stationery Show.  But I wanted to do something a little different, something without a shelf life, something that celebrates the timeless art of letterpress printing.  The idea of the recipe card seemed to work hand in hand with celebrating the diversity and collaborative essence of the letterpress community.

If you happen to be attending the Stationery Show next week, don’t forget to collect each recipe card!  Here’s a list of all the participating companies and booth numbers:

a. favorite design/#1551
Albertine Press/#2142
Blackbird Letterpress/#1653
Blue Barnhouse/#2267
Dingbat Press/#2152
Flywheel Press/#1666
Igloo Letterpress/#1747
May Day Studio/#1955
The Nic Studio/#1455
Old Tom Foolery/#2141
Paper Mill Designs/#1966
Pistachio Press/#1664
Sapling Press/#1667
Wild Ink Press/#1671

Once you have all 15 recipe cards, don’t forget to stop by the Legion Paper booth (#1574) in the Supply Side section to pick up the recipe card box.  Such a wonderful idea – I can’t wait to collect all 15 designs!

*Pistachio Press, Dingbat Press, and Wild Ink Press are sponsors of Oh So Beautiful Paper; for more on my edi­to­r­ial poli­cies please click here.

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  2. I really would adore having these cards. I wasn’t at the NSS to participate in the scavenger hunt.
    Please pick me. I’ll make you a surprise!

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